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Restaurant Review: Cha Chan Tang – Chinatown, NYC

Cha Chan Tang

45 Mott St. New York, NY 10013

Traditional Hong Kong Cuisine. A must visit!!
I wasn’t really sure what to get, so I just got what the locals were getting and what the waiters suggested. I have been to Hong Kong restaurants before, but just got what the locals had there too lol.

The menu is the largest I have ever seen for one establishment. They have 1 page single spaced typed of just drinks!! So I ordered 3 drinks
1. Hong Kong styled tea

it comes in a cool covered carafe with a straw in a small bucket of ice. Looks cool and sweet, but isn’t really sweet, has bitter brewed tea taste.
2. Black tea with milk (with Tapioca) – it was cream color and tasted surprisingly like coffee with jelly like dark balls of Tapioca on the bottom. It was pretty good (and I hate coffee) Weird consistency, if you aren’t used to it.
3. (my favorite) Mango & Green Apple with Aloe Vera – awesome sweet taste, again weird consistency if you aren’t used to it. My favorite all-time refreshing drink.

I had the Hong Kong Style Shark Fin Soup with fish cake.


It was too fishy for my taste, but was superbly made with giant pieces of fresh exotic mushrooms and other ingredients.

For dinner I had the Spicy Fried Spaghetti with Shredded Tenderloin & Black Pepper it was excellent! If you are looking for sauce; don’t! It’s dry, but tasty. I also got the Fried Noodle with Beef & Egg, it was incredibly delicious with flat noodles (like Thai drunken noodles) a nice creamy sauce and peas and carrots. That dish alone warrants a return visit!!!

The menu is huge! If you try a new dish everyday, it will take you months to try the complete menu.

They even have a Giant breakfast menu!! I didn’t inquire if you can order it all day. I did see Pb&j on the menu to satisfy the kid in you lol.

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