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Workout Review: The Benefits of Rebounding – Bounce your way to a healthier you! *

Coming Soon!!
What I plan to do is an in-depth review and evaluation of rebounding and it’s benefits on the body and how I can increase it’s efficiency using various tools! For example weights and my elevation training mask 2.0!

What is a Rebounder and can I achieve my target heart rate to do steady state cardio for a prolonged time with 85% less impact than any other piece of cardio equipment! Will my size inhibit my workout as opposed to a women half my size? Will my added weight increase the time between jumps causing my cardio to not be as quick as hers thus not achieving the same cardio load or because of my size it requires a greater load and the same effect will be seen? What will happen? If I can’t achieve the same cardio load will the use of the elevation mask and less available oxygen increase the load on my body enough to see greater results. Will the use of weights help or inhibit my workout? Will aerobics class like moves keep it exciting and fresh or will I default to straight jumping? Will the dog freak out and try to bite me as I jump lol? Many questions to be asked and many more to follow!

Will my knees feel better on the rebounder? Will jumping alleviate the pain from my knees or will it just transfer to somewhere else? For example will my ankles hurt instead? Are there injuries associated with prolonged rebounding such as stress fractures etc…

What will the future hold? Stay tuned!

**Update** September 2nd 2014
I just did 20 min of basic bounce with half jumping jacks and forward to back jumps like on a cross country skier and my shins and calves are on fire and my heart rate was pumping out of my neck! I tried to do other moves not sure if I am too heavy and not coordinated enough due to a deeper bounce or if I have to build the stabilizer muscles in my leg first to be able to do that!

This is crazy! I didn’t think it would be that hard! And my knees don’t hurt so far!

I then stretched my legs and took a 3hr break. I returned to jump for an additional 20 mins and 5 mins in I popped something in my knee and I have been having trouble walking all week!

**Update** September 6th 2014
I have been icing my knee and eating anti inflammatory foods such as: cold pressed watermelon juice, cold pressed tart cherry juice, blueberries and curcumin. Today was the first day I returned to the trampoline for 20 mins. My knee is a little sore, but it felt good! I was sweating and my heart rate was pumping!!

Stay tuned for more!

Hotel jumping!

**Update** November 3rd 2014
I was in the military this weekend and forgot my rebounder. I now have a sinus headache and my nose is clogged and I have post nasal drip making my throat sore and I’m starting to cough. Will the rebounder cure me? It’s supposed to stimulate lymphatic flow!