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Product Review: Radiate Athletics – color changing fitness gear!

Your body is amazing. As you work out in the gym or compete in your favorite sport, your body does incredible things to reach its maximum performance–veins expand, metabolism increases, muscles swell, and your body radiates warmth. You are an extraordinary machine. But all of this helpful information goes lost because we can only see what is happening on the outside of your body–until now. The Radiate shirt finally allows us to see calories as they burn, muscles as they reach their maximum output, vascular activation, and body temperature as it increases in key areas of your body.

Why wait and see if you will be sore the next day? You can now see the muscles you are targeting, the ones you may be neglecting, and their specific intensity level.

Why blindly work out? You can now see your body’s immediate response to your workout while you train, rather than guessing or hoping for results over time.

Any shirt you have ever worn to the gym has failed to offer you an interactive experience specific to your unique biochemistry. Until now.

Key Features:

1) Color Change Technology. Re-engineered NASA technology changes the way electrons reflect light in the presence of body warmth, so now you can see your body’s personal heat signature (even as it fluctuates). In other words, you have thermal-vision built into your shirt, allowing you to train more strategically and finally have a truly unique and interactive experience with your athletic apparel.

2) Heat Management. The Radiate shirt keeps you cool by moving your body warmth away from your body. while simultaneously translating your body’s heat into the color spectrum. Don’t just warm up, radiate.

3) Moisture Wicking. The next level of moisture wicking is here. An advanced, integrated channeling process is used to wick moisture from your body more than any other apparel on the market today.

4) Revolutionary Fabric. First there was cotton, then there was spandex, and now there is Radiate’s revolutionary new fabric. Our fabric feels like silk to the body, but has the support and durability that will carry you through the most extreme sports.

soil resistant, helping to ensure the longevity of the product through the most grueling activity.
anti-microbial, preventing odor-causing bacteria.
The Radiate shirt also incorporates a technology-driven sewing pattern. Developed as a result of research in body kinesthetics, the Radiate shirt is sewn to fit your body. No shoulder seams, no baggy mid-sections, no generic sleeve circumference. We like to think of the Radiate shirt as a space suit for athletes.

A recently sewn Radiate shirt.
A recently sewn Radiate shirt.
5) Eco-Friendly: Part of the bedrock mission statement that first shaped Radiate is to reduce our carbon footprint during production. All materials are sustainable, no harmful chemicals are used, and all of our dyes are green-friendly. We have kept our pledge to being eco-minded, and Mother Nature couldn’t be happier.

6) American for America: Radiate refuses to outsource any part of its printing, dying, or research–even though none of today’s leading companies manufacture their athletic apparel in America. Up until now, we have had to purchase the blank canvas fabric from abroad, but with the help of Kickstarter, we will be able to afford bringing even this component of our manufacturing home to America, where it belongs.





Product Review: Tribe Sports – A UK Company Revolutionizing the Sportswear Industry around the World! *


Tribesports launched in 2011 as a place where sports people from around the world could gather to motivate, celebrate and educate one another to improve in their chosen sports.

As the community grows, we are constantly working with our members to understand how we can really offer a value to them and their life in sports.

Our community drive what we do… and they told us they were paying way too much for their sportswear:

They feel forced to make a choice between price and quality.

They don’t feel that the pro athletes raking in the big $$$ endorsement deals are influencing the products that they choose to buy.

They get their advice from their friends and peers.

They want to have a say in the products that they use.

So… we listened and here we are – we’re ripping up the rulebook and taking on the world of sportswear.

Tribesports Performance apparel was created to disrupt the global sportswear market and offer an alternative to the overpriced performance sportswear currently available to customers.


By removing middlemen to sell only online, and celebrating real sports people like you rather than paying pro athletes to wear our sportswear, we pass on up to 40% savings to our customers compared to the same quality products from other leading sports brands.

From sketch to final prototype:

Tribesports Performance Wear is about bringing premium quality performance wear products with ultimate style and function to market at an accessible price without compromising on quality. To achieve what we were aiming for, we wanted to work with the best. Our design team has designed performance wear for Olympic gold medalists, now they’re designing for the Tribe!

It is the job of our design team to bring the community vision to life. The range planning and design process is a vital stage of product development. We analyse the training behaviors of our community; gather information on their likes and dislikes in the performance wear currently on the market, listen to their style ideas and product specification requirements in order to build a comprehensive design brief. Our design team work with that brief to craft the initial concepts for the range.

Design Selection:

The initial concepts are refined down into final design selections and the first ‘tech pack’ is created for each product. The tech pack is the product bible, providing every intricate detail about the requirements of a product, from design, fabric and trim selection to sizing, care label and swing tag information. It is used to ensure that the design team, fabric mill and manufacturers are all aligned on the exact requirements of a product. As they work through the development process, the technical pack is kept updated with up-to-the-minute feedback and edits.

Production Sourcing:

With our production partners selected, we then worked on the development of the technical fabrics, trims and construction methods to be used across the range. This is a comprehensive process, putting together the right mix of technical features, weight, hand-feel and durability of each material and testing their performance until they reach the correct standard and can be signed off.


Once the fabrics and trims are finalised, the production team follows the tech pack to create product prototypes. During the prototyping stage, the fit and function of each product style is reviewed by our design team and edits are made to the tech pack ready to share with the manufacturer for the next stage of the process.

Each product goes through multiple prototypes as our designers and garment technicians fit and test the product on real sportspeople to ensure that it looks right, feels great and moves in the best way. The first prototypes are made in ‘sample size’ (at Tribesports, this is M for women, L for men), but as we progress through the process and get closer to the final version of each product, we receive prototypes in all sizes for wear testing.

For creating the prototypes, the manufacturers use fit-to-size mannequins, but for testing the prototypes, we use real sportspeople who have the exact measurements for the upper limit of each of our sizes. There are certain aspects of developing performance wear which you can’t be sure will perform as required until you see it on a real sportsperson and get their feedback – the half-zip top, for example, had adjustments made to the seam placement on the sleeve to ensure that the seam did not run directly on the elbow and had the sleeve lengthened for extra comfort and coverage after wear testing.

Once the final prototypes are signed off, it is time to pass the tech packs to over to the production team and watch the magic happen!

This is the shirt I am testing:




The Performance Tech Tee: Engineered to keep you feeling cool and looking good whilst you work out. The contrast color-blocking design is complimented with power mesh zoned ventilation and the soft, ultra lightweight fabric has a non-shiny finish which feels incredible against your skin. The Spandex content mix in the fabric means that your tee will keep its shape. Forever. And ever. Treat yourself to one in every color.


Ergonomic flatlock seams give a performance enhancing, anti-chafe finish.

Raglan sleeves for comfort and freedom of movement.

Zoned-ventilation panels at centre back and armpits for increased airflow and rapid cooling in your core workout heat zones.

360 degree reflectivity for enhanced visibility in low-light.

Aegis antibacterial treatment creates a protective shield, providing active freshness.


Athletic: Designed to sit close to the skin for a performance enhancing, streamlined finish.

Studio model is wearing size Large.

Model Height: 181cm / 5’11” Chest: 105cm / 41″ Waist: 85cm / 33” Inside Leg: 82cm / 32”


Soft, lightweight 4-way stretch moisture wicking fabric for maximum comfort. (88% Polyester, 12% Spandex).

Care instruction. For best results:
Wash at 30°. Wash with like colors. Do not tumble dry. Iron at a low temperature.


2800 needles are positioned in a specific layout in the middle section of the circular weaving machine to determine the exact way that the fabric looks when it is knitted. This is a manual process that takes at least 8 hours to do.


35 people have been involved in the construction of this product. Once the fabric is cut, each garment takes around 36 minutes to create.

Total product weight: 0.16kg*

*(weight will vary slightly based on garment size)

Product Trims:
Branded neck tape
1 x Heat transfer size label
3 x Pantone color reflective branding transfer
1 x Pantone color branding transfer


Streamlined fit: The performance fit will make you more streamlined – aiding your efficiency on the move and will allow full range of movement without any restrictions.

Temperature control: The heat-zone ventilation panels and the ergonomic seams offer a supportive, comfortable fit, maximum mobility and optimum temperature regulation.

Moisture management: The wicking treatment teamed with the performance fit is designed to carry moisture away from your skin to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric – keeping you cool, dry and ready for any Challenge!

Maximum comfort, minimum irritation: The construction, fit and fabric composition of the range is focused on reducing the risk of chafing and to minimise the weight of the garment.

The initial review is this product is awesome! It’s lightweight like a second skin and the construction is awesome it has vented fabric under the arms and a strip down the spine.

The material is soft and silky and thinner than under armor.

It has an internal name tape around the back of the neck adding to comfort and aesthetics, however I wish they carried that throughout! The stitching throughout is the same, but the collar is much better than Under Armour’s



At $18-$25 I would buy this everyday and twice on Sunday vs Under Armor’s $30-$50 shirts!

But; it all goes down for performance.

Walmart has a knock off Under Armor line called Athletic Works. They aren’t bad, but the quality isn’t there! Tribe Sports is light years better than them.

Athletic Works is super heavy plasticky shirts with internal non flush seams that are rubber lined



Athletic Works are so thick and hard, it’s difficult to stretch them.

The Tribe Sports is super pliable and soft.

Stay tuned for a performance review!

**Update** June 18th 2014
It’s SUMMER TIME! Finally time for my performance review! For the ultimate review I will be wearing my Tribe Sports top to the Raiders of the Lost Park Mud Run this Saturday! Come down and say hi! Come check out the super affordable Tribe Sports top and see how it performs!

Stay tuned!

**Update** June 22nd 2014
Yesterday’s weather was approx 78-80 degrees and the shirt performed excellently it kept me cool and dry!


I was wearing a hat, team t-shirt, Tribe Sports shirt, Under Armor loose gear, Under Armor Compression Pants and Under Armor Underwear.

I was cool and comfortable and completed the Mud Run. The Tribe Sports 1/3 the price of Under Armour performed just as well as the Under Armour!