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Controversy: Honey Boo Boo Watch and Sniff Grand Premiere



You’ve seen the sketti. You redneck-ognize their special brand of Southern cuisine. But you’ve never had a chance to smell the world Honey Boo Boo and her quirky clan inhabit – until now.

TLC has revealed that the July 17 season premiere episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo will be a “Watch ‘n Sniff” event. They even got family matriarch – and onetime Baywatch impersonator – “Mama June” Shannon to explain how it works.

“Get your card. When you see the number on your TV, scratch the corresponding number, take big whiff and see what you smell,” she explains in her signature drawl.

“Watch ‘n Sniff” cards, featuring six potentially pungent scents, will be available first in PEOPLE’s July 15 issue, which hits newsstands July 5. Cards will also be available at select Time Warner Cable retail stores across the country, and handed out by street teams in major markets.

Anybody smell a hit?

I got my foul and nasty watch and sniff card what about you? What is this world coming to? And why do you feed into it? Glutton for punishment I think!

Let’s see what are the signs the Apocalypse is coming?
School shootings… Check
Hurricane in NY… Check
Tsunami in Japan… Check
Tornados in CT… Check
Louisana Flooded… Check
Madagascar locust infestation… Check
Great Plain Blizzard… Check
Honey Boo Boo Number 1 rated TV Show… Check

The World is gonna end!

Fan Request: Why I blog?

Peter V Helton has requested: Tell them why you blog and share with them any information regarding you that is relative to the
blog theme itself. It just requires the dedication to writing one blog
post a day no matter what and keeping this routine up for months and
years to come. With the increase in only business and blogs amazing popularity it has allowed a union
where business blogs have been formed as a way to raise productivity online.

Well Peter here you go:

Why do I blog? I like to think I am helping people by bringing topics not everyone knows about or on the controversy side, topics they don’t want to talk about.

However, I wish more people would comment, so it becomes a discussion and not more of a lecture/presentation. Everyone feel free to comment about the topic at hand. Comments such as you are great and I love your blog find their way into the spam box and deleted. Comment about the topic tell me your thoughts and feelings, if you add in you are great and I love your blog…so be it lol Consequently if you say, hey you suck and have details why I suck that will also be posted lmao!

As for the themes I chose: Read the about me section to see how they pertain to me.

As for the Blog itself, I have posted comments to questions about it, I will reiterate that here: Yes it is currently a free wordpress hosted blog, I used a theme and altered it in photoshop where I created the buttons on the right side.

As for Content: Pick a topic/topics that you are passionate about and/or a subject matter expect about and research about it (don’t forget to footnote where you got the research) and just write about it!

If you build it others will come lol

Have fun! If you don’t have fun it won’t last and it will show in your writing…

Controversy: Should Transgender Athletes be allowed to compete in their New gender sport?

FSBC reviewing Fox’s MMA license
Franklin McNeil and Melissa Isaacson | March 6, 2013

Florida State Boxing Commission officials are reviewing the mixed martial arts license of Championship Fighting Alliance women’s featherweight tournament participant Fallon Fox after learning she is a transgender female.

Fox revealed her original gender to on Monday, two days after Fox landed a knee to the chin of Ericka Newsome, who was knocked out in 39 seconds of their quarterfinal bout in Coral Gables, Fla.

It is believed that Fox is the first transgender male or female to participate in an MMA event.

Neither FSBC officials nor CFA founder and CEO Jorge De La Noval was aware that Fallon was a trangender female. On the application she submitted March 1 for a Florida fighting license, Fallon listed her gender as female.

De La Noval said Fox was “heartbroken” as news of her 2006 sexual reassignment surgery went public, drawing intense scrutiny and criticism from fellow MMA fighters as well as triggering an investigation as to whether the 37-year-old was properly licensed for last weekend’s fight.

“As a promoter, obviously everyone who comes into my office, what I see is a fighter,” De La Noval said. “I don’t ask anyone what their sexual preference is. What they do with their personal life is not my business. She’s a sweet girl. … And where we stand as a company is that she’s a female. She has an Illinois driver’s license (as a female). She’s a female and she’s definitely a fighter. I just don’t see how anybody can revoke her license.”

Fox claimed to be licensed in California, but her application still is being reviewed by that state’s athletic commission.

The confusion, said Fox’s agent Brett Atchley, came after a journalist who knew Fox’s previous identity began inquiring about her. Atchley said they then went to a reporter he knew from, who wrote the story earlier this week.

“The bone of contention for Fallon seems to be people characterizing her as dishonest and manipulating, that she somehow manifested her destiny by saying, ‘I’m going to have this operation and then I’m going to be a fighter and world champion,’ ” Atchley told

During its rules workshops next week, FSBC officials plan to address how to proceed with applications submitted by transgender fighters.

“There is nothing on her application for a license that indicates anything of that nature,” FSBC spokeswoman Sandi Copes Poreda told Wednesday.

“We are currently investigating some allegations related to the information provided on the application.

“The commission is in the process of updating its rules for professional MMA events, and this particular topic will be part of our workshops on March 15. We’ll have additional information about the rules workshops after it’s completed.”

In the meantime, De La Noval is standing fully behind Fox, though he did not learn of her transgender status until after Saturday night’s fight. He has no intention of removing her from the tournament.

“She [currently] has a license by the Florida State Boxing Commission as a female; she’s going to stay in the tournament,” De La Noval told “She’s a female fighter to us. And we’re standing behind her when it comes to that.

“We’re not going to kick her out of the tournament. She’s going to continue fighting for CFA.

“It wouldn’t be fair to cut her out of the tournament now. There’s a lot of money on the line for her that she needs. She’s a great fighter.”

De La Noval said that Fox was scheduled to return to action April 20, but with all of the controversy surrounding her competitive license in Florida, the bout has been postponed.

There is a discrepancy over how many MMA fights the 5-foot-6 Fox has had. De La Noval said it is his understanding that Fox has fought three times professionally, though he’s heard she has competed in as many as five fights.

Despite the number of bouts Fox has under her belt, De La Noval is convinced she is a high-caliber mixed martial artist.

“We want to give her a couple of weeks to get that license cleared,” De La Noval said. “She’s obviously a fighter. There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that she is a fighter.

“But is she going to get a female license? That’s what the whole debate is about now.”

De La Noval said other fighters have been calling, and he is getting mixed reaction.

“It has gotten to the point where some are saying, ‘I’m fighting her in the next round. Am I fighting a male or female? What’s the deal?’ ” he said. “I told them the same thing. I’m not pulling her from the tournament. She’s a female fighter and if she goes all the way, she’s going to be my champion and I’m very proud of her. It’s just a matter of time before we see how this plays out.”

-pic from

This is a touchy subject! The way I see it, to put it bluntly: If you peel the banana it’s still a banana, whether you peel it or not!

Let’s get something straight, Transgender to me, is like any other plastic surgery. You do it to make yourself feel better. If getting breast implants makes you happy and more confident, or a facelift does the same then by all means go do it! If by looking like a female or a male makes you feel better then by all means go do it! But, to me it doesn’t and will never make you be the opposite gender! Yes, it changes the physical appearance, but not the physiological makeup.

As far as athletes go, I’m going to have to say, treat it like a steroid case! If the Transgender athlete has a testosterone level higher than the normal female then they are banned!

Testosterone aside, that also brings up other factors, muscle mass, average height and weight… Let’s face it Men have more average muscle mass, less bodyfat and a larger frame and height!

Is that too much of an advantage? I believe so! This has nothing to do with personal beliefs, prejudice or religious beliefs etc.. It has to do with physiological differences between the genders.

One argument that can be brought up, but is irrelevant; Some natural born women can beat up natural born men.

Yes; there are always exceptions, but those are the athletes we are talking about! Is it unfair to put those athletes that have to seriously battle their own genetic makeup to cut weight and build muscle to get where they are against a Man?

The normal body fat range for women older than 18 is between 14 and 31 percent. The normal body fat range for men is between 6 and 25 percent. Women have a higher body fat range than men because they need more body fat for estrogen production and other hormonal processes and as energy reserves during pregnancy.
-bodyfat taken from

I think that is enough of an advantage to say no!

Especially, with the controversy over male athletes taking sports supplements to enhance their performance and having their careers ruined: Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Brian Bosworth, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Lance Armstrong etc…

Should Transgender Athletes be allowed to compete in their new gender division… I would have to say NO!

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Controversy: Suicide the Dumbest Choice you can ever make!!

Today I was at the Hiring our Heroes job fair at the Intrepid in Manhattan. On my way home I was in line for the bus and I received a disturbing call. A young Airman in my shop committed suicide today.

Let me explain a little bit about the Army and the Air Force. The size of the units are similar, but the Army (Infantry) is a large unit where everyone knows and mingles with everyone. The Air Force however is split up into a lot of different little shops. In our shop we have 11 well now 10 Airman, so it is much more personal.

The Airman (whose name will not be mentioned) seriously had life by the balls! He was 18, just graduated high school, was taking classes in college, was in the Military, was a good looking kid, maybe he didn’t have a full time job and his parents were poor, but the world was his to do with what he pleased!! Because he was in my shop he even had a secret security clearance.

In a split second he threw it all away! Never to do another thing again!

Let’s get something straight right now! When you are at the bottom of your rope, and you think there is absolutely nothing left to live for and you seriously want to give up and kill yourself, you are seriously at your lowest point!!

Guess what? You are at your fucking lowest point! You can’t go any lower!

Guess what? It can only go up from there!!

And if you kill yourself! It won’t! It can’t! And you will never know what could have been!

What if the second you die, you get an email from a job wanting an interview?

What if you put down the gun in your hand and walk to the store to buy a pint of ice cream to drown your sorrows and you meet the girl of your dreams, your wife!

If you end it, there are no more what if’s!

Before you do it, don’t forget you are never alone in killing yourself! You still leave your body or what’s left of it, behind for someone else to find and cleanup! That vision will be in their heads and haunting them in their dreams forever!!

Let’s say you hate your father and you want to punish him and you want to scar him and let him find your body! You work out a plan, something goes wrong, your wife gets in a car accident and you are dead so they can’t call you! The only other person they can call is your dad and he picks up your child and he’s like go ahead in I’ll be write there I want to water the lawn etc… Now your children find your body and your scar them for life as well as your father! Maybe they actually kill themselves because they can’t live with the sight and the thought!

Is that scenario likely probably not, and you are reading this and saying definitely not! Well guess what it probably won’t,but the moral of that story is:

Shit happens! Anything you plan can fall apart and go really bad in a split second! You WILL hurt everyone in your family! Regardless of whether you leave a note or not, everyone will say why? And what could I have done?

That is the worst fucking selfish thing you can ever do and never undo or make up for!!

On a positive note:

Look at all the stories of sorrow turned amazing feats!

Bethany Hamilton gets her arm bit off by a Shark!!! And becomes a professional surfer!

Sarah Reinertsen the one legged triathlete that finished the Ironman Triathlon!!

What about the MTV Show my 600lb life? They went from 600 pounds perched on deaths doorstep to a normal healthy person.

What about the Biggest Loser contestants loosing over 100lbs in 12 weeks!

Anything can be done and fixed if you put your mind to it and here’s the important part (seek help!!!!!)

No one ever said you have to do everything in life by yourself!

You hear some assholes say I’m not taking Charity! I’m above that blah blah my pride won’t let me! Blah blah

Let me tell you something! Charity is there for a reason! If you need it or qualify for it; use it!!! Get back on your feet! Then when you can pay it forward! Contribute, give someone else the chance that you got! When, You are fully back on your feet! Don’t rush to donate and put yourself back in the same position!

The airman I talked about earlier, I was actually mentoring him for the past few months in the area of IT, I was helping him with his resume and applying for positions. If he would have called me before he did it, I could have helped him! If money was a problem, I could have helped him get loans or grants for school. He could have went active duty, he could have lived in his car while working as a construction laborer anything, he could have even went outside the Lincoln tunnel washing windshields or selling peeled oranges! Anything…

If it was a women problem, well there are plenty of fish in the sea, eventually you will catch your Marlin! You just have to put out the bait and wait for a bite…

The last example I am going to give you is the Italian Mafia! Mob bosses like John Gotti go to jail for the rest of their life! Do they kill themselves? They had everything! Power, money, a beautiful family, big house, cars, gold, everything you can think of and in about an hour of court time they loose everything and must go to jail for the rest of their lives!

Again, do they kill themselves with almost nothing left to look forward to?



Because tomorrow could always be a better day!

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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Controversy: Truck & SUV Owners that are afraid of Speed Bumps

Have you ever driven behind a Large Pickup or SUV at the mall and they totally stop and barely roll over the Speed Bumps?

That drives me insane! Listen people you own a truck!!! It’s made to drive off-road! What do you think a speed bump is to a truck? It’s nothing!!

The manufacturers beat the hell out of the truck when they are testing them at the factory! Guess what? They each passed!!

If you want to crawl over a speed bump, buy a sports car that is lowered to the ground, where you can actually do damage if you go too fast.

You people (and you know who you are; are probably the same assholes doing the speed limit or under in the passing lane!) You make me sick!! Basically, get the fuck out of the way! Especially, on Friday during rush hour!!

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