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Controversy: Starz Original series: The white queen, Davinci’s demons are both very good, but don’t come close to Camelot’s excellence. Please Starz bring Camelot back!!!!

Both shows are pretty good!


The White Queen

The first is about the first queen Elizabeth (not to be confused with Elizabeth I) Elizabeth Woodville – [nb 1] c. 1437 [1] – 8 June 1492) was Queen consort of England as the spouse of King Edward IV from 1464 until his death in 1483. At the time of her birth, her family was mid-ranked in the English aristocracy. Her first marriage was to a minor supporter of the House of Lancaster, Sir John Grey of Groby; he died at the Second Battle of St Albans, leaving Elizabeth a widowed mother of two sons. Her second marriage, to Edward IV, was a cause célèbre of the day, thanks to Elizabeth’s great beauty and lack of great estates. Edward was only the second King of England since the Norman Conquest to have married one of his subjects, and Elizabeth was the first such consort to be crowned Queen. [nb 2] Her marriage greatly enriched her siblings and children, but their advancement incurred the hostility of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, ‘The Kingmaker’ and his various alliances with the most senior figures in the increasingly-divided royal family.

This hostility turned into open discord between King Edward and Warwick, leading to a battle of wills that finally resulted in Warwick switching allegiance to the Lancastrian cause. Elizabeth remained politically influential even after her elder son, briefly proclaimed King Edward V of England, was deposed by her brother-in-law, Richard III, and she would play an important role in securing Henry VII’s accession to the throne in 1485, which ended the Wars of the Roses. However, after 1485 she was forced to yield pre-eminence to Henry’s mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, and her influence on events in these years, and her eventual departure from court into retirement, remains obscure. [2][3]

Woodville’s children included the Princes in the Tower and Elizabeth of York; by the latter she was maternal grandmother of Henry VIII and great-grandmother of King Edward VI, Queen Mary I of England and Queen Elizabeth I and the great-great-grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots. Through her daughter, Elizabeth of York, she is the ancestor of every English monarch since Henry VIII and every Scottish monarch since James V of Scotland.

The second is a fictional tale based on fact about the life of Leonardo Davinci intertwined with the history of Italy. Kind of like Forest Gump…


Davinci's Demons

both shows are very good, but… they lack the meshing of characters and the certain magic that Camelot possesses. Camelot draws you in and makes you want to see the next episode quite like other great series like: Game of Thrones, Spartacus and True Blood. However, its closer to Spartacus on the fact that you already know the story, but you want to see where the series is going to take it.

Camelot has a certain magic with the cast:


the sexy and devious Eva Green as Morgan (Morgan le fey)


The beautiful Claire Forlani as Arthur's mother Queen Igraine


the beautiful Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere


The great acting of Joseph Fiennes as Merlin

I believe if given a chance this show will develop a cult following and only get stronger and stronger much like the Highlander. The Highlander had a 19 million dollar budget, but only brought in 12.8 million at the box office. If the producers would have scratched the project, they woudn’t have the empire they have now!

A big problem of Camelot, is Starz had it running the same time as Game of Thrones. Most of the fan base had to switch back and forth. You have to run the show on different seasons then Game of Thrones. The same day and timeslot would be ideal.

Maybe bring in another star to play the role of Percival or Galahad. There are many more adventures that can be had. Le Morte Dathur is probably the most popular legend beside that of Robin Hood.

I previously wrote an article about saving Camelot, this is the second! Please Starz bring it back!