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Product Review: Shred Belt Extreme – 360° Thermogenic Waist Trimmer by Iron Bull Strength

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Supplement Review: Prosupps – L-LEUCINE MATRIX 250





Pro Supps L-LEUCINE MATRIX 250 teams up L-Leucine, with metabolites HMB and HICA, creating one of the most anabolic supplements on the market.* L-Leucine is the only amino acid that can help directly stimulate, and promote capacity for, protein synthesis in muscle cells.* Helping keep your body in an anabolic state is crucial for anyone trying to build lean muscle mass or preserve muscle while cutting fat.* Add a scoop to your Pre, Intra, or Post workout shake.


  • Helps stimulate protein synthesis/muscle growth*
  • Promote anabolic environment*
  • Reduce catabolism/muscle breakdown*
  • Support immune system response*

Diets: Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred


Jim Stoppani’s Six-Week Shortcut To Shred

Get ready to burn fat, build muscle, boost strength, and get absolutely shredded in only six weeks. Get ready to achieve the best shape of your life. Get ready for Shortcut to Shred.

by Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., Muscle & Fitness

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I’ve spent my life in pursuit of the perfect program. I’ve devoted my career to the science of cold iron and calculated change. I know the best ways to help you burn fat, build mass, and radically transform your body. I’ve combined mind and muscle to create the ultimate fat-loss program, expressly designed to help you get shredded, get stronger, and get in the best shape of your life: Shortcut to Shred.

Jim Stoppani’s 6-Week Shortcut To Shred! Watch The Video – 05:13

Shortcut to Shred is a fast-paced fitness attack guaranteed to torch body fat, build muscle, and boost your strength. It’s an intense, six-week plan built on six workouts per week, linear and reverse linear periodization, cardio acceleration, a precise three-phase nutrition plan, and a cutting-edge supplement program. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

Shortcut to Shred isn’t easy, but you don’t want easy. You want results. Beginner or advanced, male or female, Shortcut to Shred will get you results. The program includes comprehensive training, nutrition, and supplement overviews. It features a detailed workout video on day one, complete with my personal training tips, plus six weeks of daily workouts. It has extra recipes, a diverse list of approved foods, and useful information on every rest day.

In short, Shortcut to Shred has everything you need to succeed. Watch the overview videos to get a complete understanding of the science behind the shred. Prepare yourself for six weeks of intense workouts and great results. Get ready for the ultimate combination of build and burn.

Step One /// OVERVIEWS


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Step Three /// START THE SHRED

There is too much to list! you have to go there!

This is an awesome plan! From workout, to diet to supplements! awesome!

I have been doin it for 4 days! it rocks! I have added the cardio acceleration to my workout split.
Day 1: Bis & Shoulders I did step up on an aerobic stair between sets for 1min
Day 2: Chest & Tris I did step ups on bench
Day 3: Back I did step ups on bench
Day 4: Legs and Traps I did Bosu Ball Squats between sets

Yoked up Greek Yogurt!

Jim’s Peanutty Greek Muscle Meal ///

Ingredients 8 oz. reduced-fat (2%) Greek yogurt 1 teaspoon natural crunchy peanut butter 1 teaspoon honey

Nutrition Facts Serving Size Amount per serving

Calories 190

8g Total Fat

12g Total Carbs

22g Protein
Directions 1. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. 2. Enjoy.

I have made this already using Pb2 this is awesome! I have been waking up between 1&2am and eating it.

Beef Stir Fry for Brawn
Ingredients 8 oz. lean ground beef 1/4 medium onion, sliced 1/4 medium green bell pepper, sliced 1/4 medium red bell pepper, sliced 1 tbsp crushed chili pepper 1 tsp roasted sesame seeds 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Directions 1. Brown ground beef in skillet. 2. As beef is browning, add sliced onion and peppers 3. Add chili pepper, sesame seeds and vinegar and continue stirring as it cooks. Once beef is browned and vegetables are to desired doneness place ingredients on a plate and eat.

Nutrition Facts Serving Size Amount per serving

Calories 416
Total Fat 24g
Total Carbs 6g
Protein 50g

I just made this: I used 2lbs 90% lean ground beef, 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 orange bell pepper, crushed chili pepper, balsamic vinegar and wasabi sesame seeds. I made enough for 4 meals (Lunch: Mon-Thurs).