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Product Review: Infinity Pro – Shamballa bracelet ion bands and magnetic jewelry – holistic healing *

2500+ Negative Ions
Ion + Far Infrared Infused Shamballa Beads
24 Hour a Day Wearability
30 Day Results Guarantee
FREE Worldwide Shipping
120 Day Manufacturer Defect Warranty
Lifetime Warranty Available
What is an Ionic Shamballa Bracelet?
The Infinity Pro Ionic Shamballa style Bracelet!

Silicone bracelets look damn cool but aren’t the flashiest things to wear when you want to dress up for a night out!

Nicknamed “Sparkle Sparkle” these style of bracelets are all the rage at the moment with some of the worlds hottest celebrities wanting to give their wrists a little extra “je ne sais quoi”!

From hip hop Mogul Jay-Z to Hollywood legend Lindsay Lohan – everyone who’s anyone is wearing these.

Each individual bead is made from a special blend of tourmaline and clay to give the bracelets an ion output of around 2000 negative ions putting them in the same league as our extremely powerful ionic silicone wristbands.

We’ve ensured our Shamballa style bracelets are constructed to an extremely high standard so while they might not carry the heavy price tag of some designer brands, they’re sure to impress with their higher than average crystal count and soft, comfortable cord – which you won’t find on cheaper versions!

The Infinity Pro Ionic Shamballa Bracelet releases approximately 2500 negative ions per second per cm3.

Watch the test video below for proof of this bracelets ion output. Tested using a COM3010 Pro professional ion testing machine.

Due to strict advertising guidelines we aren’t allowed to make any health claims regarding our products.

This is the same for any holistic company selling medical devices (including magnetic jewellery and ion bracelets).

This is why you won’t find us shouting from the roof tops making all sorts of claims!

However we are allowed to publish independent customer reviews in an unedited form … and we have 100’s of those! So if you’ve not been told about our products by someone who has experienced a change from wearing a band then please head on over to our review section where you will find countless genuine reviews from real customers all over the world.

Magnetic and ionic products are approved for health applications in many hospitals around the world including Japan where negative ions are used to treat all kinds of illnesses.

Not only that but, and increasingly so, doctors in the UK are prescribing magnetic jewellery to clients as a complimenting therapy to traditional medicine.

So with our 30 day money back guarantee (which we’ve stood by without question since we formed in 2010) you really have nothing to lose in trying an ionic wristband … whatever you may be trying to achieve by wearing it!