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Supplement Review: Nighttime anti catabolic sleep formula – Pure Factors *

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Supplement Review: Hydrosport by Pure Factors *


HydroSport is a revolutionary pH balancing, mineral and electrolyte water additive that provides fulvic acid, humic acid, over 74 trace colloidal ionic minerals, amino acids, and B vitamins. This powerfol complex rehydrates and repowers all body systems.

Benefits beyond rehydration may include:

Increased muscular endurance
Increased absorption of nutrients and supplements
Detoxification of cells

Professional Hydrosport from Pure Solutions offers a powerful complex of ingredients that rehydrates and repowers your body. Staying hydrated is vital when athletes are competing at all levels. The majority of your body’s tissues adn organs, including your brain are composed of water. Good old H2O. Water effectively draws its many nutrients into the cells so they can continue to function properly.

Lacking just one of the 70 trace minerals in water can affect your mental and physical health. Even if your body is just 1% dehydrated, it can affect your performance and output by as much as 15%. It can also limit your flexibility and range of motion. Fight dehydration with the help of Pure Factors Professional Hydrosport at Psupplements.

Hydrosport Ultra Hydration Highlights Include:

Increases ATP, and Speeds up the bodily functions and reactions
Increases absorption and effects of all supplements
Charges,activates and detoxifies cells while improving nutrient function
Increases production and bioavailability of sex hormones
Increases production of hemoglobin,DNA and RNA
Regulates body pH levels

Hydrosport Complete Power Complex is a revolutionary alkalizing,cleansing and mineralizing water additive thae provides the body with electrolytes,amino acids,B Vitamins and enzymes.

Contains No Wheat,gluten,soy,corn,yeast,fish,egg,dary,lactose,artificial colors,flavors or preservatives.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 30 Drops
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving: % Daily Value

Proprietary Hydration Blend: 360mg*
Ionic Trace Minerals,Electrolytes,Plant Based Enzymes,Plant Based Amino Acids,40% Lycium Polysaccarides,100x Aloe Berbadensis

Trace Amounts Of:

Bio-Available Fulvic Acid
Bio-Available Humic Acids
Bio-Available Electrolytes
74 Bio-Available Ionic Macro and Ionic Micro
21 Bio-Available Plant Based Amino Acids
16 Bio-Available Vitamins: A,C and E,B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12,B16,B17,B22,Bp (Choline)
Unique Polysaccharides: LBP1,LBP2,LBP3,LBP4 and Beta-Glucomannans

*Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Purified Water,25% Organic Grape Alcohol

Unlike Alkazone there is a slight taste and because of the Fulvic Acid it turns the water a little brown and dirty looking (not to the extent of Blk) but just slightly. I like the fact it uses fulvic acid and a few other ways. I think I will add it to my life stack along with alkazone and curcumin and just rotate it with the alkazone every other day.

I purposely didn’t have alkazone for 2 weeks along with no lemon water to get my body out of alkaline and I will be pH stripping on Friday night! I have been using Hydrosport all week! Stay tuned for the results!

Ok well; I did the pH test strip test that I conducted with Alkazone:

Test 1: I put the Hydrosport directly on the pH strip and it barely changed the pH as opposed to Alkazone’s instant off the chart change; so to me that says it doesn’t change the pH outside the body.

Test 2: I put the Hydrosport in water and allowed the water to sit overnight. No change was seen on the test strip. That confirms that it’s not Alkalizing on its own! Does it require the body to be alkalizing similar to lemons the body converts the acid of the lemons to alkaline in the body? I don’t know I’m not a scientist/biologist. All I know is, I can’t see it with my own eyes!

So I will be sticking to Alkazone for alkalizing the body.

It does however contain electrolytes, but so does Gatorade, Mio and even coconut water is good!