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Discovery Cancels Everest Jump Live due to latest tragedy, disrespecting their memories!


Discovery Channel Cancels Live Mount Everest Jump Special In Wake of Avalanche Tragedy

Discovery Channel has cancelled its plans for a live daredevil special set at Mount Everest, after 12 Sherpa guides were killed Friday morning in an avalanche — the single deadliest accident to ever take place on Earth’s highest mountain.

“In light of the overwhelming tragedy at Mount Everest and respect for the families of the fallen, Discovery Channel will not be going forward with Everest Jump Live,” the cabler said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Sherpa community.”

Set to air May 11 and capping five nights of live pre-show specials, Everest Jump Live was to follow California resident Joby Ogwyn as he attempted the first wing suit flight off the summit of Mount Everest.

But on April 18, a high-altitude avalanche at Everest killed 12 Sherpa guides (in a group of about 50), seriously wounded three, injured several others and left at least four people missing, according to most recent reports. The Nepalese guides were among a group that was seeding commercial trails with supplies ahead of the climbing season starting later this month.

Base Camp 1 above

In respect of the families of the fallen;

And the DISRESPECT of the fallen!

These people are adventurers! They face the mountain for different reasons! Some for glory, some to be at one with nature, so be to closer to God, so to conquer the unconquerable! Others have their reasons.

The one thing they have in common is the risk and I guarantee they would not want this event to be canceled because of them!

Discovery is DISRESPECTING their memory, by taking someone else’s quest away from him!

Not to mention the project was probably a significant paycheck to the Sherpas involved! Probably enough money to significantly change the lives of them, their families and the entire community!

Now it’s scratched!

Way to back out Discovery!


Discovery I urge you to reconsider canceling the event! Celebrate the lives of the fallen and not their deaths! Continue the event in their honor and spirit!

**Update** April 30th 2014
Now discovery has a special on the tragedy! WTF! Capitalizing on the tragedy huh! Respect for families Bullshit!