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Sore sore sore – my knee has been bothering me and I can’t do cardio! Ugh what will I do!


My knee has been sore due to working in dress shoes and not having the right insoles. I purchased a rebounder and can’t do cardio until it arrives, but what shall I do in the meantime? I am going to try a 30 day challenge! Lets do this! My suits getting tight and I can’t afford to buy new ones while I am injured! Lets do this! 100 crunches today! I got this!

I picked a challenge I can do anywhere and anytime! No gym needed! Although; I will still be working out at the gym.

Stay tuned for results!
Yesterday I did 150 crunches
Today 100 pushups not bad!

**Update** October 13th 2014
Once I received my Rebounder i discontinued the challenge. I may start it back up in addition to the trampoline and use my perfect pushups for the pushup challenge portion.

I have been doing 300 crunches daily with my Rebounder and I am about to go to 500! So I guess I am kinda still doing the challenge…