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Product Review: CROSSKIX Footwear, a shoe about to kick Crocs butt! *


Our Story.

Let’s face it….there is really ONLY one brand out there that dominates the EVA (soft foam composite) footwear category (as you have seen in the video). We all know who that is. But if you’re like MANY other folks, you’ve probably have said to yourself…”they’re comfortable, but I wouldn’t be caught with them on!”

So, our goal was to design a shoe that EVERYONE can PROUDLY wear for multiple uses and of course…look GOOD while doing it. We believe there’s definitely a void in this category for a more sportier, stylish, and functional shoe. So, we’ve spent over 4 years designing, redesigning, testing, retesting, producing sample after sample and have finally come up with a shoe that all men, women, and kids just can’t wait to get their feet into. Our focus groups have unanimously voted on what you see.

We’re committed to producing top quality footwear for the demanding consumer that cares about price, style, and functionality. We let YOU decide what you want in a multi-purpose athletic shoe.


What makes CROSSKIX different from the competition?

Below is a chart showing the advantages of CROSSKIX as compared to the one brand that dominates this category. We wanted to fill the void in this category for a more Sportier shoe that can be used in so many more ways than just a slip-on. Please review below.


Special Air/Water Drain holes.

Crosskix have strategically placed Air & Water Drain holes that allow air to circulate through the rear of the shoe for added ventilation. It also acts as a drain hole when used in water conditions i.e. washing your car or walking on the beach or pool.




multiple uses – leisure, recreation, casual, and work

stylish AIR VENTS throughout to keep your feet cool & dry

soft and contour footbed for a comfortable fit

strategically located water vents for use IN and OUT of the water

PRE and POST foot recovery features (after playing sports)

EASY cleaning

100% RECYCLABLE – for playgrounds, track & field, basketball courts, etc.

fashion forward styling

Unlike other foam composite shoes, CROSSKIX are made with separate components allowing for greater flexibility and a “real” shoe feel.


MINI-CINCH BAG – 14″ x 18″ tall w/ 9″ zipper pocket on back side (for wallet, keys, cell phone, mp3 player, etc.)


Accessorize your Crosskix with magnetic CROSSBITS. We’re working on our first run of icons and hope to have them before the end of this campaign.

These are a few styles of CROSSBITS that we will be offering. CROSSBITS are optional for each pair. Each new pair of Crosskix will come with a standard Crosskix logo (as shown in above images). Please stay tuned for more info as the campaign continues.



We are very confident about our quality that if any part of your CROSSKIX becomes defective under normal use (i.e. instep strap breaks off, separation between upper, outsole, and sidestrap), we will gladly replace it with a NEW pair! Simply follow our return policy procedure by sending us a clear image of the defective area and we will send you an authorization code. Normal wear and tear does not qualify.

What do we do with returned shoes?

EVA material type shoes typically will last forever (under normal worn conditions). Anything that is defective on CROSSKIX can easily be repaired and/or replaced. So, we will actually take all returned shoes (that are still in good condition) repair them and donate them to needy kids and families around the world. We are VERY passionate about giving back and are very excited when we have collected enough shoes to make our first donation!


100% RECYCLABLE (RecyKIX Program)

Don’t throw away your used or unwanted CROSSKIX!

CROSSKIX are 100% recyclable!

Return ’em to us and we’ll use for our RECY-KIX program. In return, we’ll offer a 15% DISCOUNT on your next pair of CROSSKIX!


Do we know what we’re doing?


Absolutely! We have been in the athletic apparel industry over 10 years and in footwear for over 4. Collectively, our team has over 30 years in footwear design and manufacturing. During the 4 years, we’ve actually developed 3 other designs and samples. All of which did not make the cut for design but more importantly -functionality.


Our commitment is our promise to deliver a high quality functional product. We’ve studied the competition, improved the flaws, designed based on demand, and all the while maintaining an attractive style.

About the shoe.

Crosskix are made with the highest EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material. It is basically a soft foam composite that is commonly used as midsoles in running and basketball shoes. Most people can identify the material simply by the brand crocs (we prefer not to be mentioned in the same breath simply because CROSSKIX are much more superior in the way it is constructed, function and quality).

They are VERY lightweight (only 7.5oz for size 11). The outsole and uppers are SEPARATE molds (not like the competition that is made with just ONE mold). This allows the shoe greater flexibility and to wear like a fabric made shoe.

What will the funding be used for?

Size Molds. In order to produce the shoes, we need to pay for the molds (sizes 3-13) so that we can begin production for our opening order. We have everything in place with our manufacturer and now just need the funding to produce molds. If we exceed $100,000, we will be able to offer childrens sizes as well.

What sizes do we offer?

Sizes 3-13 (including WOMENS).

All colorways are in FULL sizes (no half sizes needed).

What if I order the wrong size?

NO PROBLEM! We understand this may be a huge concern for you. You (our backers & customers) are our MOST VALUABLE asset in our business! Without you, we wouldn’t have a business. So, we want to make sure that you have the most pleasurable experience when you shop for CROSSKIX.

We will take back any pair of UNWORN Crosskix and gladly replace them with the size/color of your choice. Return postage is on us. We will have DC’s (distribution centers) in US and Canada and you can return your Crosskix to either DC. All other countries, will need to pay for return shipping (sorry, this can be VERY expensive for us).

click here to view SIZE CHART

If you have ordered the wrong size, no worries! We have an EASY NO HASSLE exchange program. We want to make sure you get the RIGHT size as fast as possible!

Upon funding, we will post a “HOW TO ORDER THE RIGHT SIZE” page on our website so you can order the right size the first time.

I backed them and can’t wait to get a pair! I hope they add the blackness! Vote for it!


**Update** January 13th 2013
Still awaiting the release! A few design issues have been resolved for greater durability!