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Product Review: Pro-Tech Athletics The Orb – Deep Tissue Massage Ball 5″ & 7″ Diameter *

• Multi-directional roll provides focused massage to target areas
• Deep tissue massage:
1) Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness
2) Promotes flexibility
3) Enhances performance

5″ diameter high density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to:
IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Calf, plus more

7″ diameter high density ball provides moderate deep tissue massage to:
IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Back, plus more

The balls are super lightweight dense foam. They don’t require pumping up.

Because they are super lightweight and foam, I am not sure about durability. If you have a dog, keep it away or it will be in pieces!

I can’t wait to try them as they are much larger then a lacrosse ball and much different then a roller!

Pro-tec also offers a wide array of massage and physical therapy tools! Check them out for all your needs! Their prices are reasonably inexpensive also!

**Update** April 23rd 2014
I tried the Orbs today! The larger ball was awkward and I didn’t like it! The smaller ball however; felt awesome! I love it! It felt crazy good under my hamstring! I didn’t have much time, so stay tuned for more!

Product Review: Pro-Tec Athletics Y-Roller – foam roller *

• Dual or single ridge option offers a targeted aggressive massage.
• Ability to roll in between ridges for a less aggressive, moderate massage.

Product Features & Benefits:

• Made from Elastomer – a high density, durable foam
• Excellent tool to promote flexibility and myofascial release
• 6” Diameter x 15 1/2” Length
• Deep tissue massage:
1) Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness
2) Promotes flexibility
3) Enhances performance

Y-roller Hamstring:

Y-roller Quads

Y-roller Calves

Y-roller Back

Product Review: Pro-Tech Athletics Gel Force Knee Support *

Inside view:

General Application: Great for alleviating knee pain and providing moderate knee joint stability.
Medical Applications: Patello-Femoral pain syndrome, Patellar tracking, chondromalacia, minor meniscus and ligament tears.
How It Works: Provides patellar (knee cap) stability with compression surrounding patella. Offers stability on medial and lateral sides of knee.
Design Theory: Breathable, soft fabric offers 4 way stretch applying even, comfortable compression throughout brace. Thick oval gel provides excellent comfort and support to patellar (knee cap) area. Medial (inside) and lateral (outside) spiral stays offer overall knee joint stability.

Sizing Chart:
Item 7200 Small (13” – 14”)
Item 7201 Medium (14” – 16″)
Item 7202 Large (16” – 18”)
Item 7203 Xlarge (18” – 20″)
(Circumference measured 1” above top of patella)

I have been wearing these for a couple days now and my knee pain is gone!

They are a little awkward to put on, but they are easy to pull off. Just grab it from the top and pull off inside out.

I am hoping they will stretch out a little, I think they will.

They are really comfortable when they are on. However; I do sweat in them and it’s only April. Can’t wait to see how they are in the summer. Stay tuned for more!

Pro-Tec Athletics also offers a full array of support, wrap, strap and sleeves for almost every part of the body! Check them out for your individual needs! Most are also custom tailored for specific injuries!

They also offer body specific ice (cool) and heat packs!

Product Review: Redline Gear – Reach Your Redline and Live it Everyday! Toe the Line *

That’s a picture of the back of the shirt and the front of the pants. I wanted to show that there’s a slot pocket in the front right side that fits the HuMn wallet perfectly! I don’t know about you, but I like to have my wallet on my person at all times! Unless I am rolling for Jiu Jitsu, it hurts to lay and twist on it lol.

I do not like to lock my wallet in a gym locker as over the years I have seen many gym lockers broken into. Also, if I want something from the juice bar, I don’t have to run all the way to the locker especially if it’s mid-workout.

The Camo pattern on the shorts appeals to my military side as does the Flag on the back of the shirt!

Their Knee Sleeves:
Classic knee support that gives the knee joint compression
Provides support and warmth
Relieves pressure and improves co-ordination
5mm Neoprene
Measure the Knee from Mid-Patella
If you want a tighter fit for competition choose a smaller size than measured
These are priced per pair!
They are much thicker then I was expecting! Excellent quality! All their products are awesome! The shirt is super soft! The shorts are well constructed! I don’t like the drawstring material. I would have rather had a softer stretchier material such as, 550 cord or some nylon weave.

I put the Knee Sleeves on the second I got them and within a quick few minutes I began to feel the warming effect! The pain I was experiencing just walking around, disappeared! My knees were aching last night before I put them on, maybe the weather, maybe overwork… Idk. But it allowed me to relax.

Today I will be wearing them to the gym!

The Wrist Wraps they make are also excellent quality and really thick! The black and red combo is my favorite!

Wrist Wraps:
Red Line Wrist Wraps offer the best support for Olympic Lifts, Strength Work, and they are also build to be functional for any Metcon, long or short!

Our Wrap is the only 14 Inch elastic wrap on the market. This unique length provides outstanding ability to use these wraps for anything you do in the gym Olympic Lifts, Strongman, Powerlifting and Metcons.

14 Inches Long (35cm)
3 Inches Wide
Sold in Pairs
Thumb Loop
Velcro Closure Has A 120 Day Warranty
40% Elastic/10% Polyester/50% Cotton



**Update** April 7th 2014
Ok so; as you can see I was Rockin the Redline the other day and I loved it! The shirt was sooooooooooo soft like pima cotton! The shorts were comfortable and I received many compliments! I like how the shorts held my HuMn wallet and my car key. So I didnt have to put them in my bag.
The knee sleeves have been helping and the warmth feels nice on my joints.

Since stretching and using the sleeves, my knees feel much better!!

**Update** May 14th 2014
I have been using a combination of knee sleeves the Redline Gear sleeves for leg day and Pro-tec Athletics gel knees sleeves for cardio the Pro-tec is a weaved fabric sleeve with a gel circle around the knee to help patella tracking.

The Redline sleeve keeps compression and warms the joint and joint fluid using a heavy Neoprene (wetsuit like material)

I am super happy with the combo and I am feeling a lot better since!