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Supplement Review: Tri-Pep BCAA’s – designer tripeptide BCAA by Metabolic Nutrition


I have been doing CBVT cumulative Blood Volume training. In doing so, my biceps and shoulders are in pain! I am going to take this tonight and see if I am recovered by tomorrow and the pain is gone! I also did CBVT with my chest and Triceps today will they hurt tomorrow or will this help me recover?

While BCAA’s (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) are essential…regular free-form BCAA’s are missing critical co-factors to make BCAA metabolism effective. TRI-PEP “peptide-bonded” BCAA contains the correct ratio of these critical metabolic co-factors in its unique chemical structure to provide greater absorption & bioavailability…thus, increasing blood plasma amino concentrations, which result in greater muscle BCAA saturation.

Once absorbed in the blood-stream, TRI-PEP “peptide-bonded” BCAA elevate muscle glycogen levels and inhibit lactic acid buildup, allowing for significantly greater endurance while preventing lean muscle tissue breakdown.
TRI-PEP additionally supports improved protein synthesis, nitric oxide production, growth hormone levels and IGF-1 release…to preserve and enhance lean muscle.

TRI-PEP also differs from regular and instantized BCAA’s which have a reputation of mixing poorly and bitter-chemical aftertaste. TRI-PEP “peptide-bonded” BCAA exclusive HYDRA-SORB™ process…mixes easily and provides a great flavor profile when mixed in water or your favorite beverage.

TRI-PEP “peptide-bonded” BCAA provides superior physical stamina, endurance, and muscle recovery…all in an easy mixing & great tasting BCAA, that makes it a critical supplement in any athlete’s workout.

Available in 4 Flavors:
Lemonade, Grape, Watermelon & Unflavored

As part of a Weight Lifting regimen, stir 1 to 3 scoops into 12 to 36 oz of water and consume before, during and after your workout.

As part of a Crossfit Training regimen, stir 1 scoop into 12 oz of water and consume during workout and repeat dosage immediately after training. Depending on intensity and duration of workout, you may consume up to 3 scoops w/ 36 oz of water during extended competition.

As part of an Endurance Training regimen, stir 2 scoops into 24 oz of water and sip throughout entire workout.

As part of a Weight Loss regimen or for Bariatric patients to preserve “lean” muscle mass, stir 1 scoop into 12 oz of water and drink immediately before your first meal of the day. For strict dieting, add one dosage at night before bedtime.

On Non-Training Days, to further speed recovery and preserve muscle mass, take 1 scoop with 12 oz of water in the AM and PM. Additionally, for added physical endurance, muscular pumps, and increased strength, add 1 serving of TRI-PEP BCAA to CGP, TAG or to any pre-workout supplement or other Metabolic Nutrition product to further enhance desired results.


Taste: 9/10
Mixability 10/10 absolutely perfect! Never had that before in any BCAA!
Smell: 9/10 smelled like grape, but if u stick your face deep into it you can smell a chemically smell, but from afar you get a grape whiff!

Stay tuned for results!

**Update** December 29th 2013
After 20 min the pain faded significantly and was almost gone in the morning. I just wish bcaas helped joints too

I an going to add the unflavored to my evening protein shake tonight because I did heavy squats today.

**Update** January 10th 2014
Every flavor I have tried has been amazing!
Grape was amazing!
Watermelon was amazing!
The unflavored although a cool idea not practical for me. I like to drink it all day and mix 3 scoops in my gallon jug

Supplement Review: Protizyme: specialized designer protein by Metabolic Nutrition


Dedicated to manufacturing high quality nutritional supplements, backed by scientific research and formulated by a medical doctor, Metabolic Nutrition® was the first to introduce a specialized designed protein to the marketplace.

Protizyme’s 10x ultra-microfiltered process preserves the essential protein-peptide, structure which delivers greater concentrations of amino acids, glutamine and BCAA’s. Each gram of protein in Protizyme is coated with only the most potent digestive enzymes…dramatically increasing digestion and absorption, therefore eliminating gas and bloating.

Protizyme is fortified with 24 essential vitamins and minerals, providing optimal nutritional benefit absent in other proteins. Additionally, Protizyme contains the highest levels of bioactive protein fractions and immunoglobulins to improve immune function, support intestinal health and promote a greater sense of well being. Lastly, Protizyme contains the exclusive, ultra-powerful ingredient TAG (Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine), the world’s only “Muscle Targeted Glutamine”…which boosts your body’s rate for muscle recovery and repair by over 425%!

Protizyme is suitable for all: low-carbohydrate, low-fat, low-glycemic, reduced calorie, gluten free, and diabetic diets…as well as, a good food supplement for Bariatric or post surgical patients.

Cake batter:
Smell 9/10 smelled like cake batter but up close smelled of chemicals
Mixability 9/10
Taste 7/10 wasn’t great wouldn’t like a whole tub!

At 126 calories compared to ETB’s 110
I would stick with ETB!

Stay tuned for banana creme!
The banana creme had a sweet banana smell and definitely tasted of banana

Same numbers as above. Not sure if I want a whole tub of banana creme!
They both smelled and mixed very well! I want to get my hands on other flavors! So I will leave this post open.

**Update** January 6th 2013
As I expected I absolutely loved the peanut butter cookie!!

Mixability 9/10
Smell 9/10
Taste 9/10
I would definitely take a tub of this!

I’m about to have chocolate Cake in 6 min!

Mixability 8/10 minor clumping
Smell 9/10
Taste 9.5/10

Slightly behind the best tasting chocolate protein! Isofusion by Gaspari

Supplement Review: Synedrex weight loss solution



Doctors who study metabolism, have identified 4 critical problems areas which are affecting your metabolism.
The four problems are:
Problem #1 Deficient Calorie burning
Problem #2 Low energy and focus
Problem #3 Poor Carbohydrate assimilation
Problem #4 Out-of-Control Hunger

Like every person, you can relate to one…if not all of these areas. Not to mention that age, work and life stresses can make these problems even worse for you to maintain a well balanced fast metabolism…so that you can keep off those unwanted pounds!.

Our Physician Formulated weight loss solution is what you need to transform your slow functioning metabolism into a calorie burning furnace. Start now!

I will use this after I review the Cellucor Stack to loose any final weight I need to loose. I was told that this works better then Super HD… That’s hard to believe, but If it’s actually true then this stuff is worth its weight in gold!

I lost 17lbs in 2 weeks halfway through my diet with the Cellucor stack… I am honestly afraid to take this. What if it doesn’t work? I am going to finish out the bottle of Super HD and then try this. However, I can’t see it living up to the hype… time will tell!

Today is New Years Day: Happy New Year! Tomorrow is my last day of Super HD, so Thursday I will switch to Synedrex. Can a one a day pill be better than 3 a day? Highly doubt it! It does say however, with caution, you may increase up to 2 capsules in the AM.

OK Tomorrow morning will be my first day, this is a mega test! I just lost a total of 65lbs in almost 4 months (this Sunday will be 4 months)
This past week I hit my first plateau, I have been volleying back and forth from 277-275lbs. Will Synedrex break the plateau? Can it work after I lost so much weight so fast? Time will tell!

No rush, no acidy reflux feeling when I digest the pill (like I get on an empty stomach with Super HD), leads me to wonder if it is working.. If all is well I will take an afternoon dose at 2pm

I did have trouble falling asleep the first night, didn’t go to bed till after 3am…BUT, I didn’t have any trouble waking up and actually sprang out of bed with the alarm… If that happened everyday, I’d take them for the rest of my life lmao!

Jan 14th 2013 down another 8lbs down 74 total lbs 266lbs

Jan 21st 2013 hit a plateau still 266lbs today I am going to bump my cardio to 1.5hrs instead of 1.0hrs and I will reweigh tomorrow.