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Gym Gear – Products that should be in every Guy and Girls Gym Bag! *

When going to the gym there are tools you should always have in your bag. Don’t rely on the gym having them and sometimes it’s just plain nasty to share! Then there are also recommended items that are a luxury to have.

Guys Gym Bag:

Wrist wraps:


Wrist Straps:

Flexsolate straps:

You can leave the book and DVD at home. This are incredible for face pulls (high row) and for burning out a body part especially after your TGrips (below) burn out your grip!

Ironbull TGrips (optional, but highly beneficial):

Al1ve Magnetics (optional, but highly supportive):



Weight Belt (Optional, due to preference)

I personally am trying not to rely on a belt, but if you want a belt, but the best! Cardillo!

Protein Shaker with 2 scoops ETB:

Smart Shakers are ideal, because you can carry preworkout, protein & post workout like vitargo or vitamins/supplements

Water Bottle:
Smart Shaker can take the place of your water bottle also after you finish your preworkout refill with water. Water is essential to a good workout!

Gym Boss interval timer (Optional, but makes life easier):

Makes life easier to do intervals and preserves the battery life on your phone, by using a handy dandy little device to track and time your intervals and it uses one long lasting AAA battery.

I’m military, so I’m a prepper. No not like the crazy guys on tv, but it’s good to be prepared! Emergency items that should be in your gym bag:



Small First Aid kit – band aids, alcohol pad/antiseptic cream to clean cut , Advil/Aleve for pain and Benedryl in case you have an allergic reaction to something.


Emergency Can of Tuna and metal fork (I hate plastic!) you never know what might happen and you need the proper nutrition in a pinch!

Travel deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste

A little spare change

If you have a knee injury I suggest:

A McDavid knee strap, but remember to check with your doctor first!

I also recommend a gym bag in a gym bag! Use a mesh laundry bag to air out your products and don’t zip it all the way shut at home so your gear airs out!

For your Al1ve Magnetics, Under Armour etc..

If you are allowed carbs then a shaker with Vitargo the king of carbs!

Headphones: if you like to listen to outside music. I myself do not like anything in my ears when I am training.

Girls Gym Bag:
Gloves – you want to keep your sexy soft hands

Ankle straps:

Essential to do kickbacks to build tone and tighten your butt. You can also do inner and outer thighs on the cable cross.

These straps typically have fur inside to cut down on friction and cushion the straps. Who wants to use someone’s else’s sweat soaked straps yuk!

Al1ve Magnetics (optional, but highly supportive):
(See pics above)

Protein Shaker with ETB:
(See above)

Water Bottle:
(See above)

Gym Boss interval timer (Optional, but makes life easier):
(See above)

Small First Aid kit – band aids, alcohol pad/antiseptic cream to clean cut , Advil/Aleve for pain and Benedryl in case you have an allergic reaction to something.
(See above)

(See above)

Emergency Can of Tuna, can opener (that’s why you have the multitool) and metal fork (I hate plastic!) you never know what might happen and you need the proper nutrition in a pinch!

Travel deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste

In case you wear high heels and forget your socks, always have an extra pair of socks in your gym bag just in case!

Headphones: if you like to listen to outside music. I myself do not like anything in my ears when I am training.

A little spare change

Product Review: Gym Gear – Part 3 of our 3 way Grip Battle: IronBull Strength (T Grips) TruGrip *

Get a TrueGRIP on Your Workout and Finally Unlock your True Potential
The Iron Bull TrueGRIP is a unique strength training device that finally allows you to reach your real muscular potential. This 10 second tweak to your bar and dumbbells will turn any regular workout into an extreme strength and mass building training.

Training with TrueGRIP has already helped thousands of people pack on some serious muscle strength and mass including Top Bodybuilders, MMA/UFC Fighters, SWAT Teams, Members of the Military and many more athletes from all around the world.

Our engineers have not reinvented the wheel. They only brought back an old trick strongmen and bodybuilders used back in the 60’s to achieve incredible strength levels and build huge amount of muscles. And we simply re-engineered it to perfection based on the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Your Body’s Weak Link – Forearms, Hand & Grip Strength

Chances are that you have been training since day one using regular 1″ bar, dumbbells and cable attachments thinking that you were stimulating all your muscles including your hand, grip strength and forearms. Unfortunately, these bars are so ridiculously small that they require little to no hand strength to hold onto the weights.

Over time, your body has considerably grown leaving your hand, grip and forearms way behind. This, in 99% of cases, is the reason why you can’t get out of the plateau your currently stuck in. Your weak link is completely hindering your whole muscular development. It is restricting any potential increase in muscle strength and mass.

In fact, it is actually holding you back from reaching your true genetic muscular potential. But why??

The human body is a complicated yet very smart organism. It is programmed to prevent muscle imbalances in order to stay injury free. When some muscles in your body become too strong compared to others, like your hand, grip strength and forearms, your body’s natural reaction is to completely stop building muscle strength and mass in order to protect itself from injury. Yes, your weak forearms might be the reason why your arms, chest and back completely stopped growing!!

Convert Any Equipment into a Thick Bar and Instantly Build More Muscle
Fortunately, there is a simple and very effective solution to weak grip and small forearms. It is not by doing hundreds of sets of grippers, hand grip squeezes or wrist curls. It’s as simple as using thick grips while you train. Fat bars, fat dumbbells or any thick grip equipment immediately target your body’s weak link. The difference it makes is intense and immediate.

By increasing the bar, dumbbells or cable attachment’s original grip by 200%, 250% or even 300%, you immediately start working on your weak link. Not only does thick grip training will help you build huge forearms, crazy grip strength, strong hands and big arms, but you will also develop levels of upper body power you have never experienced before.

Your long time’s weak link will become your best body part. Stronger and bigger forearms along with better hand grip strength will help you in all your other lifts. That’s why top bodybuilders, world class strongmen, mixed-martial arts professionals and SWAT teams are already training with thick grips and fat dumbbells. Because it simply works! And the best part is, you don’t even need additional exercises, sets or reps. Simply clip a pair of TrueGRIP on any equipment and immediately reap all the benefits of thick bar training!

Don’t waste your money on expensive sets of fat dumbbells or fat bars. You can simply buy the most versatile thick grips available on the market at a fraction of the price.

Myth #1: My hand, grip and forearms get enough work from training larger body parts such as back and arms

Wrong. The regular 1″ bar and dumbbells that all gym carry are so easy to hold in your hands that your body is only required to partially contract your hands and forearms to hold onto it. A 2+ inch thick grip increases neural drive in the working muscles which targets as close to 100% of total muscle fibers. Your joints will actually feel better because you’re recruiting all the stabilizing muscles through a maximal contraction. You could even get rid of tendinitis and pain in the elbow by using thick grips.

Myth #2: Doing a few sets of wrist curls at the end of a workout takes care of hand, grip and forerarms strength

Wrong. With almost 35 muscles involved in gripping activities, doing wrist curls will only hit a small fraction of these muscles. Furthermore, because of the biomechanics of the hand, performing too many wrist curls will only injure your joints and lead to wrist tendinitis. Using a thick grip will require every single hand and forearm muscles to contract in order to complete any given exercise with the thick grips.

Myth #3: Using a thick grip, fat bar or fat dumbbells will force me to lower the weights which is counterproductive

At first, you might have to lower the weights because you are going to be limited by your poor hand and grip strength, which is the beginning of the whole problem. TrueGRIP users usually report a return to their normal weights with the thick grips after 3-4 weeks, only when your hand, forearms and grip strength catch up to the rest of your muscles.

Use Thick Grips for Greater and Faster Results
How exactly does it work? Using thick grips increases motor unit activation in the muscles, especially the fast-twitch muscle fibers, all of which results in faster and greater gains in strength and hypertrophy. For every rep you perform with a thick grip, your body will use all the available muscle fibers, from your hand all the way to the working muscles, instead of just fractions of them. This results in more strength (greater muscle tension) and more hypertrophy (more muscle fibers worked).

Your grip strength plays a huge role in whole muscular development and is the most overlooked factor in weight training. Your hand and forearms actually dictate to your nervous system the intensity your body needs to generate in order to lift a certain weight. Squeezing the bar as tightly as possiblev or using a fat bar which leaves you no choice but too squeeze the hell out of it, primes your nervous system thus recruiting more muscle fibers and increase full body tension.

Keeping a soft grip or using a small 1″ bar prevents your body from tapping into the higher threshold motor units thus keeping you away from recruiting 100% of available muscle fibers and achieving your true muscular potential!

By simply adding a pair of TrueGRIP to your current routine, you will instantly start improving your weak hand, forearms and grip strength AND recruit more muscle fibers when it’s most important… While lifting heavy weights!

In a matter of seconds, you will convert any barbell, dumbbell, pull up bar, dip station, machine and cable attachment into an extreme strength and muscle building exercise. You will finally be able to achieve your true genetic muscular potential!

Using Fat Bars, Fat Dumbbells or Thick Grips – Why Doesn’t Everybody Do It?
Commercial gyms and fitness facilities will buy the cheapest equipment that does the job. Yes, a regular bar and normal dumbbells will do the job to a certain extent. Is it the best way to optimize results? Definitely not.

A thick or fat bar is much more expensive than a regular barbell. A full set of fat dumbbells can cost up to $10,000. Regulars gyms will want to buy what fits the largest portion of the population and that is small 1″ barbells and dumbbells.

Fortunately, we revolutionized the world of training and rendered fat dumbbells and thick bar training within reach of anyone looking to take their training to the next level.

Bigger & Stronger with Iron Bull Thick Grips
Huge Benefits All In One Muscle Building Tool:

Increased muscle activation
Bigger and stronger forearms, arms and upper body muscles
Increased grip strength without any extra sets, reps or exercises
Increased hand and wrist comfort on heavy presses
Increased weight distribution across your body
Reduced joint pressure at the wrists, elbows and shoulders
Tremendous forearms and arms pump
Increased hand hygiene
Hand protection from callus tissue
Save time and money over other gripping devices

Iron Bull TrueGRIP – The Most Advanced Training Accessory on the Market

Patented Ergonomic Design for Maximum Performance
Just like your foot, your hand has a natural arch to it. It is as important for your hand to have proper arch support when doing pushing exercises, heavy presses, curls or any exercise. Our unique barrel-shaped design offers the necessary support you need for your hand to maximize comfort and performance. It increases the surface between your hand and the bar thus offering a better weight transfer across the body.

Superior Quality – Made to last a lifetime
The TrueGRIP is made from the highest standard polymer on the market. In fact, we use the same material companies use in the aerospace field. They are simply built to last a lifetime and we guarantee it!

Perfect and Secure Fit On All Bars and Dumbbells
Once installed on bars and dumbbells, they hold on like a clamp. Unlike other competitive products available, TrueGRIP will have no free play or slippage when installed on smaller barbells or pull up bars. They become part of the bar.

Strong, Non-Compressive Material
Don’t get caught up thinking this is cheap foam or plastic material. They are designed to withstand thousand of pounds without ever compressing! Once installed on the bar, they become hard as steel.

Installs in less than 10 seconds
The TrueGRIP is quick to install and take off bars and dumbbells. Simply split the grip, slide on the bar and release.

Installs in less than 10 seconds – Simply Split, Install & Release!

Three Different Sizes for Every Application

TGrip 2.0 – For Ladies Or Beginners
Designed for Pulling Exercises, Deadlifts and Rows
Recommended to Athletes New to Thick Grip Training
Perfect Size for People with Smaller Hands
Increase Conventional Grip Diameter by 200% (2 inches)
Available in 3 different colors
Buy Iron Bull TGrip 2.0 >>

TGrip 2.5 – For Advanced Lifters
Designed for Curls, Pull Ups and Dumbbell Exercises
Recommended to Advanced Lifters and Bodybuilders
Perfect Size for Average Sized Hands
Increase Conventional Grip Diameter by 250% (2.5 inches)
Available in 3 different colors
Buy Iron Bull TGrip 2.5 >>

TGrip 3.0 – For Hardcore Lifters Only
Designed for All Barbell Presses, Dips and Pushing Exercises
Recommended to Very Advanced Lifters and Hardcore Bodybuilders
Perfect Size for Large Sized Hands
Increase Conventional Grip Diameter by 300% (3 inches)
Requirements: Trained with TGrip 2.5 for a at least a few months

Unlike both Fat Gripz & Grip4orce,
Ironbull comes in 3 sizes

**Update** February 12th 2014
I used the grips yesterday for the first time. (Disclaimer) I used them for my traps workout, so that in no way shape or form is the deciding factor in fact it tells very little and you will see why at the end of the comment.

I loved the overall ergonomic feel of the grips. The grips although some people online said are more sturdy than Fat Gripz, they aren’t I felt them compress more in my hands which to me isn’t a factor at all. I don’t care. In fact spongy isn’t bad. I did experience a better ability to hold on to them and when I couldn’t hold on anymore they has the girl/small hand starter set to default to beside just the bar. When it came to heavy shugs I defaulted to the green handles and then the bare dumbbells.

Here’s where the disclaimer comes in. I am not sure if I can hold on better because I have been using the Fat Gripz for 3 weeks and the Grip4orce for a week or because the ergonomic design is just better and the grip channels in the grip fit your hand better. We have to wait for back day and bent over rows and seated rows for that determination. I will tell you after my workout my forearms were tight and sore.

Can’t wait to try them today for bis and shoulders!

One thing I didn’t like is they came with a yucky powder (chalk like) coat I washed them 3 times and then twice with Purell and I still can’t get it fully off.

**Update** February 13th 2014
I used them yesterday for Biceps and Shoulders. Let me tell you; I loved them better than the Fat Gripz and the Grip4orce it was easier to hold onto and when I couldn’t hold on anymore, I defaulted to the smaller grips and finally the bar. The ergonomic curved grip and the deep grip channels just enabled me to hold on better and longer and with more comfort. I’m not going to say this is the end for the others! I am going to use the Ironbull for a while and revisit the Fat Gripz and Grip4orce a month or 2 down the road.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for Ironbull and back day!

**Update** February 15th 2014
It’s the day you have all been waiting for! The infamous back day! Stay tuned for a performance report!

I did the bent over rows with the grips and it still sucked, but was a little better, because when I couldn’t hold on anymore I could switch to the green grips.

Talk about tough!!


What is my finding of the challenge?

Well, I haven’t gotten to the extremes yet, but whether you choose Fat Gripz or Iron Bull it’s all preference! I say get both and see which one you like best! If you lose a set or if it gets stolen you have a backup!

These grips will indeed enhance your workout and will indeed build your arms to record sizes and are worth every penny! My arms have been hurting for the first time in a long time!

As far as part 2: Grip4orce I’m not going to totally write them off yet. Just because I don’t like them now doesn’t mean I won’t like them after my grip strength builds more. I will revisit them in a little while!

So; get over to and and get a couple pairs of Gripz! I am going to rotate one week Fat Gripz and one week Iron Bull back and forth so my arms keep guessing and don’t get used to either of them!

**Update** January 15th 2016

Evidently Ironbull ignored my review and went and fucked up their product! 

Did you not hear me complain about the name embossed in the fat grips and when under heavy heavy loads of digs into your hands and hurts? Did you not hear me praise you for marking only the ends?