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Restaurant Review: Tuk Tuk Long Island City, NY

The Pea soup was good, the steamed dumplings were good although they were only 2 pieces. The soup: Tom Ka Gai was amazing! It was perfect the way it should be! 

The Massaman Curry was the best I have ever tasted and I don’t take that lightly! Previously; Tommy Cheng’s in Wayne NJ was the best and Tuk Tuk was slightly better the way they layered the sweet and spicy taste with chili, curry and cilantro was amazing!

Check this place out! 

Restaurant Review: Delhi Heights Jackson Heights, NY

Delhi Heights

37-6674 St. Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Mon-Thu 11:30 am – 11 pm
Fri-Sat 11:30 am – 12 am
Sun 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

We invite you to share in a delightful world of elegant Indian dining. Here at Delhi Heights the cuisine is always breathtakingly flavorful, the bar well-stocked, the wine list rich, and thus, every evening ripe to savor.
Be our guest and enjoy an enchanting ambience that unites the luxury of contemporary living with the colorful old-world culinary history of India. Our professional chefs are well-schooled in the delicate art of masala making and more. They infuse each and every dish with an intoxicating myriad of spices and herbs, drawing on time-honed traditional combinations from all over India for your dining pleasure.

Our indulgent hosts and attentive staff await your arrival. Allow us to create a sumptuous and relaxing fine dining experience for you and your guests here at Delhi Heights.

Pictured above:
Lamb Tikka Masala, 2 orders of Garlic Naan (flatbread), Sakuti Chicken

All the food served was great! The Lamb Tikka was great the only place better was The Curry Club in Long Island (see review) The Sakuti Chicken was amazing! Nice different taste. I wasn’t sure if the head chef is the owner or not, but he is a CIA (Culinary Institute of America) graduate. I also had the Badami Kheer for dessert and it too was amazing!! I have had plenty of Kheer, but this was by far the best!! I am thinking of trying Basmati Rice with my traditional (Italian) family recipe. The atmosphere is elegant (a diamond in the rough if you know the neighborhood) they had a live keyboardist/DJ that sung all the songs. And he was great! Nice voice! Delhi Heights is definitely on my list for a return visit!
As you can see below the menu is vast, and the prices are reasonably inexpensive. Making it all the more enjoyable. And it’s open late!!! Trust me if you are in the area you won’t be disappointed!












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