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Product Review: Gym Gear – Zemgear Ninja Toe Running Shoes





**Update** January 16th 2014
I just got the Zemgear Terra Ninja Toe shoes in the mail! I slapped them on and they may be a 1/2 size too big. But we will see.

I think they will be great for the gym, but not sure about running outside! For me I think it’s a recipe for disaster! During the tough mudder I caught a sharp rock in the center of my arch wearing a pair of vibram 5 fingers at 280lbs and I wanted to cry! And that was in the first mile of 13-14 miles! I had to finish the rest limping! I have a pair of Injinji toe socks I will try under them lets see if they fit better and are more comfortable
Ok I got the socks on:

Lets try it again!
They fit better and are much more comfortable. I will have to look for Tabi socks!

Ok now lets compare them to the shoes that hurt me bad!

Here’s the side of the Vibram Kso’s notice the high side on the sole
Here’s the Zem Terra’s

Notice the Zem has more wrap around in the arch and less on the ball

Notice the wrap over on the toes

Zem barely any wrap!
The vibrams have a Velcro closure and the Zem doesn’t.
The Zem’s are mostly spandex and neoprene like material
The vibrams are mostly perforated mesh bordering a nylon like material and there are internal seams everywhere! The Zem’s are entirely smooth except around the split toe.

Install and removal:
The Zemgear goes on and off in seconds and the split toe is not a problem at all.

The Vibram’s take at least a min or 2 to put on! You have to feed each toe little by little into the individual toe slots then pull the rest over and Velcro.

Time to get ready for the gym! I will bring my conventional Brooks running shoes with me just in case!

**Update** January 16th 2014
Ok so I have mixed reviews for the shoes!

The Bad Parts:
1: I am currently a very large 257 and there is no way I would use these shoes outside for anything more than walking from the house to the car and into the gym! No way I would run or go trail running outside!

2: I didn’t even like them on the elliptical! I was getting shin splints.

ok now for the good parts:
1. They are ultra thin profile, so they easily fit in any gym bag!

2. They are super light so you won’t feel them in your gym bag

3. They are super easy to put on and take off!

4. They are amazing for:
Power Cleans
Clean & Press
And leg press!

5. Also great for Jiu Jitsu!
Won’t damage the mats
Won’t disrespect the instructor
Will give you better traction on the mats.

I wish they would have sent a thicker more robust set so I can use them in the gym as well as trail running.


**Update** February 22nd 2014
Check it out! Akkua Pilates Socks – perfect for the Zemgear!