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Updated Results!! UFC 168: Rousey vs Tate 2! Will Cupcake destroy the loudmouth arrogant Rowdy




I am still super pissed off at the arrogance of Ronda Rousey! Saying that basically if the planets align she could beat Cain Velasquez or anyone at anytime! Ridiculous! Any heavyweight even the worst in the roster would crush you with one punch! (See the article here about her arrogant comment)

I also don’t like her lack of professionalism on the ultimate fighter! I hope Miesha Tate destroys her and takes the title! She wasn’t the only one wrong Miesha and her team shouldn’t have been teasing her like a bunch of high school kids, but that’s kinda the crap they do on TUF. This was indeed the best season of TUF!!

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey (7-0) squares off Saturday, Dec. 28, against Miesha “Cupcake” Tate (13-4) in the co-main event of UFC 168 and there will be plenty of fireworks in this UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship showdown.

This is the second fight in the rivalry between these two MMA women. The first bout took place in the Strikeforce promotion for the company’s women’s title and ended in the first round when Rousey forced Tate to submit via her signature armbar.

Now, after serving as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 18, the two combatants will go head-to-head once again with the championship on the line. The resulting in-ring war has fans genuinely excited about UFC 168 and its co-main event.

Here is all the vital viewing information and a full preview of Rousey vs. Tate 2.

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

When: Saturday, Dec. 28, at 10 p.m est

UFC 168 Odds and Predictions
Fighter 1 Odds Fighter 2 Odds Prediction
Anderson Silva -165 Chris Weidman (c) +135 Weidman via TKO
Ronda Rousey (c) -750 Miesha Tate +475 Rousey via Submission
Josh Barnett -210 Travis Browne +170 Barnett via TKO
Jim Miller -400 Fabrício Camoes +300 Miller via Decision
Dustin Poirier -230 Diego Brandao +180 Brandao via Decision
Betting information via

Co-Main Event Preview and Prediction

There is serious hype around the UFC Middleweight Championship rematch between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva, but there is just as much talk surrounding the women’s bantamweight title fight.

Rousey vs. Tate 2 should be a great co-main event.

These two MMA veterans first met March 3, 2012, in one of the highest-profile women’s fights in the sport’s history. With both stars drawing mainstream notoriety due to their elite ability and good looks, each has helped put the sport of women’s MMA on the map.

The rematch is also coming at the perfect time.

After the success of The Ultimate Fighter 18, Tate and Rousey have successfully told a backstory to this fight that even casual fans can enjoy. Rousey came off as a bully during the production of the competition show, and Tate looked like the down-to-earth person fans could relate to.

Rousey spoke to Jim Rome about why her opponent was put in this fight:

“Miesha has a nice ass and she has an ongoing rivalry with me and that’s the only reason she was picked for this fight. The rivalry is why she is even around. It’s not because of her athletic merit. She really has to play that part of it up (rivalry) because that’s all she really has. She has to make it personal because you can’t make it an athletic rivalry because there really is no comparison. I’m an Olympic athlete and she’s a high school wrestler.”

With weeks of interaction and tension, the frenzy over the title fight has reached a fever pitch. UFC fans have been forced to take sides in this match due to all of the well-publicized, pre-fight banter.

As much as this fight will draw fans to buy UFC 168, the action in the Octagon will not live up to the hype. Tate deserves credit for her elite wrestling, striking and submission work (it helped earn her 13 career wins), but there is no fighter in the sport more dominant right now than Rousey.
Rousey has seven career victories. While that doesn’t feel overly impressive, all have come via submission due to an armbar. Most credit her ability to force her opponents to tap out to her elite work in the sport of judo.

As one of the best female judoka in the world, Rousey will match Tate’s wrestling ability and use her momentum against her. If the challenger doesn’t shift her game plan of taking the fight to the ground early to a more stand-up-oriented mentality, the champion will dominate this fight as she did the first.

Tate is a great fighter, but Rousey is the most dangerous woman in the world.

Predicted Winner: Ronda Rousey via first-round submission.

You see what I mean about arrogant! Yes Ronda you are right Miesha does have a nice ass!

The reason this event is happening is because Anderson Silva was arrogant and cocky and got his ass beat! Keep being arrogant Ronda and you will suffer the same fate! The only difference is: Anderson is going to hand Weidman his head!

You forget Miesha had the title before you took it! Maybe she was cocky and lost it to you!

All I can say to Miesha is: “I hope you have been training nothing but Jiu Jitsu since your loss to Ronda in March of 2012!

Back to the Weidman fight! I have trained with Matt Serra black belts Joe Scarola and Tom Muller and they are both awesome! I really enjoyed rolling with Tom he has a gentle encouraging teaching style that allows you to grasp the knowledge without force.

Weidman is also a product of Matt therefore He has the best chance at beating Silva again. However; I believe Anderson Silva is going to come after him like a hungry dog and leave all his in ring bullshit at home where it belongs!

**Note to all fighters**
If you truly are a powerhouse like Iron Mike Tyson in his prime and you can finish your opponent in seconds especially after months of anticipation then do it!! That’s a real champion! That’s the best pound for pound champion that’s ever lived! Not some bullshit arrogant hot dog sticking his chin out and dancing around the ring!

You ever see Bas Rutten dance around the ring? You ever see Fedor dance around the ring?

Fedor is the best MMA fighter to ever step in the ring! However; he started in 2000 and just as Randy Couture he didn’t retire when he should have! And now people are talking shit!

When Fedor was on the top of his game no one could touch him! That’s the mark of a true champion!

If Weidman can defeat Silva again we may have another true champion in the making!

Good luck to Miesha and Weidman!



Who’s giving who the kiss of death? Stay tuned!

**Update** December 28th 2013
Well Ronda won! There were a few times the fight went back and forth! Miesha’s downfall was trying to throw Ronda and Ronda reversing it almost every time! That took a lot of wind out of her and Ronda eventually pulled her one and only move off! Her armbar. I want to see her try that with Cyborg!!

But the huge shock was the Weidman vs Anderson Silva match! Anderson was losing the entire time and was actually knocked out and for some reason the referee (I think it was herb dean wasn’t paying attention to him lol) didn’t step in and stop the fight! Which would have been a huge career saving move for Anderson Silva! Unfortunately; he didn’t stop it and a few minutes later Anderson threw a shitty low leg kick and Weidman blocked it with a perfect Muay Thai knee block and Anderson snapped his own shin bone (compound fracture, broke in half like a rubber leg!) on Weidman’s knee! Weidman obviously retains the title! Basically, ending Anderson’s career! Not only did he take Anderson’s title, but he also ended his career!

Good job a Weidman! I don’t like to see someone hurt themselves that bad! But Anderson just got best with the Karma stick for all the years of being cocky!