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Product Review: Nike Zoom Pegasus 

These shoes are pretty comfortable and have a nice spongy soul! Not as much as the Hoka one one’s but more so then normal sneakers and the white ones are even spongier than the black ones! The soles are flat which I need for my size to distribute my weight properly. After an hour of wearing them my feet feel better already! 

**Update** September 19th 2015 

My feet have been feeling much better! Even considering I am doing 2 hrs of cardio a day. I haven’t used the yoga toes in about a week or two and the other day the plantar fasciitis flared up again. I will try to wear them a little tonight and tomorrow. 

Product Review: Newton Sneakers




Complete. Exhilarated. Happy.

Perfect For: People who delight in the pure joy of running and want a shoe that elevates their experience.
Likes: For every day training and racing, an all around go-to shoe.
Ride: Versatile and balanced. The dynamic Newton pop in a more relaxed package.



Perfect For: Off road adrenaline junkies looking for their summer backcountry sol mate.

Likes: Any off road experience from groomed trail to rugged backcountry terrain.
Ride: Rugged and agile. Multi-directional lugs provide uncompromised ground feel and traction.

**Update** May 30th 2015

I like the shoes they are helping relieve my Plantar Faciitis as my forefoot hits before my heels, but they aren’t magical! I am still in pain, just not excruciating. 

Product Review: Brooks Glycerine Running Shoes

These shoes are really comfortable! They feel supportive and cushioned but still soft and relaxed.

The reason I purchased the Glycerine’s was because May 24th I purchased the
Pure Flow 3’s which I announced here! Well, the Pure Flow 3’s disintegrated in 2 months! Check this out!







I brought them back to where I purchased them; the Running Company of Morristown, NJ and they screwed me by only giving me half credit on a defective pair of shoes!! I got $50 credit for the old shoes and paid the $100 balance for the Glycerine’s $150. They didn’t even give me a military discount like they usually do!

I wrote Brooks about the situation and I am still waiting on an answer. The phone chat assistance said he could give me a 20% off coupon. I said that doesn’t really help as I have another pair of shoes and the coupon would probably expire before I used it and that doesn’t make up for the $50 I got ripped off by a defective pair of shoes! He gave me the link for the form to submit for a defective pair of shoes.
If you look at the image of the sole not only is it totally worn out on the edge, but the center of my right shoe has totally self destructed look at that wrinkled gash in the middle!

This was a poorly made shoe with cheap soft foam like rubber sole! I can’t believe the Running Company rep would recommend a 280lb guy to buy a pair of shoes like that! Neither could the manager when I told her until she looked at the salesman’s name on my receipt and said yeah that explains it! I don’t think he’s with the company anymore lol nor should he be! I am surprised Brooks put out a piece of shit like that to begin with! I think the Glycerine will last a long time! You can see a big difference between the shoes!

**Update** September 11th 2014
Ok so Brooks is sending me a brand new pair of Glycerine 11’s in replacement for the defective Pure Flow 3’s! That is awesome! It’s great to see a company standby their products! Not many companies do that anymore!

Defective shoe aside Brooks are still the best running shoe on the market!

Product Review: Gym Gear – Zemgear Ninja Toe Running Shoes





**Update** January 16th 2014
I just got the Zemgear Terra Ninja Toe shoes in the mail! I slapped them on and they may be a 1/2 size too big. But we will see.

I think they will be great for the gym, but not sure about running outside! For me I think it’s a recipe for disaster! During the tough mudder I caught a sharp rock in the center of my arch wearing a pair of vibram 5 fingers at 280lbs and I wanted to cry! And that was in the first mile of 13-14 miles! I had to finish the rest limping! I have a pair of Injinji toe socks I will try under them lets see if they fit better and are more comfortable
Ok I got the socks on:

Lets try it again!
They fit better and are much more comfortable. I will have to look for Tabi socks!

Ok now lets compare them to the shoes that hurt me bad!

Here’s the side of the Vibram Kso’s notice the high side on the sole
Here’s the Zem Terra’s

Notice the Zem has more wrap around in the arch and less on the ball

Notice the wrap over on the toes

Zem barely any wrap!
The vibrams have a Velcro closure and the Zem doesn’t.
The Zem’s are mostly spandex and neoprene like material
The vibrams are mostly perforated mesh bordering a nylon like material and there are internal seams everywhere! The Zem’s are entirely smooth except around the split toe.

Install and removal:
The Zemgear goes on and off in seconds and the split toe is not a problem at all.

The Vibram’s take at least a min or 2 to put on! You have to feed each toe little by little into the individual toe slots then pull the rest over and Velcro.

Time to get ready for the gym! I will bring my conventional Brooks running shoes with me just in case!

**Update** January 16th 2014
Ok so I have mixed reviews for the shoes!

The Bad Parts:
1: I am currently a very large 257 and there is no way I would use these shoes outside for anything more than walking from the house to the car and into the gym! No way I would run or go trail running outside!

2: I didn’t even like them on the elliptical! I was getting shin splints.

ok now for the good parts:
1. They are ultra thin profile, so they easily fit in any gym bag!

2. They are super light so you won’t feel them in your gym bag

3. They are super easy to put on and take off!

4. They are amazing for:
Power Cleans
Clean & Press
And leg press!

5. Also great for Jiu Jitsu!
Won’t damage the mats
Won’t disrespect the instructor
Will give you better traction on the mats.

I wish they would have sent a thicker more robust set so I can use them in the gym as well as trail running.


**Update** February 22nd 2014
Check it out! Akkua Pilates Socks – perfect for the Zemgear!


Running & The Running Company of Morristown NJ

Ok so I have been having pain in my feet right at the spot where ladies that wear high heels put their weight, just below the toes. If I run I get shin splints and my calves tighten so bad.

1st thing I did was see a podiatrist named Dr. McEvoy and he is at Madison Medical in Madison.

Madison medical is an awesome facility! They have an Internist Dr Lajewski (who is also a LTC in the Army) a Podiatrist, a chiropractor and a full physical therapy center. I went there for rehab after my shoulder surgery and Dr. Lajewski is my primary care Doctor.

Anyway, Dr. McEvoy said 1. I have flat feet (which I knew) and he said I know where you have pain and he did! He said its because my big toe isn’t firing properly and I need orthotics. He took a mold of my foot and I will receive the orthotics in 2 weeks (I’ll review that after I get them here at this post)

Ok now off to The Running Company in Morristown.

I saw a posting on yelp by Heather Lee H.

I’ve always had trouble with shin splints and have never gotten my needs addressed before like the way I had when I came to the running company. The manager (Ryan) that helped me explained in detail why I needed the type of shoe I purchased after he analyzed my stride, foot and muscle structure. He was able to provide me with quite a few options and I tested them out on the treadmill to make sure they felt good and fit properly. That afternoon, I wore my new shoes and was able to run about three miles with no lower leg pain or ache. I received thorough, personalized service and am now a loyal customer. Now I can look forward to more consistent training and hopefully a few races this year!

Thanks for the review Heather! BTW your profile pic is hot!! Haha

Anyway, I saw this post and I had similar problems as her so I decided to go and find Ryan! I got there and he was helping someone and he asked me can I help you, I asked him his name he said Ryan, I said oh perfect I’m here to see you! His response was I hope you aren’t going to beat me up lol. I said no I just need your help.

He properly sized me, then picked out a Brooks running shoe, which actually felt great! I was sized and fit by Sneakers Unlimited in Pompton Plains (needless to say they are out of business)

I was wearing a pair of Asics running shoes which he said were too wide and had corrective action built in that by analyzing my running on the treadmill he didn’t think I needed. One problem I have with sneakers is my feet spill over the outside of the sneaker.

The Brooks he first put me in doesn’t have that problem at all! He then put me in Nike, New Balance, Asics and Saucony. The Brooks felt the best! Even without my custom Orthotics.

So I put on the Brooks and he had me run the treadmill, he said that for a big guy I was very light on my feet and was running on the balls of my feet like I should instead of running with a heel strike. He also said that my feet were striking evenly with a slight twist on my right foot, but my orthotics should correct that. He also told me to come back after I get them if I want.

He also added that if they feel different or bad after I get the orthotics bring them back and we will figure something else out.

He even gave me a Military discount! The sneakers only cost me $90!! I was expecting to get raped for $150 or more because it’s a small specialty store.

Surprisingly, all of their shoes on the rack were cheat priced!

They also sell running clothes and accessories.

Furthermore; they also have organized free running groups and events.

Go here! Especially of you are military and are forced to run, and aren’t a running enthusiast, they will help you succeed!

Another tip: my podiatrist was against barefoot running and barefoot running shoes: vibrams and minimus type footwear he said (no lie) he had 5 people today alone with foot fractures from those shoes and not to wear them.

If you are into this type of footwear the Running Company has them! They have all kinds of brands! I even saw a pair of brooks shoes like that. Whatever your desire or needs the Running Company has it!

If you are a serious Running Enthusiast your needs and desires will be exceeded!

Go here!!

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