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Product Review: Qalo silicone wedding bands for an active lifestyle


The ring is pretty cool! It’s for an active lifestyle. For example: lifting weights will scratch a metal band and do you really want to wear your gold/silver/platinum/titanium ring to a mudrun? 

Furthermore; metal rings are hazardous to work with they can snag on things and potentially rip your finger off, or can cause serious burns if working with electricity. 

The silicone ring is made to break away and if you get hit with wires on the rings which is a small change since it is so tiny, but if you did silicone is an insulator not a conductor. 

I am not used to rings, so it is a little annoying to me, but I can wear it for a few hours before I have to take it off. 

The cool part is it comes with a tiny, zippered mesh bag with a plastic clip that you can clip on a backpack or if you are a women you can clip it to your purse. If your name is Julian (hehe) you can also clip it to your murse! 

The 2nd Annual Supplement/Product Awards 2014

2nd Annual Sports Supplement Awards 

Preworkout of the Year 

Fat Burner of the Year 

Protein of the Year 

Best Grass Fed All Natural Whey Protein of the Year *New*

Best Alternative Protein of the Year *New*

Best Vegan Recipe of the Year *New*

Teatox Challenge Teatox of the Year

BCAA of the Year 

Stack of the Year 

Best Tasting Supplement of the Year 

Bonus Supplement of the Year 

Fitness Aparrel of the Year *New*

Grip Challenge Grip of the Year *New*

Best Mobility Product of the Year *New*

Most Innovative Supplement of the Year *New*

Product of the Year 

Supplement of the Year 

Disappointment of the Year

This year I have reviewed many incredible products! Some incredible products that didn’t win, but still need to be mentioned: The Shred Belt, Youfresh Naturals, The Powerball, The footballer, the beastie ball, SFH So3d3, Deer Antler Velvet and many many others! Check out all the reviews here on this site!  

And now on to the awards! 

 Bonus Supplement of the Year: What is the bonus of the year? Well; it’s the supplement that makes a world of difference that doesn’t quite fit in any of the categories! And the award goes to: Wheatgrass 

There’s too many great things to say about wheatgrass! You have to check out my post here on this site! 

Best Tasting Supplement of the Year: many can enter but only one can win! I truly enjoyed all the nut butters and coconut butter this year but one was slightly above all! And the award goes to: PB Crave

This stuff tastes amazing! Every flavor is rich and delectable! Try them all! Hey PB Crave how about a cinnamon raisin?  

Stack of the year: This years Stack of the Year challenge was a Fat Burner coupled with a Test Booster to try and stop muscle loss when going on an extreme low carb diet. The results were amazing! And the award goes to: Shredz Fat Burner and Testosterone formally: Shredz and Diezel 

BCAA of the Year: And the award goes to: BPI Sports Best BCAAs 

Protein of the Year: And the award goes to: Bio-gro although its not quite protein, its Colestrum it’s made from milk and therefore qualifies! Bio-gro has added value to my protein shakes! Try it! 

Best Grass Fed All Natural Whey Protein of the Year: and the award goes to: Body Logix Natural Isolate All Natural Whey

Best Alternative Protein of the Year: and the award goes to: Rice Protein by Growing Naturals I believe that adding multiple sources of protein equals greater uptake in the body. Rice Protein probably absorbs slower than Whey Isolate making my shake a time released protein shake! That’s awesome! 

Best Vegan Recipe of the Year: and the award goes to: Avocado Chocolate Pudding although this is a vegan recipe I love to add 2 scoops of protein to make it a healthy and enjoyable high protein snack! 

Fat Burner of the Year: And the award goes to: Shredz 

Teatox Challenge Teatox of the Year: and the award goes to: Mate Fit

Preworkout of the Year: That’s a hard one as I don’t often use it, so it will be broken down into 2 awards: Stimulant Preworkout of the Year and Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year

Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year And the award goes to: Hemanovol – HVOL by AllMax Nutrition

Stimulant Preworkout of the Year: 3 yrs ago would have been NO Shotgun, 2 yrs ago would have been NO Explode Last Year MR Hyde by ProSupps won who is this year’s winner? 

And the award goes to: BPI Sports 1.M.R. Vortex 

Fitness Aparrel of the Year: and the award goes to: Al1ve Magnetics 


Grip Challenge Grip of the Year: 

And the award goes to: Iron Bull Strength Tgrips (Tru Grip) 

Ion Bracelet Challenge Bracelet of the Year: and the award goes to: Dr Ion

Mobility Tool of the Year: This one is very difficult! I have different tools for different purposes! So let’s see the multiple winners: 

Best deep tissue massager: And the award goes to: the Beastie Bar

Best Deep Tissue Foam Roller: and the award goes to: The Rumble Roller

Best Foot Massager: and the award goes to: The Moji 360 foot massager 

Best Foam Roller: and the award goes to: The M80 Roller

Best and most Badass Roller: and the award goes to: The Cold Roller

Most Innovative Supplement of the Year: and the award goes to: Quest Protein Chips

Product of the Year: and the award goes to: DFX Split Core Dynamax Core Trainer 

Which brings us to The Supplement of the Year! 

Supplement of the Year: and the award goes to: Vitargo Post

What makes Vitargo Post the Supplement of the Year? Vitargo is the best post workout Carbohydrate on the market its absorption is second to none and Vitargo Post takes that one step further and adds 20g of high quality protein to the mix to give you the best complete postworkout supplement! 

Congratulations to Vitargo and Gener8 strength! 

Disappointment of the Year: There is only one hands down winner here! 

This one even beat last years loser: the fitbody wrap – the fitbody wrap didn’t hurt me! 

The loser is: SARMS! 

Do not take SARMS! Stay away! What is supposed to have no side effects poisoned me and 6 other people I know! All of us had the same side effects: high blood pressure and high cholesterol plus weight gain! I would like to sue the manufacturer so if there’s a health care attorney that’s reading this, I have a case for you! 

Remember for all your Supplement needs call: Nutrition Zone Rockaway NJ and ask for Pete or Pauly and tell em sent you! They can even ship you whatever you want! +1 (973) 664-9444 There’s a review for Nutrition Zone here also 😉 


 It’s a new year and there’s a lot in the works! Many new supplement reviews from new supplement companies! New product reviews! More tips and recipes! And much more! Teaser: Product Review: Monkii Bars 

Product Review: Part Two Ion Bracelet Challenge – Energy Armor – life technology *

Silicon Superband:
You are currently looking at the Energy Armor negative ion Superband bracelet in black with silver letters. This color combination is one of our top sellers and has become a huge favorite of our Raving Fans and Raider Fans alike.

Why do we call this negative ion bracelet a Superband? The negative ion strength of this product line has been increased 5X over today’s market best Energy Armor Legacy bands. This new wristband also features our new Energy Armor Shield in lieu of our previous logo hologram. We’re so excited about these new Superbands, that we have decided to offer a Lifetime Warranty on this entire product line. Energy Armor Superbands come in a variety of color combinations, sizes and are comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

This negative ion wristband is made of an extremely durable medical grade silicone that provides long-term comfort and yet stylish appearance while being functional at the same time. The Energy Armor ion bracelets are the number one selling product line in our catalog and can be found globally on athletic fields, in corporate offices and yet are being worn comfortably by stay at home mom’s and dad’s.

Each silicone wristband is infused by a special process with negative ions that have been extracted from tourmaline and volcanic ash. This special process ensures that your Energy Armor products will maintain the benefits that negative ions provide longer than any other products in the marketplace.
Superband Features:

5X more Negative Ions
Energy Armor Shield Logo
Extremely durable product
Medical grade silicone
Non-toxic base product
Waterproof – Perfectly fine to wear in water
Lifetime Warranty

The NEW Energy Armor BLACK Stainless Steel Bracelet is the next generation in the line of high-end designer jewelry from Energy Armor. The fashionable bracelets feature a closed link design that consists of durable Stainless Steel which is infused with Negative Ions on the underside. Each link is coated multiple times with a solid black finish and is centered by an Energy Armor logo plate. The bracelet comes in a stylish black gift box that is perfect for any gifting occasion. This lightweight Negative Ion Black Stainless Steel Bracelet is strong, versatile and rust resistant. The bracelet has a sturdy fold over clasp and is 100% hypoallergenic.

EA men’s bracelet comes in three sizes:

Small – 6 3/4″
Medium – 7 3/4″
Large – 8 3/4″
Please check your size for proper fit.

Negative Ions

A negative ion is an electron that orbits an atom or molecule, where the total number of neutrons inside an atom or molecule is not equal to the number of protons. The very nature of this relationship produces either a positive or negative charge. Our atmosphere has both negative and positively charged ions. Our atmosphere does not contain as many negative ions as there are positively charged ions; as a result, negative ions are rare. Only Mother Nature can create negative ions; however, by capturing volcanic ash and remnants from tourmaline, Energy Armor is able to deliver a very high count of negative ions in our products.

Tourmaline & Volcanic Ashe Mixture Produces High Counts Of Negative Ions

Our process has allowed us to infuse high grade silicone with high amounts of negative ions

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that has the ability to charge with electricity. Atoms loose electrons due to chemical bonding or from extreme forces. Negative ions bond easily with other atoms and molecules and as a result are inherently hard to capture. Volcanic rock created from the most powerful geological force on earth, the Volcano, has been found to have bonded with minerals containing negative ions. This strong force bonds the highest amount of negative ions during eruption. We apply an ample amount of volcanic ash and other minerals to guarantee the highest quality band.


Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that is composed of many elements. Some of those elements are aluminium, iron, magnesium, lithium, and potassium. Tourmaline is known as a semi-precious stone and this stone comes in what is known as the rainbow colors. Tourmaline has the ability to generate electricity; Energy Armors products are made with tourmaline and using a negative ion tester have proven to have the highest count of negative ions. negative ions Energy Armor’s manufacturing process infuses tourmaline into their wristbands, dog tags, charms, and many other products they sell.

Tourmaline Is A Big Part To Our All Of Our Products

So what is tourmaline? Tourmaline is known for its color and collectors item for geologist. There are many different uses for tourmaline and also many different formats. By formats we mean its chemical state. Tourmaline has become a primary focus for our special blend and why our energy bands, balance bands, power bands and many other synomoms are of the highest quality and count of negative ions.

Tourmaline Known As A Gem

Tourmalines are gems/semi-precious stones that have a wide spectrum of colors. There is a long history behind this stone, as far back as old Egyptian times. Tourmaline is known for its rainbow look and multi-colors. In fact, the name tourmaline comes from the Singhalese word “tura mali”; it means the stone with mixed colors. Tourmaline is a very beautiful and out performs all other known gems because of it’s multiple color schemes. Tourmaline is special it’s ability to change colors in different light settings. No one tourmaline stone is alike, they can range from red to green to blue and yellow in color. The science behind this color is due to mixed crystals of aluminum boron silicate and its ability to change composition. The changing of the composition is the reason for the variety of colors.

Tourmaline Can Be Electrically Charged

Despite tourmaline’s notorious reputation for color scientist love tourmaline because of its ability to be electrically charged. This means you can heat the stone and allow it to cool and as a result the stone can carry a negative charge. Tourmaline has a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other end. This is known as a pyro-electric charge and stems from the Greek word, “pyr”, meaning fire. The stone can also become charged from intense pressure, such as volcanoes. Actually volcanoes are the biggest producer of tourmaline ash and rock that carries the electrical charge found in tourmaline. This is where negative ions play a huge role in tourmaline and why we use it in our products. Chemical bonding of atoms to lose an electrical charge takes quite a process and is very difficult to do by man. Natural is better! Nature is better! Energy Armor, carries such high negative ionic charges in our product due to the nature of tourmaline and its ability to become charged under extreme pressure.

Ion tester reading: 2,550 cm3
-YouTube video

**Update** February 16th 2014
I have been wearing the silicone on and off for a few days and it’s comfortable. I am currently testing the Dr Ion but I want to see if I feel better when wearing both at the same time on both wrists or if it doesn’t make a difference. Eventually I will switch to the Energy Armor, and then to both and then back to just Energy Armor and then to nothing.

Stay tuned!

**Update** April 27th 2014
I love these bracelets! My left wrist has notoriously been sore I even bought wrist wraps for them to help, but thanks to Energy Armor it doesn’t hurt anymore! Now; I’m not saying it won’t get hurt with the bracelet, because if I lean on it too much it starts to hurt, but the pain goes away quickly! Allowing me to avoid taking Aleve! I would definitely recommend these bracelets! I love the Stainless Steel for work and going out. It looks sharp with a suit! The silicone I wear daily around the house and to the gym. I like wearing one silicone on each wrist!

Now, I really want to try their black crystal shamballa bracelet!

Go buy these! ASAP! You won’t be upset! They are nothing like the fake Power Balance! Over 100 times the concentration!

**Update** June 12th 2014
I’ve actually felt much better since wearing these bracelets! I lot less aches and pains! Is it a coincidence? I don’t know and I don’t care! All I know is I feel much better! Check these out seriously! You have nothing to lose!

Product Review: Part One Ion Bracelet Challenge – Dr. Ion balance your Chi and Balance your life! *

What are negative ions (or anions)?

More correctly or precisely speaking, negative ions are NEGATIVE-CHARGED ions and are oxygen atoms with an extra electron created in nature with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation, and moving air or water. They can help you feel better. Negative ions are also called anions and the opposite ions are called cations (i.e. positive ions).

An article from Journal of Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine (August 1982, p. 822-823) states on negative ions as follows: “…Negative ion exposure appeared associated with feeling better about self, less sensitive, and more responsive or innervated (energized).”

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

How Negative Ions Affect the Human Body
Dr. Robert O. Baker, pioneering researcher and author of the book, The Body Electric and Cross Currents, has established that energy system within our bodies consists of two forces, magnetism and electricity, with the electricity component consisting of low-frequency direct direct-current (DC) electric field. This electromagnetic energy system is affected by the earth’s natural electromagnetic environment, which is normally relatively quiet, with minor rhythmic variations, but which experiences great increase in an electromagnetic charged environment.

Numerous studies have established the effect of the negative charged ion environment on the human body. The negative charged environment has stimulated the body’s own healing mechanism in the case of stress and specific physical problems.

A recent study by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) found that ionizing a room led to 52% less dust in the air and 95% less bacteria in the air since many of the pollutants found in the air reside on floating dust particles. The USDA also performed another study to test the effectiveness of negative ionization at removing airborne Salmonella Enteritidis. The negative ions drastically reduced the airborne Salmonella particles, prompting the following statement from the USDA:

“These results indicate that negative air ionization can have a significant impact on the airborne microbial load in a poultry house and at least a portion of this effect is through direct killing of the organisms.”

The Agricultural Research Service of the USDA tested the effectiveness of ionizers from removing dust in a poultry hatchery. The dust level is very high in such environment. In this study, the use of an ionizer resulted in dust removal efficiencies that averaged between 81.1 ~ 92.2%. The airborne transmission of Salmonella (to the eggs) was also significantly reduced as a result.

Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream and to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, more mental energy and reduced drowsiness. Negative ions also support the regulation of a healthy metabolism that will increase vitality of the body.

Negative ions improve power and strength in human body, gives body energy and refreshment, enhance performance in sports activities (such as swings and hitting distances in golf), increase flexibility, help recover more quickly from tiredness and fatigue, relieve stresses, help reduce pains/aches and asthma, prevent snoring and sleep disorders (such as insomnia) and thus promote a better sleep, and do much more.

Negative ions contained in (or emitted from) negative ion products, such as wristbands (or bracelets) and necklaces, are obtained from special natural stones or ores that contain rare earth elements (REEs) or rare earth metals (REMs), as defined by IUPAC, which are a set of seventeen chemical elements in the periodic table. Negative ion products are made by molding powdered REEs (or REMs) with high grade silicone that is often used as material on human surgical equipment.

How do they work?
Dr-ion wristbands and necklaces use Yin-Yang therapy and what is known as the “auto-induction principle”. The Yin-Yang ideal works by giving off specific alternating electrical currents (like your wrist). The currents are composed through different interactions between positive and negative ions. Positive and negative ions are found everywhere — from the air, to the ground, and in our bodies. In salts, such as common table salt or sodium chloride (NaCl), the molecules are connected with ionic bonds.

Once the bond is broken (may it be through water, wind, or some other outside force), the salt forms cations and anions. Cations are positively charged ions, and anions are negatively charged ions. These two different types of ions circulate throughout our bodies and serve as everything from the constituents of our pH level to chemical signals for proteins.

Through the auto-induction principle, the bracelet or necklace absorbs the static electricity given off by the body in order to seek balance between these ions. Pain is caused by an imbalance when organs or tissues lose some of their energy.

As energy is given off, it may fall within the bracelet’s or necklace’s range of frequency; then the bracelet or necklace will give off an opposite form of energy. This process returns the organ’s or tissue’s energy to its original state, thus negating the pain.

Can Ion Wristbands Really Improve Health?

Ion wristbands may boost energy and balance, its makers said. Some scientists are not so sure.

Colorful wristbands in jelly-textured silicone are being sold with claims that they boost strength and the immune system by harnessing the power of negative ions. Dr. Robert Rougeau, a chiropractor in Louisiana, was on vacation with his wife in Las Vegas when he first saw these negative ion bracelets in a mall. He slipped one on, he says, and immediately experienced results.

“I felt stronger,” Rougeau continues. “It was enough of a response that I was intrigued.” Now he sells ion wristbands in his office to his patients. Rougeau orders about 30 new bracelets each month from a manufacturer called LifeStrength.

“Because most of us work in cities and carry cellphones, these are things that destroy naturally occurring negative air ions,” says Joshua Taylor, LifeStrength’s director of marketing. “Our products counteract that.”

Ion bracelets are a growing industry, with a number of companies entering the business in the last decade, garnering millions of dollars in profits. Thousands of people across the world wear them and boast of their effectiveness. They have the allure of athleticism, too: Think Lance Armstrong’s canary Livestrong bracelet saturated with a heaping of secret minerals and an average retail price of $30 each.

But some doctors said there is no scientific proof that these wristbands work. Regulators and customers have moved against their manufacturers. One major ion bracelet company recently filed for bankruptcy.

California-based Power Balance had an ample celebrity following. Their wristbands were worn by rapper P. Diddy, soccer star David Beckham and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Those tacit endorsements weren’t enough to keep the company afloat: Power Balance filed for bankruptcy in November after settling a class-action lawsuit with disgruntled customers for $54 million.

The company issued a corrective advertisement in Australia, stating, “We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct.”

Taylor says LifeStrength’s products — including ion watches, necklaces, key chains and bracelets that come in 16 colors and five sizes — are different.

“We want to create something that has some kind of scientific backing to it,” Taylor says. He said LifeStrength did not do a clinical study but did do research, which he declined to disclose.

Instead, to provide evidence of his products’ effectiveness, Taylor picks up a silver handheld device with a display screen, three buttons, a cylinder on the back, and the words “ION TESTER” in bold — designed to test the presence of negative ions in jewelry.

Taylor first tests a Power Balance wristband. He waited a few seconds for the device to register a measurement. A tiny light flickers. The screen displays 21 negative ions per cubic centimeter. He repeats the test, this time with a LifeStrength bracelet. The light, now beaming, reads 1,545 negative ions per cubic centimeter, a 7,257 percent increase.

So what exactly is a negative ion, and what makes it so beneficial? An ion is an atom that has either lost or gained an electron. When an atom loses an electron, it becomes a positive ion. When it gains one, it becomes a negative ion. Negative ions are good for the body, according to a study by the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University. Researchers there measured the heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature of male subjects and found that exposing them to negative ions contributed to better balance.

It has not been proven that the negative ions in ion bracelets impart those same benefits, nor that they counter positive ions generated by pollution and electronics. Some physicians caution that the energy boost wearers experience is the placebo effect — not an actual improvement but a perceived one. Dr. Robert L. Bratton, who practices family medicine in Kentucky, and a team of doctors conducted a trial on 610 patients and had half of them wear an ionized bracelet and the other a placebo for one month.

“Analysis of the data showed significant improvement in pain scores in both groups, but no differences were observed between the group wearing the placebo bracelet and the group wearing the ionized bracelet,” according to the study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The study concluded that there was no benefit in wearing an ion bracelet over a regular rubber one to help muscle and joint pain.

“It just sounds like snake oil to me,” says Dr. Gilbert Ross, the medical director of the American Council on Science and Health. Dr. Perry A. Pugno, vice president for education at the American Academy of Family Physicians, is also skeptical.

“I can tell you categorically that those are nothing more than a scam,” Pugno says. “Neither physiology nor physics is applicable here.”

The lack of scientific proof hasn’t diminished the bracelets’ appeal. Energy Armor, another ion wristband company that started in Jacksonville, Fla., has expanded to more than 15 countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China.

“We believe that this is something that will be around for a long time,” says Donavin Warren, vice president of international development at Energy Armor. Warren, like his peers at LifeStrength, asserted that his company is not making any false claims. Energy Armor knows what the wristbands have done for its wearers, he continued, and the proof is in their positive reviews.

“We don’t know what it will do for you,” he says, adding that some people may experience better sleep while others may feel stronger. The makers of ion bracelets are betting that you just might have to try one on to find out.

Stay tuned for my review!

Before you write this off as junk lets take a look at a comparison:


My new Dr. Ion

**Update** March 15th 2014

Dr. Ion also makes other products:


I have bad knee pain my it band was tight and the inside of my knee cap was sore on the inner head of my quad and I used the rumble roller and now it’s bruised. I put sports cream on it and I took Aleve and Curamed the last 2 days and I remembered I had Dr. Ion Stickers that you put around the injury, they last for 3 days and it can’t hurt so wtf! Lets try it!

Stay tuned!

These stickers are crazy!!!
Now; there’s going to be people saying it doesn’t work it’s all in your head. That’s ok if it works then it works, but I now have concrete proof that this technology works!

Ok if you read above I told you my knee hurt to the touch on the right side, and now it doesn’t. I know you are going to say, placebo effect. Ok fine! But that’s not the proof I was talking about! Remember above I said the inner head of my quad was bruised yesterday? Well I put the stickers all around and directly in the center of the bruise in the picture above and now a day later the bruise is gone!!!!! I have another bruise on my opposite leg and that was is still there a week later! So how did this bruise disappear in a day as opposed to the average week healing?

Dr. Ion stickers that’s how!

Bruise above and gone below!


Dr Ion also makes belts I really want one bad!! Actually I want a couple different colors!

They look awesome and would greatly increase my exposure to Negative Ions!

**Update** March 20th 2014
The first one just fell off, I have been plastic wrapping (Saran Wrap) my leg in the shower. I’m trying to get them to last for a week, so I Mickey band-aided it in place lol!


**Update** March 30th 2014
Still have one sticker holding on right above my injury on the inner head of my quad just above my knee

**Update** July 12th 2014
I just received the Dr Ion Black Sports belt with black and silver buckle. Let me tell you it’s the most badass belt I have ever seen! There’s no belt holes! It ratchets shut so there’s about 30 different adjustments or more! The belt comes in a box in a jewelry like drawstring bag! It’s also made of thick heavy duty leather! It also had the signature Dr Ion negative ion strip that has 2,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter! Which is considerably lower than the band, but the area is larger!

I will definitely be buying more! I’m just not sure if I want the plain white one or the white one with the red strip!