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Diet Pill Scam! Smart Lean makes newspaper ads look like real articles!

Dietary Supplement. 368% more weight loss than dieting alone. Clinically tested. Reduces belly fat. Increases metabolism. Stimulant free. 2 human clinical trials with a total of 151 participants. Clinically shown to get great results. (Human clinical trials conducted included 151 overweight female participants who averaged 38 years of age. [Studies were 16 weeks in duration.] Participants followed an 1,800 calorie diet.) Lose more weight than with dieting alone. Why choose SmartLean? The active ingredient in SmartLean has been a part of Japanese diets for centuries. Scientists believe this may be one of the reasons why there are very few obese adults in Japan. In a 16-week clinical study subjects taking SmartLean lost on average 14.5 lbs compared to an average of 3 lbs for the placebo group. Both groups were on an 1,800 calorie per day diet. Quality, safety and purity guaranteed. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

This is an ad run by Smart Lean not a real article! Similar Ads were placed in different newspapers! Do not mistake them for a real article!

I am not going to comment on whether it works or doesn’t, because I haven’t tried them, however if a company stoops this low to make a fake article in order to create a buzz about their product, then chances are its a scam! And doesn’t work!

C’mon if it really worked, newspapers would kill to make real front page articles about the product! It would be all over the news! The company would be Trillionaires overnight! Forget million or billion!

The federal government should step in, in cases like this, where the ad is a blatant scam! The ads should be pulled immediately and the company should make a public apology and maybe even reimburse scammed customers!

This is bullshit!


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