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Gym Gear: Gofit Extreme Sandbag


The NEW GoFit Extreme Sand Bag builds functional strength and intense endurance. The weight is unstable and shifts constantly, engaging more muscle groups with every exercise. It makes your body adjust and develop like no other weight training can.

• Extreme Sand Bag integrates weight training with instability, to develop functional strength.
• The sand bag will mould itself to your body.

• Fully adjustable from 2lbs to 64lbs

• Use for throwing, passing, and catching drills.

• Builds grip strength and forearm conditioning.

• High-rep metabolic conditioning for muscular and aerobic endurance as well as agility.

• Take it anywhere—fill it when you get there.

• Heavy-grade canvas bag with 4 handle positions and dual-secure closure

• 3 sizes of adjustable weight inserts:

– Small Bag: 5lbs

– Medium Bag: 22lbs

– Large Bag: 35lbs

Sand bag and inserts are made of heavy-grade canvas with reinforced stitching overall. Sand bag hand grips are made of heavy duty webbing. Inserts have Velcro closures for easy sand-filling.

*Sand NOT included.

Here’s little Johnny demonstrating a front power snatch with the extreme sandbag



I purchased the Gofit extreme sandbag from Groupon and again Groupon fucked up! It specifically states in the Groupon that it comes with a DVD which was a big reason I purchased it, as I have no idea what to do with it (thank God for YouTube!) i contacted Gofit and they claim there is no dvd there was supposed to be a workout poster, but they don’t have that either and they offered to send me a free tshirt to make up for it. When I told them I was an XXL they said sorry we only have XL 😒😒😒😒


That will not discourage me! I will still figure out how to add this to my Crossfit cardio circuit!

Product Review: Flag nor Fail clothing






From the very beginning, we have endeavored to provide our customers with limited hand printed items. Flag Nor Fail takes pride in our approach to the apparel world, an approach not seen from most clothing brands. Our goal is not to mindlessly pump out large quantities of clothing and rake in profits — our line means more to us than that. We want to create clothing that is unique; clothing that when you wear it, you KNOW it was made specifically by our hands. We want our customers to wear our apparel with pride, knowing they are among only a few people in the world to own these particular items.

There is a beauty to the printing process that must be appreciated. Every single print we create is unique, which is part of the reason our product is so special. From the amount of ink applied and laid on the item, to the registration of the art, to the placement on the item; all of these factors change slightly from shirt to shirt. The minor inconsistencies are the nature of the hand printing process. We take pride in not selling mass-produced, machine printed goods. Printing is a personal experience, and we devote our time and effort into creating each individual piece you purchase. We put work into the product before it ever gets to you.

As always, thank you for your loyalty and support of our brand. We hope that you continue to follow our lead and put in work, every day, in every aspect of your life.


FLAG NOR FAIL is a mindset. No surrender and no failure. Flag represents surrender, much like one would wave a white flag to admit defeat. No surrender, no failure.


All items are hand-printed in house at the FNF Warehouse and may contain imperfections in the prints. The beauty of our process is that no two prints are identical. This is what makes FNF special. Due to the hand-printed nature and effort that goes into every item in the line, our standing inventory is very small. Please understand that returns and exchanges may be a longer process than we would like due to our limited quantities and sell-outs. Once most of the items sell-out they will not be reprinted, and will no longer be available.


Worldwide flat rate shipping of $5!

Delivery takes 10–15 business days inside the States on average. We are not your normal internet store that gets it to you next day. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase!

On occasion we do not have the entire order printed and we have to print the shirt to order. In these cases the order may take slightly longer to get to you. If this happens, we will make every attempt to notify you of the issue.

Overseas orders take 3–6 weeks, and on rare occasions they may take a little longer when going through customs. Once the package leaves the US, we have no control over how your country handles the package. Also, please note that in some cases your local countries customs may charge you taxes and/or other fees. We are not responsible for those fees!

Flag Nor Fail is NOT responsible for stolen or lost packages and/or packages sent to the wrong address.

*Any Domestic order returned back to us for either having an insufficient address, wrong address, unclaimed, etc., Customer will have to pay for reshipment of package. We do not cover/reimburse for shipping costs in regards to a return/exchange.
**Any international order returned back to us for either having an insufficient address, wrong address, unclaimed, etc., Customer will have to pay for Express shipping.


We will be having “WORK HUSTLE KILL TOURS” throughout the next year. During these tours we will be hitting a new gym every day, and visiting land marks along the way. The entire tour will be filmed by our team and released later on DVD. Feel free to come train with us, eat with us, or just ask us questions. The best way to keep up on tour info is to follow us on Facebook. FLAG NOR FAIL will be giving out some free-bees along the way and selling LIMITED tour shirts that you can only get while we are on tour.


All garments are individually hand-printed. To ensure the quality and integrity of the garment, we suggest washing them on machine wash cold, with an initial water temp not exceeding 30°C or 65–80°F.

All garments and fabrics are blends, or pre-shrunk to ensure a true fit after washing. To preserve the print as well as possible it is suggested to wash the garment inside out ( with the printed side in ).


We realize that you make choices in your buying process and we want you to be happy with your purchase. We understand that returns/exchanges can be necessary and that we must meet reasonable expectations when these situations arise. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase please allow us to assist you with your order. We deal with returns on a per item basis. There are varying restocking and service fees. If you wish to make a return please contact us to discuss the matter first before sending back your items. We do not cover shipping costs for returns/exchanges.

No returns or exchanges after 30 days.

We do not accept items to be exchanged that were already previously exchanged.

Returns and Exchanges (outside the U.S.)

All sales are final outside the U.S


Currently FLAG NOR FAIL prints but does not produce / sew their own clothing. Before we place large orders to print we always order samples and make sure the sizing is as TRUE as possible. We are working on getting our own shirts produced / cut, but release of those shirts will not launch until mid 2013.

If you have specific sizing questions, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please include your height / weight and build in the message. We will give our best suggestion.


With the recent growth of the brand, we are no longer able to do special requests.


We are always looking for new exposure, and changes to branch out. If you know of an event that we may be a good fit for just let us know! Click here to contact us!


We currently do not offer any sponsorships, but we would like to in at some point in the future. If you are interested in sending us your info, we will keep it on file.


We do not offer wholesale, and are not interested in distributor accounts. FLAG NOR FAIL can only be bought on


If you have any issues that are not covered on this page, please contact us and we can get back to you with a resolution as soon as possible.

The clothes are expensive but they are super soft! They do run a little small (except the T-shirts). If you are a fan of DLB Dana Linn Bailey then this is a must! Show your spirit and get Flag nor Fail! If you just want some inspiration then these are your products!

Gym Gear: Air King Industrial Fan – what better way to cool off your home gym! *

It was 89 degrees out and I felt the fan clear across my gym (a 2 car garage) I still sweat but between sets I had 15-30 seconds of getting blasted by the fan! This thing is awesome (however; it’s quite loud!) my girlfriend asked if I am getting one next to the bed next?) lol maybe I will lol the noise will definitely put my to sleep! I was born in Da Bronx, NY and as a city baby I need noise to sleep!

As a teenager I would sleep with my Heavy Metal blasting and the light on lol

Anyway; back to the fan! I have to look at the CFMs but it’s definitely stronger than any non commercial fan! It moves a lot of air! 3,670 cfm!

The Air King 9220 20-Inch Industrial Grade High Velocity Pivoting Floor Fan is ideal for use in offices, stores, garages, warehouses and any other industrial space that needs powerful air circulation. The 20-inch, 3-blade fan is constructed of powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability. The rotary switches located on the back allow you to turn the fan on or off and change between (3) speeds. The 1/6-horsepower, fully enclosed, permanently lubricated motor provides a quiet performance and produces a lot of air flow. Additionally, this fan is ETL and OSHA approved and a 10-foot, 3-conductor type SJT power cord is provided for long reach. The fan measure 25.75-inches long by 12.5-inches wide by 25-inches high and weighs 24-pounds. The Air King 9220 20-Inch Industrial Grade High Velocity Pivoting Floor Fan comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Air King offers a full line of industrial grade and commercial grade air circulating fan solutions to meet almost any need you might have. Whether your need is in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants and warehouses or more commercial setting such as offices, schools or hospitals – Air King has the perfect solution for you. Powerful motors that last for years and years are what Air King’s Air Circulators have come to been know as and we are not stopping now.
From the Manufacturer
Ideal for cooling offices, stores, garages, warehouses and any other space that needs powerful air circulation, Air King’s 20-inch floor fan pivots back and forth to keep the whole room cool. A 3-speed, 1/6-horsepower motor powers the steely, 20-inch fan blades to push cool air at low-, medium-, and high-speeds for optimal temperature control. The single-phase motor is totally enclosed for long-lasting, quiet performance. The fan also features permanent lubrication, and a permanent split capacitor. A rear-mounted, rotary control switch is easy to access and responsive. A 9-foot, 3-conductor, SJT-type power cord is built to reach, and to last. The blade, guard, and mounts are finished with powder-coated steel for optimal durability. And, the fan complies with all UL and OSHA regulations.

Totally enclosed motor for quieter operation and longer motor life
Permanently lubricated for maintenance-free operations
Rear-mounted rotary switch for quick and easy speed changes
9-foot, 3-conductor, SJT type cord for easy reach and superior safety
Powder coated steel blade, guard, and mounts for corrosion resistance
CFMs on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 3670 3330 2940
RPM on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 1117 998 865
AMPS on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 1.45 1.21 1.04
WATTS on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 175 146 123
dBA on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 62 55 48
Performance ratings are conducted in accordance with AMCA standard 230-99.
Blade Diameter: 20″
Shipping Weight: 24.0 lbs. Product Dimensions: 25-3/4″L x 12-1/2″W x 25″H

Companies like Holmes don’t even list the cfm’s of their fans! How is someone supposed to buy a fan intelligently?
Here’s a letter from Holmes parent company:
“Dear Louis,

Thank you for contacting Bionaire, a brand of Jarden Consumer Solutions.

The initial email received was inquiring about the CFM rating on our blizzard fan, however, we do not rate this and as such have no CFM number to provide you. There is no industry standard on how to test CFM’s so this is not a rating we use on most of our fans.”

So what your telling me is there’s no way to rate the power of your fans and I should just purchase your fans because you call it a Blizzard? Why because it’s lower than most of the other fans on the market? I had their remote control blizzard and their desk fan is surprisingly stronger than the large floor mount blizzard! But neither are anywhere close to the Air King!

This fan is awesome! I bought it for my home gym and I can feel it from one side of my 2 car garage clear to the other side while standing in front of my dumbbell rack! It is however; quite loud! It also rattles! I have to see if the cage around the fan loosened during shipping.

Other than that it is what it is: a kickass industrial fan! If you have a home gym or work in your garage for extended times or maybe have a finished basement and want cooling, this is awesome!

**Update** October 13th 2014
I just moved my fan from the home gym to the basement storage and replaced it with a heater. Saturday it was really cold in the garage! Well; cold to be working out in shorts. The heater felt good!

Product Review: DFX Split Core Dynamax Core Trainer *



My buddy Morgan using the DFX Dynamax Core Trainer
•Complete Core Workout
• Weighs less than 4.5 lbs
• Precision balanced gyro spins at up to 9,000 RPM!
• Delivers up to 220 lbs of resistance
• Variable resistance automatically adjusts to the strength of the user
• Compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for travel
• Includes instructional DVD and Wall Chart

The Split Core Dynamax has a German made stainless steel rotor and can produce up to 220 lbs of smooth low impact resistance. The Dynamax uses gyroscopic technology and the motion of inertia that defines its resistance. This one product will tone and strengthen your core muscles and upper body in just minutes a day. You won’t want to put it down! It’s the “hard core”, patented, hand-held fitness machine that’s been missing from your workout program. The Dynamax was originally designed for the US Military and Special Forces, and now it is available to you! Do away with those costly monthly gym member ships and expensive bulky home gym equipment, and get it all with the Dynamax Core Trainer.

Let me tell you about this little machine! This thing is going to make me a monster! I had a slap repair of my right shoulder 2 years ago and my shoulder has never been the same! It took over a 1.5 years for it to stop aching daily. Now; it’s still not where it was before the injury, because the little stabilizer muscles have not recovered. With weightlifting movements are slow and controlled and squeezing the muscle. With this you rotate as fast as you can.

I watched the video and some of the moves are overhead; normally with arms extended straight in front my shoulders are burning. Overhead they have gone from burning to on fire!!

This machine is going to rebuild my shoulder and then some! It’s going to strengthen my joint which will allow me to lift more weight and put my size back on!

My hands and forearms are on fire! With the powerball

My rear delts which is what I need to rehab!!! Is on fire with the Dynamax!

I was standing and my front delts were on fire and then I did it lying on my back in bed and that’s what burned my rear delts!

**Update** April 4th 2014
I used the Dynamax Split Core today and I was demonstrating it to a bunch of guys on base and getting them to try it. I got a bunch of split reviews. A couple were having trouble with the motion, once they learned it, they said it was cool and it burned. They others said the motion looked gay especially the golfing club motion. Lol they also made a comment of the powerballs check that review for their response.

Tomorrow I should be filming a few videos!


**Update** April 9th 2014
The videos are being edited and will soon be posted on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

I love this machine I have been doing 2-3 sets of a couple minutes a day and burning my shoulder out! As well as my arms. The only drawback I see is the price tag! The spilt core unit has a hefty $500 price tag. I don’t see the average consumer spending that. However; I urge rehab centers (physical therapists) to purchase at least one of these for your facilities! This will make excellent strides in labrum and rotator cuff recovery.

The standard unit is still $299 which is also hefty, but worth it! Especially if you are recovering from either, shoulder or biceps surgery, even pectoral surgery.

There is a similar device called the Burn Machine that simulates speed bag training with slight resistance available. However; they declined to be reviewed, so I can’t say how good of a product it is. I haven’t touched it, not sure of its quality or if it has a similar effect. All I know is your hands also go in a circle. However their circles are much larger.

With the small tight circles of the Dynamax it forces your muscles to contract and if you mess up the motion the Dynamax jerks and makes you stabilize it. I can tell you when your shoulders are burning big time, you don’t want to have to stabilize it!! Ouch 😭 it burns so bad!

Does the Burn Machine do that? We will probably never know…

**Update** April 17th 2014
After continued use I figured my tolerance would get better… No! It still burns the hell out of my shoulders quickly! Probably because I can rev it faster!

**Update** April 21st 2014
I am still using my Dynamax and powerballs every other day as an addition to my workout. I use it at home while watching tv.

No this is not a shake weight and nothing like a shake weight! It produces torque making you contract your muscles to control it and the faster the speed the more torque, the more torque the more burn!

Product Review: Redline Gear – Reach Your Redline and Live it Everyday! Toe the Line *

That’s a picture of the back of the shirt and the front of the pants. I wanted to show that there’s a slot pocket in the front right side that fits the HuMn wallet perfectly! I don’t know about you, but I like to have my wallet on my person at all times! Unless I am rolling for Jiu Jitsu, it hurts to lay and twist on it lol.

I do not like to lock my wallet in a gym locker as over the years I have seen many gym lockers broken into. Also, if I want something from the juice bar, I don’t have to run all the way to the locker especially if it’s mid-workout.

The Camo pattern on the shorts appeals to my military side as does the Flag on the back of the shirt!

Their Knee Sleeves:
Classic knee support that gives the knee joint compression
Provides support and warmth
Relieves pressure and improves co-ordination
5mm Neoprene
Measure the Knee from Mid-Patella
If you want a tighter fit for competition choose a smaller size than measured
These are priced per pair!
They are much thicker then I was expecting! Excellent quality! All their products are awesome! The shirt is super soft! The shorts are well constructed! I don’t like the drawstring material. I would have rather had a softer stretchier material such as, 550 cord or some nylon weave.

I put the Knee Sleeves on the second I got them and within a quick few minutes I began to feel the warming effect! The pain I was experiencing just walking around, disappeared! My knees were aching last night before I put them on, maybe the weather, maybe overwork… Idk. But it allowed me to relax.

Today I will be wearing them to the gym!

The Wrist Wraps they make are also excellent quality and really thick! The black and red combo is my favorite!

Wrist Wraps:
Red Line Wrist Wraps offer the best support for Olympic Lifts, Strength Work, and they are also build to be functional for any Metcon, long or short!

Our Wrap is the only 14 Inch elastic wrap on the market. This unique length provides outstanding ability to use these wraps for anything you do in the gym Olympic Lifts, Strongman, Powerlifting and Metcons.

14 Inches Long (35cm)
3 Inches Wide
Sold in Pairs
Thumb Loop
Velcro Closure Has A 120 Day Warranty
40% Elastic/10% Polyester/50% Cotton



**Update** April 7th 2014
Ok so; as you can see I was Rockin the Redline the other day and I loved it! The shirt was sooooooooooo soft like pima cotton! The shorts were comfortable and I received many compliments! I like how the shorts held my HuMn wallet and my car key. So I didnt have to put them in my bag.
The knee sleeves have been helping and the warmth feels nice on my joints.

Since stretching and using the sleeves, my knees feel much better!!

**Update** May 14th 2014
I have been using a combination of knee sleeves the Redline Gear sleeves for leg day and Pro-tec Athletics gel knees sleeves for cardio the Pro-tec is a weaved fabric sleeve with a gel circle around the knee to help patella tracking.

The Redline sleeve keeps compression and warms the joint and joint fluid using a heavy Neoprene (wetsuit like material)

I am super happy with the combo and I am feeling a lot better since!

Gym Gear – Products that should be in every Guy and Girls Gym Bag! *

When going to the gym there are tools you should always have in your bag. Don’t rely on the gym having them and sometimes it’s just plain nasty to share! Then there are also recommended items that are a luxury to have.

Guys Gym Bag:

Wrist wraps:


Wrist Straps:

Flexsolate straps:

You can leave the book and DVD at home. This are incredible for face pulls (high row) and for burning out a body part especially after your TGrips (below) burn out your grip!

Ironbull TGrips (optional, but highly beneficial):

Al1ve Magnetics (optional, but highly supportive):



Weight Belt (Optional, due to preference)

I personally am trying not to rely on a belt, but if you want a belt, but the best! Cardillo!

Protein Shaker with 2 scoops ETB:

Smart Shakers are ideal, because you can carry preworkout, protein & post workout like vitargo or vitamins/supplements

Water Bottle:
Smart Shaker can take the place of your water bottle also after you finish your preworkout refill with water. Water is essential to a good workout!

Gym Boss interval timer (Optional, but makes life easier):

Makes life easier to do intervals and preserves the battery life on your phone, by using a handy dandy little device to track and time your intervals and it uses one long lasting AAA battery.

I’m military, so I’m a prepper. No not like the crazy guys on tv, but it’s good to be prepared! Emergency items that should be in your gym bag:



Small First Aid kit – band aids, alcohol pad/antiseptic cream to clean cut , Advil/Aleve for pain and Benedryl in case you have an allergic reaction to something.


Emergency Can of Tuna and metal fork (I hate plastic!) you never know what might happen and you need the proper nutrition in a pinch!

Travel deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste

A little spare change

If you have a knee injury I suggest:

A McDavid knee strap, but remember to check with your doctor first!

I also recommend a gym bag in a gym bag! Use a mesh laundry bag to air out your products and don’t zip it all the way shut at home so your gear airs out!

For your Al1ve Magnetics, Under Armour etc..

If you are allowed carbs then a shaker with Vitargo the king of carbs!

Headphones: if you like to listen to outside music. I myself do not like anything in my ears when I am training.

Girls Gym Bag:
Gloves – you want to keep your sexy soft hands

Ankle straps:

Essential to do kickbacks to build tone and tighten your butt. You can also do inner and outer thighs on the cable cross.

These straps typically have fur inside to cut down on friction and cushion the straps. Who wants to use someone’s else’s sweat soaked straps yuk!

Al1ve Magnetics (optional, but highly supportive):
(See pics above)

Protein Shaker with ETB:
(See above)

Water Bottle:
(See above)

Gym Boss interval timer (Optional, but makes life easier):
(See above)

Small First Aid kit – band aids, alcohol pad/antiseptic cream to clean cut , Advil/Aleve for pain and Benedryl in case you have an allergic reaction to something.
(See above)

(See above)

Emergency Can of Tuna, can opener (that’s why you have the multitool) and metal fork (I hate plastic!) you never know what might happen and you need the proper nutrition in a pinch!

Travel deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste

In case you wear high heels and forget your socks, always have an extra pair of socks in your gym bag just in case!

Headphones: if you like to listen to outside music. I myself do not like anything in my ears when I am training.

A little spare change

Product Review: Tribe Sports – A UK Company Revolutionizing the Sportswear Industry around the World! *


Tribesports launched in 2011 as a place where sports people from around the world could gather to motivate, celebrate and educate one another to improve in their chosen sports.

As the community grows, we are constantly working with our members to understand how we can really offer a value to them and their life in sports.

Our community drive what we do… and they told us they were paying way too much for their sportswear:

They feel forced to make a choice between price and quality.

They don’t feel that the pro athletes raking in the big $$$ endorsement deals are influencing the products that they choose to buy.

They get their advice from their friends and peers.

They want to have a say in the products that they use.

So… we listened and here we are – we’re ripping up the rulebook and taking on the world of sportswear.

Tribesports Performance apparel was created to disrupt the global sportswear market and offer an alternative to the overpriced performance sportswear currently available to customers.


By removing middlemen to sell only online, and celebrating real sports people like you rather than paying pro athletes to wear our sportswear, we pass on up to 40% savings to our customers compared to the same quality products from other leading sports brands.

From sketch to final prototype:

Tribesports Performance Wear is about bringing premium quality performance wear products with ultimate style and function to market at an accessible price without compromising on quality. To achieve what we were aiming for, we wanted to work with the best. Our design team has designed performance wear for Olympic gold medalists, now they’re designing for the Tribe!

It is the job of our design team to bring the community vision to life. The range planning and design process is a vital stage of product development. We analyse the training behaviors of our community; gather information on their likes and dislikes in the performance wear currently on the market, listen to their style ideas and product specification requirements in order to build a comprehensive design brief. Our design team work with that brief to craft the initial concepts for the range.

Design Selection:

The initial concepts are refined down into final design selections and the first ‘tech pack’ is created for each product. The tech pack is the product bible, providing every intricate detail about the requirements of a product, from design, fabric and trim selection to sizing, care label and swing tag information. It is used to ensure that the design team, fabric mill and manufacturers are all aligned on the exact requirements of a product. As they work through the development process, the technical pack is kept updated with up-to-the-minute feedback and edits.

Production Sourcing:

With our production partners selected, we then worked on the development of the technical fabrics, trims and construction methods to be used across the range. This is a comprehensive process, putting together the right mix of technical features, weight, hand-feel and durability of each material and testing their performance until they reach the correct standard and can be signed off.


Once the fabrics and trims are finalised, the production team follows the tech pack to create product prototypes. During the prototyping stage, the fit and function of each product style is reviewed by our design team and edits are made to the tech pack ready to share with the manufacturer for the next stage of the process.

Each product goes through multiple prototypes as our designers and garment technicians fit and test the product on real sportspeople to ensure that it looks right, feels great and moves in the best way. The first prototypes are made in ‘sample size’ (at Tribesports, this is M for women, L for men), but as we progress through the process and get closer to the final version of each product, we receive prototypes in all sizes for wear testing.

For creating the prototypes, the manufacturers use fit-to-size mannequins, but for testing the prototypes, we use real sportspeople who have the exact measurements for the upper limit of each of our sizes. There are certain aspects of developing performance wear which you can’t be sure will perform as required until you see it on a real sportsperson and get their feedback – the half-zip top, for example, had adjustments made to the seam placement on the sleeve to ensure that the seam did not run directly on the elbow and had the sleeve lengthened for extra comfort and coverage after wear testing.

Once the final prototypes are signed off, it is time to pass the tech packs to over to the production team and watch the magic happen!

This is the shirt I am testing:




The Performance Tech Tee: Engineered to keep you feeling cool and looking good whilst you work out. The contrast color-blocking design is complimented with power mesh zoned ventilation and the soft, ultra lightweight fabric has a non-shiny finish which feels incredible against your skin. The Spandex content mix in the fabric means that your tee will keep its shape. Forever. And ever. Treat yourself to one in every color.


Ergonomic flatlock seams give a performance enhancing, anti-chafe finish.

Raglan sleeves for comfort and freedom of movement.

Zoned-ventilation panels at centre back and armpits for increased airflow and rapid cooling in your core workout heat zones.

360 degree reflectivity for enhanced visibility in low-light.

Aegis antibacterial treatment creates a protective shield, providing active freshness.


Athletic: Designed to sit close to the skin for a performance enhancing, streamlined finish.

Studio model is wearing size Large.

Model Height: 181cm / 5’11” Chest: 105cm / 41″ Waist: 85cm / 33” Inside Leg: 82cm / 32”


Soft, lightweight 4-way stretch moisture wicking fabric for maximum comfort. (88% Polyester, 12% Spandex).

Care instruction. For best results:
Wash at 30°. Wash with like colors. Do not tumble dry. Iron at a low temperature.


2800 needles are positioned in a specific layout in the middle section of the circular weaving machine to determine the exact way that the fabric looks when it is knitted. This is a manual process that takes at least 8 hours to do.


35 people have been involved in the construction of this product. Once the fabric is cut, each garment takes around 36 minutes to create.

Total product weight: 0.16kg*

*(weight will vary slightly based on garment size)

Product Trims:
Branded neck tape
1 x Heat transfer size label
3 x Pantone color reflective branding transfer
1 x Pantone color branding transfer


Streamlined fit: The performance fit will make you more streamlined – aiding your efficiency on the move and will allow full range of movement without any restrictions.

Temperature control: The heat-zone ventilation panels and the ergonomic seams offer a supportive, comfortable fit, maximum mobility and optimum temperature regulation.

Moisture management: The wicking treatment teamed with the performance fit is designed to carry moisture away from your skin to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric – keeping you cool, dry and ready for any Challenge!

Maximum comfort, minimum irritation: The construction, fit and fabric composition of the range is focused on reducing the risk of chafing and to minimise the weight of the garment.

The initial review is this product is awesome! It’s lightweight like a second skin and the construction is awesome it has vented fabric under the arms and a strip down the spine.

The material is soft and silky and thinner than under armor.

It has an internal name tape around the back of the neck adding to comfort and aesthetics, however I wish they carried that throughout! The stitching throughout is the same, but the collar is much better than Under Armour’s



At $18-$25 I would buy this everyday and twice on Sunday vs Under Armor’s $30-$50 shirts!

But; it all goes down for performance.

Walmart has a knock off Under Armor line called Athletic Works. They aren’t bad, but the quality isn’t there! Tribe Sports is light years better than them.

Athletic Works is super heavy plasticky shirts with internal non flush seams that are rubber lined



Athletic Works are so thick and hard, it’s difficult to stretch them.

The Tribe Sports is super pliable and soft.

Stay tuned for a performance review!

**Update** June 18th 2014
It’s SUMMER TIME! Finally time for my performance review! For the ultimate review I will be wearing my Tribe Sports top to the Raiders of the Lost Park Mud Run this Saturday! Come down and say hi! Come check out the super affordable Tribe Sports top and see how it performs!

Stay tuned!

**Update** June 22nd 2014
Yesterday’s weather was approx 78-80 degrees and the shirt performed excellently it kept me cool and dry!


I was wearing a hat, team t-shirt, Tribe Sports shirt, Under Armor loose gear, Under Armor Compression Pants and Under Armor Underwear.

I was cool and comfortable and completed the Mud Run. The Tribe Sports 1/3 the price of Under Armour performed just as well as the Under Armour!

Product Review: Gym Gear – Part 2 of our 3 way Grip Battle: Grip4orce – performance enhancing Grips *

Part Two of our 3 way Grip Battle for 2014 Grip of the Year and possible Product of the Year

Coming soon!

This is a picture that someone took, as you can see the Grip4orce basic is on the left and a Fat Gripz is on the left.

Notice the Fat Gripz clips to the dumbbell and the Grip4orce has a gap. The science behind the Grip4orce claims that by actually squeezing the grip shut it engages the grip and forearm more than the Fat Gripz.

Well, that’s yet to be seen and we will soon be testing them!

My preliminary review of this product is bleak!

1. By engaging the grip so much will it cause you to fail sooner and when your grip fails will you dangerously drop the bar or dumbbell?

2. By engaging the grip so much will your grip fail much sooner then your targeted muscle causing you to get a substandard workout?

3. Will engaging the grip so much strengthen it much sooner than the Fat Gripz?

4. I like the overall look and feel of the bicycle like grip much better than the Fat Gripz, but will the bicycle like grip pattern dig into your hands under extreme weight? Is my visual preference a detriment?

Time will tell so stay tuned for the review!

I am going to start as designed and use the basic first, even though I am strong enough to close the advanced. I am using the advanced today on my day off as a gripper to get used to it.

**Update** February 3rd 2014
Today I used the grips during my bicep workout and unlike the Fat Gripz I felt a lot of pressure in my hands and wrist. Not sure if I like that. I do not jump to conclusions, so I will continue to use them and see if after a couple days it fades. Just as the Fat Gripz hurt my forearms for the first 3 days.

Not sure how I like it. This was the imprint on my hand with a 40lb dumbbell after doing 85lb straight bar curls. That was all I could do! (I am also switching from a low carb diet to carb cycling, but that shouldn’t be a problem, it should be a benefit!) Normally, I do a lot more! 145lbs+. I am eager to see my hands when I do bent over rows! And will my grip be able to hold the bar?

One thing as they must be squeezed, and not clip-on, they are easier to transition from exercise to exercise than Fat Gripz.

The Grip4orce can also interlock together and fit in your pocket between stations.

Stay tuned!!

Ok. So, I used the grips yesterday for back day and I didn’t like them too much. I was doing bent over rows on the smith machine for 285 and I couldn’t hold on! It was just too awkward. I actually had to default to the Fat Gripz (remind you I was only using the beginner blue set) and I completed 6 reps. Then when I tried to remove the gripz and finish out I could also only do 5 reps as my grip and forearms were on fire!

I noticed after using them this week that my thumb muscle and tendon have been popping out of my hand and my hands have more definition and vascularity. Now let that spread further throughout my body lol

I think my final review (I am not done yet) but I thinky final review will be like the guy on YouTube and I like the Fat Gripz better for pulling movements and the Grip4orce better for pushing movements. I used the Grip4orce on incline bench press. (I use hammer strength incline bench press) because:
1. It gives me size and at 50+ inches how big do I really need to get?
2. It protects my post surgery shoulder.
3. I don’t need multiple spotters at heavy weights such as 450lbs
4. The bar doesn’t start to bend
5. Less chance of injury

So I put the Grip4orce on and it actually was slightly bigger (which I didn’t think it would be as the hammer Grips are pretty thick) and it forced me to grip rather than use a suicide grip. I really enjoyed the feeling. Except the grip digging into my hand

Stay tuned for more!

Today; Traps!
Traps weren’t that bad to hold on to because I was doing light upright rows. However; heavy dumbbells were almost impossible to hold on to!

What is my finding of the challenge?

Well, I haven’t gotten to the extremes yet, but whether you choose Fat Gripz or Iron Bull it’s all preference! I say get both and see which one you like best! If you lose a set or if it gets stolen you have a backup!

These grips will indeed enhance your workout and will indeed build your arms to record sizes and are worth every penny! My arms have been hurting for the first time in a long time!

As far as part 2: Grip4orce I’m not going to totally write them off yet. Just because I don’t like them now doesn’t mean I won’t like them after my grip strength builds more. I will revisit them in a little while!

So; get over to and and get a couple pairs of Gripz! I am going to rotate one week Fat Gripz and one week Iron Bull back and forth so my arms keep guessing and don’t get used to either of them!

Product Review: Gym Gear – The Gym Boss – interval workout timer

1 or 2 intervals – 2 seconds to 99 minutes
Repeat up to 99 times
Beep and/or Vibrate alarm
Alarm duration 1, 5, or 10 seconds
Stopwatch function
Secure Belt clip
Compact Size (1 ¾ x 2 ¼ x ½ inches)
Water and shock resistant
AAA battery required

The Gymboss interval timer will give your workout the discipline and structure necessary to take your workout to the next level. This easy to use timer will allow you to control intensity and allow you to focus on the workout to get the best results possible!

Increase: Muscle strength, size, and endurance, Fat loss, Anaerobic endurance, Cardio endurance
Increased VO2max

Ok just got this in the mail! Now it’s time to figure out how to use it 😖…

If you are blind or old, better have a magnifying glass to read the super tiny directions. Ah…. Nevermind!

Ok honestly; (because I don’t hold back! You get the whole truth and nothing but the truth) just say F?!k it and throw out the directions! Trust me! Don’t bother reading them!

Instead go here: Instructions- How To Use Your Gymboss Interval Timer

She’s cute and will tell you everything you need to know, because the directions do not explain the screen categories.

I can not wait to try this tomorrow, going to do intervals on the elliptical for the initial test.

I actually like the gym boss, it’s a lot smaller then I thought! The body is a rubberized plastic, and it should hold up; unless you drop it in the toilet 😱😱

P.S. I got the cool digital camo one! 😉


**Update** January 14th 2014
I just finished my first Gym Boss workout typically on a Precor elliptical I burn 305-320 calories in 30 min on a 14 incline with 4 resistance today with the Gym Boss I did 415 calories in the same 30 min and I am soaked, just like I did the stair master! 30sec sprint with 10 sec jog

**Update** January 15th 2014
Today I did two 30min sessions of 30sec sprint with 10sec jog for 420 calories and 400 calories I was so soaked I could ring my hat out!

I love this little annoying thing! It should be called the gym brat, because it’s always yelling you!! But I love it! If it helps me drop the last 15-18lbs, so I can add sweet potatoes pack into my post workout, then it’s worth it’s weight in gold! Ahh no lets rephrase that because it only weighs a couple ounces! How about its worth my weight in gold!!

**Update** January 22st 2014
The Gym Boss has found its way into my daily routine! I do at least one 30min interval session with the Gym Boss daily! This thing rocks! 15 more lbs to go! Lets drop it Gym Boss!

Product Review: Gym Gear – Al1ve Magnetics – magnetic compression gear for the serious athlete! *
















I like black and that red is hot! My 2 favorite colors!

About the products:
Redefining the future of active wear, Al1ve Magnetics is at the forefront of a revolutionary technology that may maximize your athletic routine. Centered around the power of magnetic therapy, our patented product line of performance-ready apparel and accessories will transform your daily workout and your life.

Al1ve Magnetics’s innovative design features strategically placed magnets that support energy optimization and performance. All of Al1ve Magnetics active wear is engineered to precisely target pressure points within your muscles. The powerful force of neodymium magnets stimulates nerve cells by creating positively charged ions that allow cells to pick up more oxygen and promote blood flow. The output is a more efficient circulation of energy, reduction of muscle inflammation and activation of internal healing properties, making your body less prone to fatigue and injury.

This technology may promote strength, speed and stamina by actively engaging your body’s natural energy. Al1ve Magnetics gives you the ability to go farther, longer and takes your workout to the next level.

The power is in the magnets!

I can’t wait to get them tomorrow!!

I got the calves today!! And I wore them since I got them at 1pm and just took them off at 7pm at first they were really tight and then they got super comfortable.

**Update** January 12th 2014
I just completed and passed my military pt test. While doing the cardio portion of the test I typically suffer extreme shin splints maybe because of the 1hr a day 7 days a week elliptical sessions I am doing to shred up. Anyway; I wore the comfortable Al1ve Magnetics Calf sleeves and I didn’t get any shin splints at all! I’m not saying it made me go longer or faster, but I didn’t get shin splints which actually made me go faster. Instead of feeling the pain in the Shins causing me to slow; I felt my Quads tightening and getting sore and they are a much bigger muscle! So they last longer!

I would have to give the calf sleeves a giant 2 thumbs up!

Now to the arm sleeves, unfortunately the pair I have are too small for me, so I can’t test them, which is bad, because in the gym I see a bunch of people wearing elbow wraps and if I had a pair of black wraps that looked badass and felt much softer, and had a comfortable fit, plus offered magno-therapy, moisture wicking and a cooling sensation; I could definitely get them to switch, especially since they are affordable!

**Update** January 17th 2014
Just got my sleeves!

Had to try them on! Can’t Wait till tomorrow for a full review!

Me rocking the Al1ve Magnetics Arm Sleeves while curling a 75lb dumbbell with a pair of limited edition Black FatGripz!

How do I like the sleeves? Almost as much as the calves!! The arms are a little harder to put on due to the length, but once on they are comfortable! I have a torn tendon in my lt forearm and when I do a certain angle I can feel it popping around in there! I get an electric shock like twinge up my entire forearm from wrist to my elbow. Just like if u stretch out a rubber band and pull one side and sling someone with it. Like a little popping in there. Well; the sleeve cuts it in half. I think if I wore the Alive Magnetics wrist band under the sleeve the combination of the compression might stop it along with the magnets in the wrist cuffs.

I was having a hard time burning out my biceps today. Maybe the sleeves did allow me to go longer and harder?
No elbow pain! And they were super comfortable!

In fact a bunch of people kept walking over and asking what they were and said they looked badass!

Check them out! Al1ve Magnetics! And you too can look like a BadAss!!

Today is chest & triceps the most important day for the arm sleeves! Stay tuned for reviews! I often get elbow pain from heavy vbar push downs! Partly because, I am compensating for my rt shoulder.

(There is other cutting edge compression gear on the market such as Tommie Copper. They see copper threads in the material kind of like Phiten and their titanium. When asked to go head to head with Al1ve Magnetics Tommie Copper declined at this time!)

**Update** January 29th 2014
I found a Police officer using the sleeves at La Fitness and I decided to interview him.


When asked about the Al1ve Magnetics arm sleeves:
“I love the sleeves they have alleviated my elbow pain when lifting” “I feel like a million bucks when wearing them”
“I love the sleeves”

I told him that I love the sleeves too but most of all I love the calf sleeves! If I had the wrists I would wear them all over. In place of my power balance wrist band. The sleeves are cool, but I can’t wear them for extended periods as I would like to. I use the arm sleeves for upper body workouts. I could wear the wrists for upper body, lower body, cardio, and even out and about at night! As they are fashionable. I prefer the black as they can be worn with anything.

Stay tuned more pics to come!

**Update** January 29th 2014
I stopped using the calf sleeves for a week and I have been experiencing bad knee pain. The first time I used them I was experiencing the same pain and wearing them alleviated them, so I am trying that again today!
Stay tuned!

Believe it or not, they helped alleviate the knee pain enough so I could do my second half hour of cardio! Idk about tomorrow lol!

Al1ve Magnetics Wrist & Shin Sleeves