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Restaurant Review: Sweet and Savory – a crepe and rice pudding bar – Port Jefferson Long Island NY

This place is awesome! I am only reviewing the rice pudding bar. 

As you can see they have many different flavors! I got the Holy Cannoli and it was just as good as Miami Rice’s Cannoli rice pudding. However; Miami Rice in Denville, NJ closed a couple years ago and I have been missing flavored rice pudding ever since. 

It tastes great! If you are in the area it is definitely worth going! 

Attractions: Hotel Indigo Riverhead, NY

The Hotel Indigo (a Holiday Inn company) absolutely sucks! Don’t believe the hype! Breakfast is extra and ala cart, refrigerators do not come in the room, but are available for a $10 a night extra charge! Even if you are a club member. On top of that I had to wait 40 minutes for it to come.

They do give club members a free drink at the bar though (the holiday inn express has refrigerators, breakfast buffet and they give reward members 2 free drinks) oh btw the dining room is empty and they are turning people away, telling them they need reservations. There are no lie 6 people in the dining room!

As for breakfast, (the highly overpriced breakfast) I couldn’t even have it because the dining room doesn’t open till 7am! And for those of you that want to get an early start you better go else where or starve!

The hotel indigo although much prettier delivers horrible service! Not to mention At&t service is barely working here.




How are the rooms? Although beautiful, they are small.



The decor is romantic and dim lit, but if you want a romantic or relaxing bath (I know girls like baths) just get it out of your mind, because they have no baths! Only a standup shower. The shower although pretty, isn’t pretty practical. There is one small piece of glass equal to one door on a normal shower, the rest is an opening; no door, no curtain, so if you are a big guy like me or you just don’t stand close enough to the shower head, it equals a soaked floor!


The gym is small, but its better than most hotel gyms, if you look at the picture above the older ellipticals and older treadmills are jammed against the wall with 2 flat screen tvs right in your face! They also have a multi-station jungle gym and dumbbells to 50lbs.

After all it worked out to be a little better than at first, but not much better.

I used the one free drink coupon for a glass of Fonseca Porto 10yr old port wine. It was nice lol.

In the morning I went to the front desk to check out and I asked to speak to a manager about the refrigerator and the guy at the front desk told me he could remove it from my bill.

The funny thing, they had no control over, was the entertainment. They had a singer named Victoria Faiella. Her bio states her claim to fame is her Middle Eastern inspired version of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs.

Hotel Indigo welcomes for their first time live in the Bistro 72 Lounge, Victoria Faiella, Saturday May 5, from 8:00pm to 12:00pm. Reservations are suggested, but not required.

About Victoria Faiellla

Bewitching vocal powerhouse & songwriter Victoria Faiella has traveled the world writing, recording & performing music with a noteworthy stint as background vocalist for Latin Superstar Enrique Iglesias. Her recently released CD “Wild Butterfly” elegantly intertwines string quartet arrangements with rock, world, alternative pop, soul & folk elements. The record includes a Middle Eastern styled reinvention of Black Sabbath’s classic anti-war anthem “War Pigs” that some have hailed as “Brilliant”, “Timely”, “Epic” & “Ingenious!” Whether she’s lamenting the despairs of war or soulfully whispering over string ensemble and piano, Faiella’s beautiful and honest voice delivers equal intensity with a style and sound uniquely her own & equally as spellbinding.

When I talked to her I said blah blah blah “so when are you going to play war pigs? She said “wow how did you know about that?” I said “I’m military I always do my homework before I go somewhere.” she answered with “oh, I’m not going to do that today, we are doing acoustic”

Let me tell you something! If you submit a bio to a company and you put in: I’m an artist an I do this this and this…
You better do it!!! She could have just sung over the CD!

She was ok, nothing to write home about vocally… The Black Sabbath song would have been pretty cool…

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