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Beach Bum Tanning – They have it all!

Beach Bum Tanning understands all of your tanning needs. With 20 years of indoor tanning experience, we are the premier tanning salon in the New York Metropolitan area with locations in NY, NJ, CT, VA and WV. Our luxurious salons are impeccable and include the newest and best equipment available in the industry. We are proud of our board certified tanning consultants and airbrush artists, who have a thorough, up to date knowledge of all indoor tanning products and trends.
At Beach Bum Tanning the customer comes first. We understand the busy lifestyles of all our clients and are always willing to accommodate their schedules. Your time is valuable and at Beach Bum Tanning we offer dozens of beds and extended hours to provide the best services and experience to all our clientele.
Beach Bum Tanning offers custom tailored packages. Each are designed for your specific tanning needs and skin type, with flexible payment options. We want you to think of Beach Bum Tanning as a mini-vacation from everyday life.

We will do everything possible to make your time with us a stress-free and enjoyable experience!
Thank you!
Beach Bum Tanning

They are not just a tanning salon! Here are their services:
Fit bodywrap, spray tanning, mystic spray tan, tanning beds, teeth whitening, airbrush tanning, Omnilux Light Therapy, eyelash extensions, photo rejuvenation, tanning lotions

This place is immaculate and extremely clean and well sanitized! The employees are attentive to your needs and also care about you.

The only thing I suggest they add is anti wrinkle cream for around your eyes. I bet they would sell tons of it!

I went in one crazyyyyy bed on Monday!!


The bed had all these neon changing lights on the exterior, it had speakers inside the bed, separate variable light intensity on the facial and body tanners, aroma therapy, high speed variable fans and the “Pièce de résistance” it had a mister!!! Yes it sprayed a cool mist in your face! It did scare the shit out of me at first, because I didn’t know about it, so I wasn’t expecting it, but it was a welcome experience! This place rocks!!

Check out the review for fit bodywrap here on this site!

That is their current promotion.

This place rocks! And the girls that work there rock! Especially in Wayne, NJ

Beach Bum Wayne, NJ vs Beach Bum Patchogue, NY

Lets compare the fit bodywrap at both locations, because both have good points that both places should share.
1. Patchogue has ambient lighting in the fit wrap. They removed the overhead lightbulb from the fixture and added an Asian inspired ambient lamp with shelves. After lying on your back staring at the ceiling for an hr the ambient lighting is relaxing and welcomed instead of staring at bright track lighting! That’s about all Patchogue has going for it!

2. Patchogue has a small table only big enough for the unit and its bolted to the center of the table, so there is no room for your much needed water bottle!!!

3. Patchogue is a high traffic location you can tell that fitwrap has a lot of miles on it!! It needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for a professional cleaning and for the Velcro to be replaced, because it doesn’t seal well anymore especially by the feet! The worst part is the bag wreaks like a bad men’s locker room! It hurts to wipe the sweat off your head, because it smells that bad! Being a man, we are used to bad smells! I don’t know how a women can even bring herself to set foot anywhere near that bag!! Especially the sleeves!!!

4. It is not that Wayne is better, it’s that Wayne’s management has better processes! For example: when you check in for the fitwrap they check you in bring you back to the room, start the machine, so it warms up, then they tell you, if you leave the door unlocked we will help you get in the bag and make sure you are set. They help seal the bag, they help put the sleeves on etc. I personally like the shoulder flaps to be tucked under my back, because I had a shoulder injury and ticking it in gives a deep infrared heating pad treatment to my shoulder and it makes the bag sealed more increasing the heat. Then once you are set they tell you they will be back in 30 min to check on you. Which is also good, because they can sell you water if you run out! (Business opportunity and liability issue) what happens if someone passes out or worse in the middle of the treatment and you don’t check on them! Patchogue says you are in room 4 and you’re good to go! And you are totally on your own for the hour!!! Bad management!

5. Wayne has a fan that you can aim at your head, which makes it more enjoyable! Patchogue’s room is much smaller and it gets super hot and hard to breathe! A fan would be awesome!!

6. The suits at both locations are much different! Wayne’s is thin and see-through Patchogue’s is thicker and more plastic-like and it encourages more sweating! However, Patchogue’s suit is smaller and being my size I usually bust out somewhere usually in the crotch and my junk hangs out lol! This time my crotch split and when I zipped the suit to my chest the zipper popped off in my hand! And when I tucked the annoying collar in, I ripped the armpit too! Today’s suit was a mess lol!

7. The towels at Patchogue are scratchy don’t know if its the way they dry them or the towels themselves, but after being in the fitwrap an hour your face hurts from drying it over and over again with scratchy towels!

I hope the Beach Bum Corporate pays attention to this! They should make a local owners focus group where the owners of a regional area meet at a different location monthly to see how that location is ran and they can brainstorm and share ideas and solve their own problems, so they don’t have to read them on places like this!

I’m going to say it again, All Beach Bum locations should carry wrinkle cream for around your eyes. You will make a fortune! Girls will buy the shit out if that!! Remember where you got the idea for that and don’t forget to hook me up (for life hehe)

In Patchogue’s defense, if you yell the girls will come and they are super and nice. Don’t forget super hot too! Especially the blonde! Hehe

Anyway, Beach bum still rocks! Give them a try!