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Restaurant Review: Wok to Walk – NYC 


Choose your base

  1. Egg noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  2. Whole-wheat noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  3. Rice noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  4. Udon noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  5. White riceWith fresh vegetables & egg
  6. Whole grain riceWith fresh vegetables & egg
  7. Vegetable dishBroccoli, mushroom, carrot, chinese cabbage, soy bean-sprouts, onion, chive and cabbage (no egg)


    Choose your favorites

    1. Chicken 
    2. Steak 
    3. Pork 
    4. Shrimp 
    5. Tofu 
    6. Shiitake mushrooms 
    7. Button mushrooms 
    8. Bok choy 
    9. Broccoli 
    10. Pepper mix 
    11. Pineapple 
    12. Baby corn 
    13. Bamboo shoots 
    14. Cashews 
    15. Favorite of the month


    Choose your sauce

    1. ShanghaiBlack bean and soybean
    2. Hong KongSweet and sour sauce
    3. BangkokYellow curry and coconut
    4. TokyoTeriyaki, sweet soy sauce
    5. BeijingOyster sauce
    6. Hot AsiaHot sauce
    7. SaigonGarlic and black pepper
    8. BaliPeanut sauce


      1. Peanuts
      2. Fried garlic
      3. Fried onions
      4. Sesame seeds mix
      5. Fresh cilantro

      This place rocks! Check it out! I get the vegetable with steak or shrimp, cilantro and Bali (peanut butter) sauce. 

      It’s my favorite place to go! 


       I could have sworn I did a review of this company before! My personal pictures have been deleted. I will get more, but you will have to wait 10 weeks. I just started my cut. Time to get jacked! 

Restaurant Review: Cevich – Union Square NYC



Cevich brings a brand new healthy food option to Union Square as New York City’s first grab-n-go Ceviche restaurant. This small but modern and relaxing restaurant offers a variety of dishes that blend traditional Peruvian recipes along with other culinary influences. Cevich’s dishes are fresh, affordable, customizable and gluten-free. Located in one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods, Cevich is close to famous attractions such as the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park, as well as many boutique and name brand shops. Under the direction of co-owners and operators Reina Laws and Lindsay Goldstein, Cevich will become a trusted brand of the Ceviche product in a rapidly growing food market.

Cevich offers a variety of dishes inspired by the ancient South American cuisine in which fresh fish and seafood is “cold cooked” in a marinade of citrus juices, spices and other ingredients such as chilies, red onions and cilantro. The origins can be traced to the coastal regions of South America and is believed to have been created after Spanish settlers brought citrus trees to the region and Japanese immigrants their new culinary techniques and flavors. Executive Chef Evelyn Alberto executes the menu with sauces made in house daily with local, fresh ingredients. Menu items range from ceviche burritos and tacos to 12 or 16 oz. ceviche bowls and entrée salads.



I got the Ceviche bowl with coconut rice, lime n da coconut (hold the red onion) and shrimp with avocado (not worth the $2 extra couldn’t even find the microscopic pieces) and Rocoto Sofrito hot sauce (that was amazing)

I loved it all except the price welcome to NYC! The food was fresh and light! If you order it with greens it’s perfect for gluten free and low carb diets!

Check this place out for something out of the ordinary and delicious!

Attractions: Union Square NYC Farmer’s Market

Union Square in Manhattan has a year round Farmers Market. Yes; you heard it correctly! Year round! In the dead of winter they are still there freezing their butts off to bring you farm fresh products! They have a huge selection of products from bee pollen and honey to edible flowers! Yes edible flowers! They have all kinds of cheese, meats, and fish as well!



























Whatever your wants and needs, chances are you will find it here!

History Channel’s Cross–Country Cookout hits Union Square in NYC

HISTORY®’s Cross–Country Cookout hits the road again this summer with the 80–foot long Ultimate Smoker and Grill, bringing its tasty BBQ sausage to more summer festivals. The giant grill has the capacity to cook up to 2,000 pounds of meat at once! Finger lickin’ BBQ provided by pit master Trace “The Rib Whisperer” Arnold of 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House located in Frisco, TX.

Check out the schedule below and make your way to one of our events. This year we are bringing new games on tour–the American Pickers® Claw Game and the Swamp People® Gator Tag. Don’t miss your chance to win great prizes, taste free sausage, and enjoy HISTORY entertainment. You might event spot some of your favorite stars along the way.





The event was awesome! Free sausage infused with spices and cheese. It was delicious! The Spicy flavor was quickly extinguished with the sweet cheese! There’s also the motorcycle giveaway, which I will hopefully win!

If you are nearby stop in and catch a free quick bite!

They even had a giant claw machine and ride on bull! But the lines were too long and it was lunch time!