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TV Show Review: Restaurant Impossible

After combating countless “impossible dinners,” Chef Robert Irvine faces a daunting new challenge: save America’s most desperate restaurants from impending failure in just two days with only $10,000. In his new prime-time Food Network series, Restaurant: Impossible, Robert uses creativity and resourcefulness along with a lot of muscle in his fight to rescue these restaurants and give hope to the owners and their employees. Day one of the extreme mission begins with a thorough business assessment as Robert launches the restaurant into full service, closely observes the staff and kitchen, and determines their weakest spots. Then, he springs into action by updating the menu, retraining the staff and implementing aesthetic changes with the help of his design team. To ensure a packed house for the grand re-opening at the end of day two, Robert hits the streets to tell the community about the improved restaurant. Will the ruthless schedule, tight budget and ambitious task overcome Robert’s lofty goals, or will this tall order result in restaurant triumph?


I really like him! His no sugarcoating, no bs attitude is exactly what these people need!

Everything he says is exactly right! He hasn’t steered these people wrong! Ever!

Most failing places have the same things wrong:

1. Canned not fresh food

2. Poor management – where management is doing too much and not delegating or management is trying to be friends not bosses

3. Cleanliness issues (that stems from #2)

4. Poor service (also an issue of #2)

5. Of course poor design aesthetics – from ugly and dark, to over cluttered, to minimalist junk

These common factors are seen in almost every episode! If your business is failing forget restaurant, if you business is failing, check that list above first! Then if you are still reading check the tips section here.

If you are having partner problems:
Unfortunately, if you chose your partner poorly for example out of love (either physical or brotherly) (like I did) and both of you are on different wavelengths, then unless you can get on the same path, you are doomed!

This show is very important to watch if you own your own business, especially if it’s and type of brick & mortar (physical building not like a plumber, electrician, landscaper etc…) type place. Just because it’s a restaurant show doesn’t mean you can’t learn something.

In the show Robert lightens up dark places, and in one place he reorganized the kitchen for optimized performance. Let’s apply these concepts to a non restaurant

For example:
If you have a hardware store a fresh coat of paint, a couple design changes, might liven up your place! Maybe reorganizing your stock in common areas instead of common tools such as:
Bed, bath, outdoor, automotive ,kitchen etc..

You might have redundant stock, but people coming in that aren’t professionals, will find what they need according to the project they are doing. Which I am sure is the design home depot took in their mega stores. To make it easier for the common person.

Let’s apply it to another business:

A small boutique:
Maybe a bright coat of paint, maybe hang clothes in outfits on the wall, so people can see them together rather than just separate on the hangers.

That’s just 2 tips seen on the show, there are many more!

The design crew has a very limited budget, so they get very creative for cheap! One time they used paint stirrers and painted them and hung them around a light fixture to make a rustic creative light.

Like I said earlier if you have a business, you will want to pay attention. Even if you have a non brick & mortar you may pick up management tips, marketing tips etc!

Watch this show! It is fun to see him tear the places apart!

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