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Syfy Cancels The Originator of FaceTime and it’s not Apple! Warehouse 13 closes it’s doors!


If you like your IPhone and you like your FaceTime, you owe it all to Warehouse 13!

Warehouse 13 started in 2009 and FaceTime debuted in 2010.

Check out the Wikipedia Bio:
Warehouse 13 is a U.S. television science fiction series that premiered on July 7, 2009, on the Syfy network.

Executive-produced by Jack Kenny and David Simkins, the dramatic comedy from Universal Media Studios is said to have borrowed much from the American-Canadian horror television series Friday the 13th: The Series (1987–90), and has been described as “part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting.” The series premiere was Syfy’s third largest debut to date, garnering 3.5 million viewers. The first six episodes were all among the top ten highest rated series episodes on Syfy. Episode 6, “Burnout”, drew 4.4 million viewers, setting the record for Syfy’s highest rated show. Season 2 began July 6, 2010. It was renewed October 5, 2010, for a third season of 13 episodes, which began July 11, 2011. It was renewed for a fourth season August 11, 2011, which began July 23, 2012.

Characters from Eureka have crossed over to Warehouse 13 and vice-versa, and a character from Warehouse 13 has appeared on Alphas.

On May 16, 2013, Syfy renewed the series for a six-episode fifth and final season.

I was going to say that this reminds me of Indiana Jones meets Area 51 meets the Librarian. I actually love the librarian and Noah Wyle should return! Falling Skies is good, but the Librarian is awesome!

Whether you like Warehouse 13 or not, it has contributed to American pop culture and should be thanked! Thank you for FaceTime and thank you for the others you have influenced!

Stay tuned for the final season coming Monday April 14th at 9pm est

Pete & Myka better get together at the end!

Being Human Cancelled! SyFy Sucks! Save my show!

Syfy’s North American remake of the UK series will have its series finale on Monday, April 7. Here’s a message from the network about this decision: “Showrunner Anna Fricke and the talented producers, writers, cast and crew have done an amazing job bringing this show to life over the past four seasons and we sincerely thank them and the series’ production company Muse Entertainment for their hard work. They’ve saved the best for last with the final six episodes that revisit the story’s beginning, leading to a not-to-be-missed send-off for Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora.”

Within the past year, Syfy also announced the conclusions of Warehouse 13 and Alphas, while launching new dramas Defiance and Helix. When adding DVR playback, Being Human‘s fourth season has averaged 1.8 million viewers.
Below is a video message from the Being Human cast about what they’ll miss most:

If that’s not bad enough; earlier in the year the UK announced it’s canceling the original Being Human thats 5 Seasons UK to 4 seasons US not fair Syfy!!

Cupid’s arrow isn’t the only thing piecing hearts this February. Along with the highly anticipated return of Being Human (UK) for season 5, comes the sad news that this will be the popular supernatural series’ final season.

While Being Human may be ending in the UK, series creator Toby Whithouse took time to not only thank the cast, crew and loyal fans for all their dedication to the series he calls “the little show that could,” he also promised fans an “epic, thrilling and shocking finale.”

In a post on the show’s official blog, Whitehouse bluntly revealed his perspective on the matter – asserting that, despite the sad news of cancellation, Being Human probably shouldn’t have lasted this long anyway:

“Being Human really shouldn’t have happened. A preposterous idea, an epic and circuitous development process, a modest budget – no, we really shouldn’t have lasted. But Being Human was the little show that could, and that ridiculous idea managed to last 37 episodes, spawn an American version, 3 novels, an on-line spin-off and garner a shelf of awards.

I have to thank the BBC. Not because I’m obliged to, but because I literally have to. They gave us the opportunity to make Being Human and to make it in the way we wanted. [The producers] were unwavering in their support, guidance, trust, love, enthusiasm, and gave us – and me specifically – an unprecedented level of creative latitude. For that I will always be grateful. “

Being Human revolves around the perilous lives (and after lives) of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who share a house together in South Wales. Last season introduced a new vampire named Hal Yorke played by Damien Molony, who spent many years as a shut-in to battle his powerful bloodlust which he was still unable to control by the end of season 4. With the exit of original werewolf George (Russell Tovey) in the premiere episode of season 4, actor Michael Socha was promoted to a series regular as new wolfboy, Tom McNair.

Tom restraining his buddy Hal to a chair to help detox his blood addiction

Season 5 will not only be the final one, but also the first that Being Human will not feature any of the original cast, with Scottish actress Kate Bracken taking the place of the dearly departed Lenora Crichlow as the series’ new ghost. This season will not only put the gang up against vampire baddies and flesh-craving zombies, but they will also face their greatest adversary yet – The Devil!

Being Human UK series 5 premiered February 3 on BBC Three and will conclude March 10. No premiere date or end date for the BBC America run of season 5 has been announced.

C’mon America & the UK help save the American Being Human! Send SYFY a whole bunch of emails!!! Flood their servers!!

Lets save our show!

Being Human is a fun show that not only entertains, but also has a bunch of hidden meanings:

1. No matter how bad your life is and how bad you think it is; it will always get better!

2. Even if you have an affliction/injury/disease/handicap life goes on (in Aidan and Sally’s case undead goes on lol)

3. No matter your differences everyone can get along (if not just eat them 😳)

4. Be nice to everyone and treat them as you would like to be treated. Karma is a bitch! (What goes around comes around)

Seriously save this show! Too many good shows are ending and being replaced with crap! Like SyFys new Helix and Defiance! Which is sad; because Defiance has potential!

Please kill 2 1/2 men already it’s a steaming pile of crap! Or bring Charlie Sheen back from the grave! Soap operas do it! Ashton sucks!

Syfy contact:

Bill Brennan
Vice President
Syfy Communications
(212) 664 4898
Fax: (212) 703-8533
Project Assignment: “Being Human” , “Dominion” , “Heroes of Cosplay”

Lets all reach out to Bill!

Tell your friends, family and coworkers!

**Update** April 7th 2014
I just watched the finale and although I am sad to see it go, at least they did a great job!

The BBC version made them all Human at the end and had them fighting the Devil.

The Us version went in a totally different direction, the BBC version can always come back and continue on in the future. The US totally ended it, unless they make a spin off!

TV Show Review: Heroes of Cosplay

Cosplayers and cosplay contests are a fixture and highlight at the many comic book and genre fan conventions around the world. These conventions provide an international stage for fans to showcase often spectacular handcrafted costumes and portray their favorite characters from sci-fi movies, video games, anime and more. In Heroes of Cosplay, nine passionate fans put their imagination and skills to the test to make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay.

The series follows cosplayers of all levels, from legend Yaya Han, to rising stars and newbies, as they make a splash at comic book conventions around the country. The series will dive deep into their lives, following their process as they create extravagant and visually arresting costumes each week. These nine constantly defy odds and race against the clock to transform themselves into amazing fictional characters that push the boundaries between fantasy and reality, all in hopes of impressing the convention judges to win a cash prizes and take their cosplay stardom to new heights.







This show is awesome!! Let’s out this in perspective, these people are ordinary people that make costumes at home, and they are amazing!!! They don’t have the resources like faceoff. They do their own costumes and makeup. They build their own armor and props. They not only wear the costumes they act the part!

This show is awesome! No one cries about copyrights, they get no help from the creators, no funding assistance especially when some costumes are hundreds of dollars!




It’s crazy that these people make them themselves! When my friends and I were younger we made costumes yearly for the NY renaissance fair at sterling forest. People used to think we worked there. My mother would give me $50-100 and take us to the rag shop and off we went, but making medieval costumes don’t compare to what they are making!



I just watched the emerald city episode, I was surprised that a bunch of foam rubber beat the steampunk storm trooper…

And it also beat hellgirl are you kidding me… I believe that having Yaya as a judge is bad, because she is prejudice toward the regulars and doesn’t want any of them to amass the same celebrity status as her or even perhaps surpass her, so she will keep knocking them down. Keep an eye out for that as the season goes on!








Hey Cosplay,
Can you make a pajelehoocho?


TV Show Review: Being Human

American Cast Above, British Cast Below


Being Human is a supernatural drama television series broadcast on Syfy in the United States and on Space in Canada. It is being produced by Muse in Montreal and is based on the BBC show of the same name.

The series revolves around three roommates living in Boston who appear to be in their twenties. The trio try to live a normal life despite being a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf.

Being Human is a British supernatural drama television series. It was created and written by Toby Whithouse and is currently broadcast on BBC Three.[1] The show blends elements of flatshare comedy and horror drama. It originally starred Aidan Turner as Mitchell (a vampire), Russell Tovey as George (a werewolf) and Lenora Crichlow as Annie (a ghost)—all of whom are sharing accommodation and attempting as best as they can to live a “normal” life and blend in with the ordinary humans around them. During the show’s second series, Sinead Keenan became part of the main cast. The first two series were set in in Totterdown, Bristol, and the third series relocated to Barry, Wales.[2][3]

On 13 March 2011, series creator Toby Whithouse announced that Turner had left the show and that new characters would be introduced.[4] On 11 November 2011, Russell Tovey announced that he was leaving Being Human after Series 4 to work full-time on his other show, Him & Her.[5] Furthermore, Keenan announced on the 9th January 2012 that she had not filmed any scenes for Series 4, and would exit the show off-screen.[6] Joining the cast of season four are Michael Socha, who featured in season three and has now been upgraded to a series regular as werewolf Tom and Damien Moloney as new vampire Hal.[7]

The series is one of the most popular shows on BBC’s iPlayer.[8][9][10] The second series premiered on BBC Three on 10 January 2010.[11] The third series premiered on 23 January 2011. The day following the series 3 finale, the BBC announced a fourth series would premiere on the BBC in 2012.[12] Series 4 commenced airing on BBC Three on Sunday 5th February 2012. The American premiere will be on Saturday, February 25 at 9/8c on BBC America.

The central premise of Being Human is that various types of supernatural beings exist alongside human beings, with varying degrees of menace; that three of these supernatural beings are opting to live amongst human beings rather than apart from them; and that these three characters are attempting (as much as is possible) to live ordinary human lives despite the pressures and dangers of their situations. They are constantly threatened with exposure or persecution, with pressure from other supernatural creatures, and with problems caused by their attempts to deal with their own natures.

I am currently watching the BBC version as I write this article. It’s not bad, but the US version is much better.

I am a big fan of the US version and I can’t wait to watch it tonight!!

So what’s Syfy going to copy next? Being human, lost girl…

Not only did Syfy copy the concept they copied the storyline!! The werewolf’s girlfriend just told him he gave it to her and had a scratch on the same arm and it was given to her when he pushed her away. Wow!! But the acting wasn’t as good and the girlfriend isn’t very easy on the eyes lol. And the male werewolf looks like Dumbo in his human form, but he can definitely kick the US werewolf’s butt! Not to mention the British accent is annoying, especially with their stupid words like bollocks, piss off, bloody and a few others…

I’m sure they say the same thing about us lol

Definitely watch this show!!

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TV Show Review: Lost Girl

Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural crime drama television series that premiered on the Showcase Television network in September 2010. The series is developed and produced by Prodigy Pictures. The series follows the life of a succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk, as she learns to control her abilities, help those in need, and discover the truth about her origins. The show received positive initial reviews, and was renewed for a second season two months after its premiere.[1] As of December 2011, the show has been renewed for a third season.[2]

Bo is a succubus who grew up in an adoptive human family, unaware of her non-human nature and of the Fae world. Her succubus powers only become apparent to her when she accidentally kills her first love by draining him of his life energy, an act which forces her to flee her home. Bo exchanges her previously normal life for one without family or friends, moving from place to place whenever she kills again.

In the pilot episode, Bo saves a human girl named Kenzi; the two quickly become friends and Kenzi decides they should team up to create a Fae/Human detective agency. Confronted by the Fae elders with having to choose a side (“Light” or “Dark”), Bo declares herself neutral, deciding to side with humans after Kenzi risked her life to find what had happened to Bo for her own sake where most of the Fae simply saw her as another factor on the board. Throughout the season, Bo learns more about the Fae world and herself while she searches for information about her origins. Along the way, Bo also develops romantic relationships with both Dyson, a wolf shifter police detective and Lauren, a human doctor.

There are two sides of Fey, light and dark. The fey have a problem with her, because she won’t pick sides.

She doesn’t know who her parents are. They said her parents abandoned her probably to protect her from something.

I think her parents are one dark and one light side Fey. Which maybe the reason she is reluctant to pick sides. In a Romeo and Juliet type of way, the forbidden child will bring the end to their neat and tidy light and dark side society. Maybe they were trying to hide this identity!

Not sure if I like the show yet… It’s definitely better than the other new supernatural shows as of late eg: once upon a time and Grimm.

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Starz Cancels Camelot! What Bullshit! Let’s Save Camelot! There was big promise there especially for Season 2! SAVE CAMELOT!

This is my 135th Post I wish it was on a happier note! Starz is Making a big mistake!

Did Starz’s ‘Camelot’ Make Case For Renewal With Season Finale?

Starz’s drama series Camelot wrapped its freshman season on Friday with 1.032 million viewers for the 10 PM airing and 1.5 million for the night. That was the series’ second-highest viewership behind the premiere, which drew a 1.125 million for the original airing and 1.6 million for the night. On the minus side, the finale fell short of the recent closer of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which posted 1.724 million viewers for its first airing, as well as the first-season finale of Spartacus: Blood and Sand (1.227 million). On the plus side, after some ratings erosion after the premiere, Camelot has been on an upswing in recent weeks, building steadily to the penultimate episode, which averaged 1.003 million, and the finale. Starz will probably weigh all that as the network is yet to make a renewal decision on the costume drama, a retelling of the story of King Arthur.

Starz are you kidding me! Get your head out of your ass and renew


I was telling my friend all season that Starz is becoming a leader in Television just like HBO and Showtime, because of Camelot and Spartacus. Boss and Torchwood are garbage! If you are to abandon a series abandon them. Everyone knows the story of King Arthur so in the beginning there will be a little resistance, but they will soon come around and the numbers show it. There hasn’t even been any epic battles yet! Now that Leontes is dead now what??? Was he Lancelot? I don’t see where he can be, because he is already dead and there isn’t a Galahad! There is also no Percival.

Another problem is Starz ran Camelot while HBO ran Game of Thrones. The Fan-base was split. That was a big mistake! The Second season can only go up, just like Game of Thrones. That series is gearing up toward an epic battle! The likes of which are the foundation of The search for the Holy Grail, The Final Battle with Mordred!

This is the last possible season of Spartacus That’s it the story is told! King Arthur can go on for a long time! Don’t kill it!

I see this series like Showtime’s Dead Like Me:

a series Showtime canceled and realized they screwed up! It became a cult classic and spawned a movie. Which wasn’t as good due to the lack of stars: Mandy Patinkin and Laura Harris weren’t in the movie due to scheduling conflicts. If Showtime wasn’t stupid they would have had a hit series and a hit movie too! They Shouldn’t have canceled it.

Bryan Fuller (the Writer) left early in the first season due to conflicts with MGM Television, including disagreement over major script and storyline cuts considered important to the main theme. He stated that the “lack of professionalism… made it really difficult… it was like being at war… they were constantly trying to strongarm me. It was the worst experience of my life”. According to Fuller, Showtime canceled the show due to “a loss of quality and a sense the problems would continue.” They Shot themselves in the foot there! If you like someone’s story don’t try to edit or rewrite it, if it working! If it’s not broke, DON’T FIX IT!


The show’s complete ratings were not released, though executives had claimed to at least one reporter that Dead Like Me had ratings three times Showtime’s primetime average.This contrasts with the network’s statement that the ratings were not high enough for a third season. The ratings for the series premiere were 1.11 million, a record for a Showtime series premiere that was not beaten until the premiere of Shameless seven years later.

If 1.1 Million was a record, look at Camelot’s ratings! It’s beyond 1.1 Million! What is Starz’s Problem!



Save Camelot! Please leave a comment below urging Starz to make

a second season!

Do you know what makes everything worse???

That crappy BBC made Merlin on Syfy got picked up for a fifth season!! The 4th season starts on SyFy Jan 6th

Total season 2 US viewers were 1.39 million

It’s total season 3 US viewers were 1.61 million keep in mind it’s on cable tv not a paid premium channel.

That proves that Camelot can also gain viewers!