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Supplement Review: New Monster Ultra Black

Monster releases yet another flavor in their ultra line. New ultra black   Just about 300 miles north of Chicago nestled on eastern shore of Lake Michigan is the “Cherry Capital of the World” Traverse City, MI. Long warm summer days and cool nights cause the black cherries to ripen right around the 4th of July, but you gotta get `em while you can `cause all too soon they`re gone. 

Now, like those famous black beauties, crisp, slightly sweet and for a limited time only; Monster Ultra Black, refreshingly light with zero calories, no sugar and packed with our Monster energy blend. 

Get it while the gettin`s is good… 

If this is black cherry flavor it could possibly be the best monster yet!

Supplement Review: New Monster Ultra Citron

Yet another new flavor from the creative geniuses at Monster Energy! This flavor, Ultra Citron is refreshing and tastes different from the rest of the ultra series. I wish monster would research a healthier version, while still keeping it low carb. 

Go monster!?

Supplement Review: New Monster Unleaded – First Caffeine-Free non-energy drink!



Supplement Review: New Monster Ultra Sunrise

Soo was it a revolutionary new flavor? Not at all! Did it taste just like the other ultras? Yes! Does it have its very subtle differences? Yes, but not much.
Try it for yourself, tell me what you think. I was looking for a more bolder orange taste, but it was good!

Supplement Review: New Muscle Monster Peanut Butter Cup!

Monster athletes do not win by accident, it takes years of hard work and determination to be a champion. Need a little motivation to meet your personal goals? Meet your new “coach in a can”, Muscle Monster Energy Shake. Specially formulated with our Monster Energy Blend to help motivate you to train harder and longer, Muscle Monster also provides the fuel you need to power through your workouts. Muscle Monster`s 25 grams of protein helps build lean body mass and aids in muscle recovery after a strenuous workout. Get in the game, break a sweat, break your record, break the rules, with Muscle Monster Energy Shake. Pump up the Beast!

25g of protein, low fat, 7 vitamins and minerals, 500mg calcium
Muscle Monster`s 25 grams of protein helps build lean body mass and aids in muscle recovery after a strenuous workout.

This is so new it’s not even on Monster’s website! Just like the Ultra Black! So let’s check it out! Hold on while I open the can: it has a strong peanut butter smell. It tastes pretty good, nice and smooth. I chugged it down really quick! 157mg of caffeine per can.

I like this Preworkout on the days when you are dragging, don’t skip a workout, grab a muscle monster for a preworkout with caffeine and 25g of protein to help fuel your workout.

Product Review: New Monster Ultra Black!

Ultra Black is not even on Monster’s website!

Why they call it Ultra Black is a mystery! It’s pink colored liquid!

It tastes pretty good! I want to buy all the ultras and have a taste test as they are all very similar! Stay tuned for that if I remember lol!

Product Review: New Monster Ultra Red zero calories!

Ok just had it!

Honestly if I took ultra zero, ultra blue and ultra red and blindfolded you, I guarantee you couldn’t tell the difference! The differences are very subtle! So if you like one you will probably like them all! If you hate one you will probably hate them all!

It’s got a bunch of stuff in it!
Taurine, ginseng, caffeine, L-Carnitine, guarana L-Tartrate, inositol

Inositol is an appetite suppressant
2 kinds of caffeine: guarana and caffeine

2 artificial flavors: Sucralose (Splenda) and Erythritol (sugar alcohol)

Is it good for you? Probably not! But soda is much worse!

Yet another new Monster Rehab! Pink Lemonade!


Same great monster rehab formula, great tasting smooth pink lemonade, the bad part is I pound a whole can in seconds and it is gone!

Product Review: All New Monster Rehab Flavors


I had the green tea + energy today and it was great! It tasted like a sweet iced tea kinda like Lipton powdered Ice tea but better! With a kicking lemony taste.

Tomorrow I will try the Protean + Energy.
Wow the protein is different than any other Monster, I can’t tell what kinda taste it has it’s so different. I have to look at the ingredients. I knew there was tea, but not black and white, there is also prickly pear leaf extract, ginseng, Yerba Mata tea (that’s it that’s what I taste!), and Acai extract.

The original Half & Half – Tea + Lemonade + Energy I amazing and it’s my favorite Monster of all.

The Monster Absolutely Zero is a close Second.

There is also a 3rd new flavor:

Rojo Tea + Energy
But I haven’t found it in the store yet. The distributor has it back ordered.

I just found it today at a different store I’ll try it tomorrow and post results here.

Just had the Rojo tea it was pretty good, better than the protean which I didn’t care for. I’ll just stick with my favorite half & half! the only thing I would like more is a 100% Lemonade + Energy! Hey Monster how bout making that happen!!