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Supplement Review: Cellucor Stack – Super HD, CLK & T7- Fat Burning Stack of the Gods!



I have done this stack before, if you follow this blog, I lost 60lbs in 3 weeks off this stack!

Now that I am 84-85lbs down will this stack work again?

That’s what we are here to find out!

I have been feeling better, my shoulder is feeling better, so my weights have increased and I am building muscle back, so my weightloss is at a standstill, but I am continuing to lean out.

**Update** July 6th 2013
Beginning of diet, halfway and last week


25lbs more to go! I added 30sec Burpee intervals to my workout before cardio…

**Update** January 13th 2014
Yesterday I successfully passed my Air Force PT Test and returned to deployable status! I a know eligible to reenlist! I owe most of my success to this stack! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Cellucor and Hank Walshak for you caring and support! I owe you a lot!

And make sure you try this stack!! Check out the first annual 2013 Supplement Awards this stack won stack of the year!

Will they successfully defend their title in 2014?

There’s a lot of competition hot on their tail: Shredz, BPI Sports and Cellucor’s new Premium line – Royal Sport! Who will claim the prize? Will old faithful prevail? Stay tuned! Only time and inches will prevail!

Don’t forget to check out the 2nd Annual supplement awards coming in December 2014

P.S. I will have to shorten that title! How about: the 2nd Annual LJB Supplement Awards coming in December 2014?