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Product Review: Babahu X1 Hands Free Toothbrush

Babahu is a fully-automated toothbrush that is designed based on the Bass technique of toothbrushing.

☑️AI-Powered Smart Chip
☑️Built-in Audio Alert for Children
☑️12x as Powerful as Traditional Brushing
☑️6D Clean at 45° Angle
☑️Deep Clean 20 Seconds
☑️Daily clean and Gum Care

What is babahu X1 Smart Toothbrush

babahu® X1 smart toothbrush is the world’s first AI-powered fully automatic toothbrush that can brush your teeth perfectly usingIntelligent Artificial Algorithm. With its built-in nine-axis sensor and self-developed accurate localization algorithm, babahu cleans your teeth at different frequencies, providing the most efficient clean at a suitable level of comfort.

Why babahu® X1 Smart Toothbrush

Most of us may think that brushing teeth every day is boring, and most people cannot brush their teeth properly! According to research, 90% of adults do not know how to brush their teeth correctly, and 73% do not have the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day. For the kids, the caries rate has reached a staggering 70%. All of these may cause a series of dental diseases and problems, and that’s why we created babahu toothbrush to maintain good dental health.

What Can babahu® Bring to You

Much efficiency

The built-in AI-powered smart chip, Babahu X1 can adjust the vibrational frequency according to your teeth cleanliness, which kills 99.99% of oral bacteria in 20 seconds, and gives you hands free brushing experience.

Safety & hygiene

FDA medical approved brush bristles are made of liquid silicone gel which is molded into the unibody at a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. The unibody can reduce the germs embed into the gap among toothbrush bristles.

Intelligent brushing

The Bass method is recommended by 80% of dentists worldwide and well-known. Designed on Bass technique, the 6D soft bristles cover your teeth at a specific 45° angle and provide 360° deep clean. Each bristle’s vibration amplitude is at only 1 mm. It is easy for us and the kids to brush teeth intelligently without learning.

More fun

Built-in audio alert for kids to identify different operation circumstances, like “Great”,”Keep it up”, “Please bite gently”, “See you next time”, etc. It can encourage our kids to brush.

 When To Use

Before going to work

The pace of life is fast. Most of the time, you don’t have too much time for brushing. Do not worry, babahu X1 hands free smart toothbrush helps you to save time to deal with more work.

Before going to Bed

Most of us are tired from work after every busy day. According to the research, 73% of us don’t have the habit of brushing before bed, and it seems reasonable but bad for teeth health. With babahu X1 AI powered toothbrush, you can brush teeth in each corner of your home and only 20 seconds, you can get intelligent brushing without extra fatigue.

Pack it for travel

babahu® X1 adopts unique wireless induction type filling design, with Qi wireless fast 2-hour charging then 30-day standby. While you are in travel, we don’t need to worry about the toothbrush energy problems. The compact and portable design, it is very handy for travel.

Special version for children

The cartoon design and intelligent voice reminder can attract your kid’s fun for brushing teeth. Children can brush their teeth efficiently with the intelligent Bass method, and prevent tender teeth from harmfully brushing.


What’s in the Box

Toothbrush Head

Medical Grade Silica Gel

The brush head is made out of an edible medical grade silica gel containing bacteriostat that is molded into the unibody of the brush at a high temperature of 300 Degrees Celsius. This design effectively stops the breeding of harmful bacteria that is usually found on traditional toothbrushes. This makes it easy to repeatedly clean and disinfect, even at high temperatures.


U-shape Mouth Design

babahu® has its own patented U-shape mouth design featuring 6D bristles at a 45 degree angle with the teeth. The bristles can fit perfectly on the surface of teeth, cleaning them at 360 degrees. In just 20 seconds you can brush your teeth properly and efficiently that removes 99.99% of the bacteria in your mouth. When brushing, the conical design ensures the pressure on the gums is zero which makes it especially suitable for periodontal disease patients and children.


As with regular manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads, the mouthpiece should be replaced every 3-6 months. Many studies prove that used bristles are less effective in terms of plaque removal. A single mouthpiece will cost $15.

Toothbrush Body

Maglev Sonic Motor Power

The brush body adopts a magnetic levitation sonic motor with a vibration frequency of 18,000-40000 per minute (2-6 year old children: 18000-21800/minute, 6-12 year old children: 21800-31800, over 12 years old: 31800-40000), which is suitable for various oral conditions and applies the AI algorithms automatically that recognize when the brush head is connected. The algorithm in the brush body can identify the brush head intelligently according to different  age periods.

Clean Modes

There is one key operation mode and two modes of Clean and Gum Care. Children’ version has an in-built voice algorithm: bite strength alerts, brush head usage and brushing stage details. Users can also customize voice memos later.

IPX7 Waterproof and Anti-shock

babahu X1 toothbrush can be immersed in 1 m water for up to 30 minutes. It can survive accidental drops up to 1m, thanks to its anti-shock function. It’s made to handle everyday usage scenarios with ease.

Charging Base

The charging base adopts a unique Qi wireless induction design with a flexible placement ofmultiple brush heads. It can take up to 3 brush heads at a time and charges in just 2 hours which provides up to 30 days of standby.

Media Records

How To Use babahu® X1?

Why We Set 20 Seconds of Brushing

The babahu® X1 is more effective than a traditional toothbrush. With a regular toothbrush (ultrasonic or non-ultrasonic type), you’re told to brush the outer surface, inner surface and chewing surface with the bristles aligned at a 45 degree angle on each tooth for at least 6-10 seconds. An adult has 32 teeth that take an estimated brushing time of 3-5 minutes.

The maximum strength child teeth can withstand is 100G and for an adult it’s between 120-150G. However, in the case of other smart toothbrushes, their average motor strength is around 175G which is above what is considered to be the safe limit. This is why the recommended brushing time is usually under 10 seconds. If you use them for a long period of time, you could damage your teeth.

babahu® adapts its strength automatically and strictly observes the tolerance of teeth surfaces to make it more comfortable. Given that babahu® brushes your teeth gently with soft intensity, we suggest that 20 seconds of brushing with the babahu® is the ideal time for cleaning your teeth properly.

Design Options

Design Award

Golden Pin Design Award 2018

babahu won the Golden Pin Design Award for presenting the most authoritative and well-known professional design. It is called “top design award in the global Chinese market” and “Golden Horse Awards in design industry” by media. babahu adheres to the innovation concept, designing much best potential and aesthetic toothbrushes.

babahu® VS Philips 

babahu®Adults & Children


Authority Approved

Ready To Ship

  • We know that most of us have ever joined many campaigns. It is painful to wait a long time. Don’t worry, babahu has finished the first batch production, and we will ship the first patch of goods in January 2019!
  • Babahu® has collaborated with Flex Ltd for Product Manufacturing. FLEX is a world famous electronic professional manufacturing service company. babahu® and FLEX adheres to the concept of environmental protection and health, bringing the best environmental products to you!

Our Team

1. CEO Andy

Once the executive director and general manager of Marvis denture, he has more than 10 years of management experience in the dental industry and company operation with good credit and evaluation in the industry.

2. Research and Development

Babahu®’s research team has rich experience in project development and organization, with a solid background in software system integration, sensor control, intelligent system algorithm, and a variety of common programming techniques. The team is engaged in image algorithm, neural network, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence research for more than 20 years, responsible for the overall software system, hardware system and design and construction of robot AI algorithm. babahu® has a long practical experience in the field of artificial intelligence: language recognition, semantic understanding, speech applications such as synthesis, face or object recognition.

3. Dr Sean Creaghan

Dr Sean Creaghan graduated from the University of Montreal In 1996 and got his bachelor of microbiology in l ‘Universite McGill. He served as a dental director at the Royal Victoria hospital in 2002-2006.

4. Dr Julien

Dr Julien graduated from the University of Montreal dental school. He has nearly 20 years of experience in dental specialty cultivation of surgical experts, and is good at business direction: oral plastic surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery and implant surgery specialist.

5. Dr Pierre Dupéré

Dr. Pierre Dupéré was graduated in dentistry from the University of Montreal in 1969. His experience and his global vision of the profession guarantee a safe diagnosis and uncompromising treatments. He has a great expertise in fixed and removable partial prostheses on implants, as well as in prosthetic rehabilitation with crowns and bridges.

Warranty & Shipment

babahu® X1 comes with a 12-month warrantyfor Indiegogo backers. We also ensure that every unit is free from manufacturing defects and is handled with the utmost care during shipment. We can ship to the first backers within 3 months. We believe that our experienced team can well mitigate all potential risks in this journey. And will strive for excellence from project planning, production to order shipping. If there’s any obstacle, we will definitely keep you in the loop. Thanks for believing in us! Feel free to contact here:

Product Review: April 11th 2019

I used it tonight for the first time and it did not clean my teeth! I went through 5 -30second cleanings and still my teeth had plaque. I needed to use a real toothbrush to properly clean my teeth. Hopefully the AI chip learns and advances. I am however doubtful! Looks like $89 in the garbage!

Stay tuned we shall see! Maybe it was operator error.

Product Review: Hyperice Hypervolt – Handheld Personal Massager

The Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility.

  • Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Improves range of motion
  • Promotes circulation
  • Accelerates warmup and recovery
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use for self-myofascial release

Technology Specifications and Features:

  • Powerful high-torque motor featuring Quiet Glide™ technology 
  • 3 speed settings deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Up to 3 hours of use per charge)
  • 4 interchangeable head attachments
  • Lightweight (2.5 lbs), ergonomic design
The Hyperice Hypervolt is a life changing device for anyone over 35! Sports injuries accumulate over the years and being active isn’t that easy anymore! It takes you longer and longer to recover the older you get! In your 40’s you don’t recover as quickly as you did in your 20’s. Well this device is the game changer!!the best massage tool ever made! It’s extremely durable and has 4 different heads! The 2 best advanced heads are the bullet and the tuning fork! The bullet is deep tissue massage and the tuning fork is great for the Achilles, calf and hamstrings!
If you are 35 and above this is a must purchase! If you have sports injuries this is a nice to have! If you are in competition sports this is also a must have!!

It will truly change your life! I was coming back from an injury and I would workout and my body wouldn’t be ready for the next session, I would just be too sore and my muscles and tendons were just too tight!

Using this device daily helped overcome that pain and stiffness! Now when I use it, I sometimes barely feel it. When it does hurt, you know that area is tight and needs to be worked on!

Again this device is a life changer and worth every penny!!!

Controversy: Technology and our youth = social retardation

Today’s youth is much different then youth of the past, with advances in technology comes advances in intellect, but it also comes with a price…

It’s no secret that America has become technology oriented and industry and trades have gone down. How many 20-40 something’s parents were: plumbers, electricians, factory workers, painters, automotive workers, fisherman, farmers etc…

Now as these 20-40 something’s have children and we ask their children what their parents are most of them will probably say: doctors, lawyers, insurance brokers, salesman, stock brokers, computer scientists, consultants, human resources agents etc…

With all the craziness in the world especially with what happened in Ct a fee days ago, children don’t go outside
and play like they used to. My parents used to say come home do you homework, is it done? Ok get out and don’t come back till I yell its time for dinner or don’t come back till 6pm or it starts to get dark.

Now, it’s like go watch tv or go play Xbox or stay in the backyard and play!

We used to drive our bikes to the woods and go offloading or build tree forts in the woods, go fishing, hiking (I still go hiking regularly) etc…

Anyway, to the point kids today lack the social skills that we developed by interacting with each other and the outside world.

Today, kids text, tweet, email and Facebook (f?!k fb!), don’t forget computer dating and chat rooms. They interact with technology and not each other.

This has happened a few times, when you text and something is funny you type lol which means laugh out loud, on numerous occasions (and it happened yesterday) I heard a kid at the gym say laugh out loud in conversation! Are you serious!! His friend told a joke and instead of laughing he laughed and said laugh out loud at the same time!!!

Ex: Q: Why did the tomato turn red?
A: Because it saw the salad dressing

“Haha ha laugh out loud haha ha”

I’m like, are you kidding me? Seriously you just said that…

Not to mention their spelling has gone to hell due to spell check and texting shorthand. how r u today? Gud wht bout u

It’s our fault! If you don’t want them to go out and play, then you need to make time and go out and play with them! Not stick them in front of the tv or on the computer all day. Take them hiking, go ride a bike with them etc…

Make at least an hour a day where you go outside with your children, even if it is dark!

Go for a walk or bike ride after dinner, take them to the gym instead of dumping them off there, take them shopping, toss a ball around (if its dark and you hit them in the head, guess what they will live! And they will probably learn to get their hands up and catch the ball! Lol

Do something!!!

Social Media: Pinterest

What is Pinterest? What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

If you are finding yourself bored or you have time to kill, stop by pinterest and it may even make your life easier. examples include: Easy healthy crockpot recipes,

easy Oatmeal in mason jars,

quick tips on how to organize, such as using a tension rod to hang your spray bottles under your sink.

If you would like to see my account, go to pinterest and look me up: Louis J. Bianco, by the way they have both IPhone and Android Apps or you can also just go online to

Enjoy and happy Pinning!

Technology: Did you just pay thousands for your high def 3D TV? Nice Job! Your TV’s already obsolete!

Glasses-free 3D’ hits big time as Toshiba sets a date and price for 55-inch set – with a resolution FOUR TIMES hi-def

  • Array of tiny lenses ‘aims’ left eye and right eye images at each viewer
  • Face-tracking technology inside set ‘sees’ where viewers are sitting
  • Screen has a resolution of 4000×3000 pixels
  • First consumer TV with ‘4K’ resolution – even though there is no way to watch a film in 4K so far
  • Peter Jackson is to film The Hobbit in ‘4K’

By Rob Waugh

Last updated at 6:43 PM on 8th December 2011

‘Glasses-free’ 3D has taken another step towards the mainstream, as Toshiba announces a price and release date for the first large set to hit the home.

On December 10, Toshiba’s REGZA 553X is also capable of ‘4K’ resolutions – four times current hi-def sets.

Sadly, the price should ensure the ‘naked eye’ 3D set doesn’t hit the mainstream straight away – it will be £7,400, and only available in Japan. It will launch in the UK early next year, price to be confirmed.

It could mark a revolution in 3D televisions – consumers are still lukewarm about the technology, and most surveys indicate that the problem is that people aren’t comfortable wearing glasses.

Toshiba's 'naked eye' 3D set will be 55 inches, and capable of '4K' resolutions - a super-hi-def format four times the resolutions of current HD setsToshiba’s ‘naked eye’ 3D set will be 55 inches, and capable of ‘4K’ resolutions – a super-hi-def format four times the resolutions of current HD sets
The only way to watch Avatar without glasses? Toshiba's 3D sets use hi-tech 'face tracking' technology to aim left-eye and right-eye images at each viewer, using a screen composed of tiny 'lenslets'The only way to watch Avatar without glasses? Toshiba’s 3D sets use hi-tech ‘face tracking’ technology to aim left-eye and right-eye images at each viewer, using a screen composed of tiny ‘lenslets’

Unlike previous ‘glasses-free’ technologies, Toshiba’s uses a ‘face tracking’ system so that each person sees ‘perfect’ 3D.

Earlier ‘glasses free’ sets, such as ones pioneered by Philips, required you to be sat precisely in front of them to see 3D rather than a weird blur – and even then the effect was jarring and artificial.

Toshiba’s technology uses high-powered computers in the ‘back’ of the television to ‘aim’ separate beams of parallax 3D at each viewer.

‘The glasses-free 3D technology is based on the stereoscopic principle of simultaneously delivering a picture for the left eye, and another one with a small offset (parallax), for the right eye to achieve the 3D effect,’ says the company.

‘To deliver a glasses-free 3D image and experience, a range of lenticular lenslets guide the dedicated images to each viewer.The ZL2 is able to provide 3D images for up to nine different viewing positions, enabling multiple people to enjoy simultaneous 3D viewing, with no glasses required.’

The ‘lenslets’ are tiny lenses that ‘focus’ the image towards each viewers, using ‘face tracking’ to ensure each person sees a correct left eye and right eye image.

Early tech demos have been highly impressive – and Toshiba is well ahead of rival TV companies in ‘naked eye’ 3D. Most sets from rivals such as LG are around 25 inches.

‘In addition, to tailor the viewing experience to the viewers’ actual positions in front of the TV, the 55ZL2 features face tracking technology. At the touch of a button, it is able to detect the viewers’ position and to adjust the viewing zones accordingly by moving the lenslets as required.’

Companies such as Sony are already shooting films in 4K – a super-high-def resolution touted as the ‘next generation’ of high definition. Toshiba’s set is the first consumer TV with the technology – although there are no video players on the market capable of showing anything in 4K, or even any discs stored in the format.

The TV can also ‘upscale’ any 2D content into 3D – although it remains to be seen how convincing this function is. Other televisions’ attempts to ‘upscale’ into 3D have looked unconvincing.

What’s Next? free standing hologram TV that looks like people are in your living room?

Can George Lucas predict the future?

This is amazing technology, by the way before you spend thousands of dollars on a new 3D TV you might want to get a depth perception test. It would really suck if you find out you don’t have depth perception after spending thousands.

The ad is true people do not want to wear glasses just to watch TV especially those of us that don’t normally wear glasses, also what do you do if you wear glasses? The 3D TV’s I have seen have glasses that look like sunglasses, they can’t fit over or clip to existing glasses.  I wonder if this technology will have adverse effects on health: will watching 3D TV regularly cause loss of vision or depth perception? Will it enhance depth Perception? Will parents still say don’t sit too close to the TV you will go blind!

There is no doubt that this technology will be in the US and will someday, very soon, maybe in the next 5-10yrs it will be affordable. When HDTV and digital cable first came out, people said there is no way I’m going to pay to replace all my TV’s, but there is no more analog TV and just look at the HDTV and 3D TV sales.

What will be next? I don’t know, but the future is bright……………. and high def 3D!

PS Peter Jackson: Hurry up with the Hobbit already!!!

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Technology: WTF will we think of next! A Paper smartphone? Been there done that!

Flexible future: Forget the iPhone, here’s the smartphone made out of ‘paper’ that will shape with your pocket
Last updated at 5:18 PM on 5th May 2011

The PaperPhone’s flexible display makes it more portable that any current mobile computer
In an industry where unbreakable and smaller are best, the world’s first interactive paper computer looks set to dominate for years to come.

The PaperPhone has a flexible electronic display that is set to herald a new generation of computers.

Extremely lightweight and made out of a thin-film, the prototype device can do everything a smartphone currently does.

Prototype: The PaperPhone has a flexible electronic display, is extremely lightweight, made out of a thin-film, and can do everything a smartphone currently does
It can store books, play music, send text messages – and, of course, make phone calls.

Most impressively, the PaperPhone uses no power when nobody is interacting with it.

Inventor Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Kingston, Ontario, said: ‘This is the future. Everything is going to look and feel like this within five years.

‘This computer looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper, meaning that when users are reading they don’t feel like they are holding a sheet of glass or metal.

‘You interact with it by bending it into a cell phone, flipping the corner to turn pages, or writing on it with a pen.’

Arm-band: The device uses no power when nobody is interacting with it
Its display consists of a 9.5cm diagonal, thin-film flexible E Ink display.

The flexible form of the display makes it much more portable that any current mobile computer – it will shape with your pocket.

Being able to store and interact with documents on larger versions of these light, flexible computers means offices will no longer require paper or printers.

‘The paperless office is here,’ said Dr Vertegaal. ‘Everything can be stored digitally and you can place these computers on top of each other just like a stack of paper, or throw them around the desk.’

Dr Vertegaal will officially unveil his paper computer on Tuesday at the Association of Computing Machinery’s Computer Human Interaction 2011 conference in Vancouver.


WTF!! A flexible display? A paper phone? A paper computer? A thin flexible computer if it can be made affordable this technology can boost us far into the future. A computer small and flexible can be in stalled in almost everything. Now take this technology and make it from heat/cold resistant materials and you can truly can put it in almost everything. The applications are limitless. Cheap, disposable technology. The computer in your appliance is broken. Don’t worry just pull it out and plug in another. The low power consumption makes it even more attractive.  With the advent of this technology are flying cars and laser guns far out of reach? Maybe, maybe not…

Another modern invention:

A gadget James Bond would be proud of: Motorola mobile is the first smartphone to operate using fingerprint recognition

  • The ATRIX can be plugged into a range of docks that convert it into a laptop, personal computer, media centre, or sat-nav

It is the mobile phone designed to appeal to a man’s inner James Bond – or those with secrets.

The Motorola ATRIX is the first smartphone to operate using fingerprint recognition to ensure it can only be accessed by the genuine owner.

The ATRIX owner swipes their finger on the touchscreen a number of times when it is fresh out of the box to identify them as the authorized user.

From that point on, every time they touch the power button it will recognise the fingerprint and approve operation.

Secure: The Motorola ATRIX is the first smartphone to operate using fingerprint recognition to ensure it can only be accessed by the genuine ownerSecure: The Motorola ATRIX is the first smartphone to operate using fingerprint recognition to ensure it can only be accessed by the genuine owner

The ATRIX is marketed as the most powerful smartphone in the world on the basis it can be plugged into a range of docks that convert it into a laptop, personal computer, media centre, or a sat-nav.

There is an eye-catching ‘lapdock’, which looks like a slimline laptop but has no computer processor. Here the phone sits in a cradle while the dock is used like a normal laptop.

A second dock turns the phone into a home computer. It connects the handset to a screen via a cable, while it has a number of USB ports and Bluetooth wireless links to a full-size mouse and keyboard.

The ATRIX software, called ‘Webtop’, then allows the keyboard, mouse and screen to be used as a full-size computer,  including the sort of internet browser normally found on a home PC.

The handset’s software also includes an entertainment centre that is controlled via an infrared remote control that communicates with the dock.

Hi-tech: The ATRIX owner swipes their finger on the touchscreen a number of times when it is fresh out of the box to identify them as the authorised userHi-tech: The ATRIX owner swipes their finger on the touchscreen a number of times when it is fresh out of the box to identify them as the authorised user

Using this, it is possible to connect the phone to a high-definition TV or speakers to play back films and music.

The ATRIX has a dual core processor, which allows for fast operation, two antennae for simultaneous downloading and uploading from the web, plus a large on-board memory.

Other benefits include a four-inch high-definition screen, a five mega-pixel camera and a video camera on the front for video calling.

Jeremy Marks, of Spymaster, the leading professional suppliers of security equipment, said: ‘Biometric fingerprint security is the best way to protect your device.

‘This type of technology offers consumers a new level of security surpassing anything we have seen before on a smartphone.’

Owners in the U.S. have been impressed with the ground-breaking security feature. One said: ‘All phones should have a fingerprint reader like this – it’s the future.

‘Typing in an unlock password is so fiddly that I don’t bother with unlock security (and that worries me).’

Connected: The ATRIX is marketed as the most powerful smartphone in the world on the basis it can be plugged into a range of docksConnected: The ATRIX is marketed as the most powerful smartphone in the world on the basis it can be plugged into a range of docks

'Lapdock': This looks like a slimline laptop but has no computer processor - instead, the phone sits in a cradle while the dock is used like a normal laptop‘Lapdock’: This looks like a slimline laptop but has no computer processor – instead, the phone sits in a cradle while the dock is used like a normal laptop

The website Techradar gave the ATRIX four out of five stars.

It said: ‘It’s rather amazing to connect your phone to an HDTV and play music, watch a movie, type up a real document, and even do your online banking with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected, all from a 135-gram phone.’

The ATRIX is to be sold on the Orange network.

Spokeswoman Nicola Shenton said: ‘This really is the ultimate smart phone for gadget fans packed full of tech wizardry and features that any aspiring spy would be proud of.

‘With its multimedia accessories and ground-breaking fingerprint swipe access, this is an innovative handset that Orange is proud to be bringing to the UK first.’

Motorola ATRIX is free to Orange customers on a £35 per month, 24 month contract, which adds up to £840. This package includes 600 minutes of calls, a 750 MB data allowance, unlimited texts, 50 MMS messagers and unlimited wi-fi per month.

Some websites are offering the handset only, without any Sim card, for £435.


Check out this phone! it truly is a computer in a phone! Biometric Fingerprint reader, dual core processor, blue tooth, infrared, hd screen, docking station etc

The ability to make inexpensive, reliable biometric readers helps take security to the next level! As a computer geek this is amazing! Couple this with the aforementioned  flexible display computer/smartphone and there is no stopping us! Well except maybe Skynet? (For Reference see the movie The Terminator if you haven’t already)

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