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Product Review: Mobility Tools – Beastie Ball Kit by Rumble Roller *


I was expecting just the ball and an entire kit with DVD showed up! I am doing a superset workout at the gym today so I can rush home and watch the DVD I am so psyched! I know how to use the products except the Beastie Bar! That looks like a torture device 😳😱😭

What’s in my Beastie Kit you ask?

Of course the Regular & Firm Beastie Balls!

And the Beastie Bar & Beastie Hook!

And Jeff Alexander’s SMR Tips DVD (see it’s separate post here on this site)

I used a Beastie Ball for a split second and I can already tell you my days of a cheap lacrosse ball are over! This Beastie hurts so good! Is that what John Cougar Mellencamp was singing about?

Rumble Rollers bringing back the 80’s 😳

I did my entire legs with the Rumble Roller and let me tell you I feel great. However; some parts were excruciating because of my size. If you are over 225lbs I suggest using the Beastie Bar or I call it the Beastie Wand. It’s much easier to roll your entire quads: Teardrop, inner Quads, outer Quads and IT Band with the wand applying as little or as much pressure as needed rather than gravity dictating pressure! My Quads are also on fire and super sore from leg-day today!

**Update** March 3rd 2014
I am loving my Beastie Bar aka Beastie Wand! Because it’s just simply magical! My legs felt like a million bucks today at the gym and just a minute ago my shoulder was aching bad and I rolled it out against the wall with the wand on the stands and now it feels great! The pain is gone! Simply Magical! 👌