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Attractions: Hiking the Ringwood Manor Trails, Ringwood NJ






I didn’t have time to take pictures on the actual trail, it is harder than the boardwalk and much Easier then the ridge in Vernon.

Not bad for a hike that isn’t all the way in the middle of nowhere.

Another hint: the Ringwood Manor is also a giant destination every year for wedding photos, so if you are in the area and would love beautiful photos head over to the manor.

Try it you might like it!

The other day we took a different trail up a giant hill!


If you look carefully at the picture we started alongside the river at the 2nd cable upright. Our total run that day, after the hill and trails in the woods was: 6.6 miles!

Today we went crazy up that hill pictured above then down the back

And along the powerlines into New York to sterling forest lake pictured below:


We ran around the lake to another lake where I found a tree apparently eaten by a beaver:

I usually wear cheap cotton, champion socks this time I tried an expensive pair or Thorlo socks priced about $15 a pair and this was the result:


Expensive vs cheap – Wool vs Cotton doesn’t always make a difference! I want to try Under Armour Socks! Next!

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