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Recipe: Deconstructed Upside-Down Low Calorie/Fat Free/Low Carb ETB Protein Cheesecake


Ok here come my usual tweaks!

Philadelphia Fat Free Cream Cheese: calories 120, 16g protein, 8g carbs
Etb (I like cinnamon bun) calories 110, 25g protein
Truvia: calories 30, 12g carbs 0 active
Skim milk: calories 5 if that! It’s only 3tsp

Total with Truvia:
265 calories 41g protein 8g carbs

Total without Truvia:
235 calories 41g protein 8g carbs

That’s a nice dessert! I’m going to try this! Stay tuned!

I hate when people put up fake pics! It will not look anything like the pic above! It’s not cooked! Directions say mix in bowl and eat! So how would it have a brown top? It won’t! So stay tuned!

I would add Traders Joe’s Almond Meal as a crust! (Optional) 1tbsp 40 calories 4 fat 2 carb 2 protein

**Update** January 20th 2014
Ok here we go:

I decided to make 2 options:
One with Low Fat/Carb Free Farmers Cheese (pictured below)

And one with Fat Free/Low Carb Cream Cheese (pictured below)

Now for the practical application:

Cheese Cake one:

I used Friendship Farmers Cheese:


With the farmers cheese it needed the 4tsp of stevia! And 1tbsp milk
For those of you that like a thick creamy not too sugary cheesecake this is for you. Great for a low carb diet? Try 2tsp stevia for low carb diet! 6-8g carbs. 6 if you eliminate almond meal too.

110 etb + 120 fc + 5 milk + 30 Truvia + 40 almond meal

Farmer cheese total (as pictured):

305 calories 11.5g fat 10g carbs 39g Protein

Pros: notice the farmer cheese ingredients! All natural and 2 ingredients!
The container is only 7.5oz instead of 8oz so the calories are close!
Cons: 3
10 calories per serving more


Cheese cake 2:

I used fat free Philadelphia Cream Cheese:

Cons: Look at the crap in there!! Half of the crap you can’t pronounce! However; it was much creamier, so much it couldn’t hold it’s shape. It was much sweeter also and only required 2tsp Truvia. If you like a creamy sweet cheesecake this is yours!

110 etb + 40 am + 120 cc + 5 milk + 15 Truvia

Cream Cheese Total (as pictured):
290 calories, 4g fat, 43g protein 14g carbs


To have fat free eliminate the almond meal from the Cream Cheese cake!

Oh ps: if you really want a really decadent dessert add: 2tbsp of Pb2! For a healthy Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Follow directions on jar and make into peanut butter (add water)

**Update** January 24th 2014
For all you Cannoli lovers I made a Fat-Free/Low Carb/Low Calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter Ricotta Cheesecake

Same ingredients above except:
Trader Joes fat free Ricotta cheese
ETB Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein

110 etb + 135 ricotta + 5 milk + 15 Truvia

Ricotta Total:
265 calories, 0 Fat, 43g protein, 0g Carbs

Ricotta Total (as pictured):
305 calories 4g fat 45g Protein, 6g Carbs

**Update** January 25th 2014
Is cheesecake not your style? How bout a Protein Cannoli or Cheese Blintzes? Check out: Recipe: Low Carb Yummy ETB Pseudo-Pancakes!

Take the ETB Pancake and stuff with this recipe!
For blintzes: use cream or farmer cheese

For cannoli:
use ricotta and if you want to dress it up: add organic dark chocolate chips

For both omit the almond flour crust.

Eat the Bear Protein
Upon careful examination I noticed Truvia doesn’t contain any Stevia at all! A clever marketing ploy!

Today today I am picking up Xylitol from Nutrition zone really cheap!

Ricotta cheesecake using Xylitol and cinnamon bun ETB


Get Creative! And feel free to share your combinations, and comments!

Send images to:

(That goes for any recipe here)

It’s not as chemical sweet tasting as the nasty Truvia! I like it better!
And less calories 30 for 1tbsp and 0 carbs

Recipe: Low Carb Yummy ETB Pseudo-Pancakes!


Recipe: Submitted by Pauly Motyka of Nutrition Zone – Rockaway, NJ
(973) 664-9444 phone

1 scoop (ETB) Eat the Bear protein (my favorite is cinnamon bun)
1/4 cup egg whites
1 table spoon cottage cheese
Little baking powder

Mix in bowl (if you don’t want the cottage cheese lumpy put in blender first)

Then spray skillet with coconut oil spray and cook pancakes till golden brown!

Top with fresh fruit (berries), fat free whipped cream or eat plain! Remember you are on a healthy low carb diet, so don’t ruin it by adding syrup or butter!

Pauly says: They are even great if you burn them lol

Remember for all your nutrition needs call nutrition zone and ask for Pete or Pauly and tell em Lou sent you!

Reader submitted photo: Renee

**Update** January 25th 2014

Do you love Cannolis? Do you love Cheese blintzes?

Take these pancakes and stuff with: Recipe: Deconstructed Upside-Down Low Calorie/Fat Free/Low Carb ETB Protein Cheesecake

For blintzes:
use the cream cheese or farmers cheese

For Cannoli:
use the Ricotta recipe you can dress up your cannoli if desired with organic dark chocolate chips

Get Creative! And feel free to share your combinations, and comments!

Send images to:

(That goes for any recipe here)

For both: omit the nut flour Pseudo crust!

Eat the Bear Protein