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Supplement Review: Part Two – Stack Test Booster & Fat Burner – Shredz Fat Burner and Alpha Testosterone (formally Shredz and Diezel)

Fat Burner (Formally Shredz same as the company name)

The three things that piss you off the most: the missing left sock, not seeing abs, and those love handles. Now we’re not your momma, so we’re not going to do your laundry for you… however, we might just be able to help you get rid of those love handles and progress towards seeing some abdominal muscles with your supply of SHREDZ® Fat Burner


SHREDZ® Fat Burner is A gluten-free thermogenic with naturally found ingredients that deliver clean energy, intense mental focus, and helps you get ripped and lean.

Ingredients like Vitamin B5, Green Tea Extract and Cayenne Pepper Extract help raise the body’s internal temperature to burn fat at a constant rate and provide benefits like:

Melt Fat
Get Lean
Clean Energy
No Jitters
Increased focus


SHREDZ® Fat Burner uses the best ingredients on the market today and combines them to formulate capsules that are second to none. The thermogenic effects may help you burn fat like you’ve never experienced before.

Featured ingredients and how they may help your fitness journey:

Yohimbine- Increases your metabolism and will burn fat throughout the day
Theombromine – Increases Alertness, mood enhancing, energy boost, reduces water bloating
Gugglesterones – Activates lipolytic enzymes and increases T3 levels. Increasing t3 levels speeds up metabolism and aids in fat loss
Green Tea Extract – Boosts metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar levels
Acetyl L-Carnitine – Natural energy, burns fat, improves heart and brain function

SHREDZ® Fat Burner

If you workout in the AM
Take one (1) capsule pre-workout with breakfast followed by one (1) capsule in the afternoon

If you workout in the PM
Take one (1) capsule with breakfast followed by one (1) capsule pre-workout

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Choline (Choline Bitartrate) – 100mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) – 20mg

SHREDZ® Proprietary Blend – 974mg
Caffeine Anhydrous, Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) (Bean) Extracted for Theobromine, Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annum) (fruit), Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) (Leaf) >98% Polyphenols, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L-Carntine, Yohimbe Extract (Pausinystalia) (Bark), Guggul Lipid Extract (Commiphora mukul) (Gum), Dendronium (Dendronium nobile) (stem), Higenamine HCl, Synephrine HCl

Alpha Testosterone (Formally Diezel)
What exactly does this testosterone supplement do for you? Fair question. It helps boost natural testosterone levels to that make you an animal in the gym, the man you need to be from 9 to 5 and be the man she wants you to be after hours. Any questions? Didn’t think so.


SHREDZ® TESTOSTERONE is gluten-free testosterone booster with naturally found ingredients that works with your body’s composition to use more of the testosterone you naturally produce. It is specially designed to deliver increased strength, build lean muscle mass, and increase your sex drive.

Ingredients like Maca Root and Velvet Bean Extract promote an increase in your natural testosterone, which provides benefits like:

Strength Gains
Increased Muscularity
Heightened Libido
Stamina Increase


SHREDZ® TESTOSTERONE uses five (5) ingredients in a formula that will raise your test levels and help you reach the ultimate goal of becoming the ALPHA MALE! Increased testosterone in males has been proven to increase lean mass, increase libido, and make them stronger. SHREDZ Testosterone uses innovative ingredients like Eurycoma Longifolia, and Anacyclus Pyrethrum. These aren’t every day ingredients and are definitely not easy to get your hands on. Compared to common testosterone boosters of the past like Tribulus, these ingredients are extremely rare.

Featured ingredients and how they may help your fitness journey:

Anacyclus Pyrethum – boosts the synthesis of testosterone and sperm cells in the testes, and as anti-estrogen properties.
Long Jack – rare herb found in Indonesia raises body’s levels of free testosterone naturally.
Fenugreek – Recently, fenugreek has found its way into bodybuilding supplements as testosterone enhancer. Because of it’s effect on blood sugar levels it could be useful as a cutting supplement used to lower blood sugar and insulin spikes
Velvet Bean Extract – has been well documented in its ability to increase testosterone and stimulate growth hormone

SHREDZ® Testosterone

Take one (1) capsule three (3) times daily spaced evenly. Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Zinc – 29.6mg

SHREDZ® Proprietary Testosterone Complex – 1915mg
Anacyclus Pyrethrum, Eurycoma (Long Jack Root) 100:1, Fenugreek 50%, Maca Root, Velvet Bean Extract

Ok first off lets start with Shredz genericizing themselves! WTF is your marketing team thinking of!

Lets have a typical gym conversation and ill show you:

Hey bro guess what? What? I’m starting a new fat burner tomorrow. Oh yeah what’s it called? Fat burner. Oh yeah who makes it? Shredz. Oh cool!

Now lets have the same conversation prior to this stupid move by Shredz!

Hey Bro guess what? I’m starting Shredz tomorrow? Nice tell me how it works!

Ok lets do the same thing for test booster!

Hey bro guess what? What? I’m starting a new test booster tomorrow. Oh yeah what’s it called? Test booster. Oh yeah who makes it? Shredz. Oh cool!

Hey Bro guess what? I’m starting Diezel tomorrow? Nice tell me how it works!

By genericizing (to make generic) you loose your branding causing your customers to ask more questions and wonder if your product is worth the money!

I would go back to Shredz and Diezel immediately!

I asked the rep and he said the formulas haven’t changed at all, just the name and packaging!

Go back!!!

I do like that the products are different color unlike Royal’s Royal Snafu!

I started the stack this morning and all is well! No jitters, plenty of energy and no nausea!

Of course the real test is after the second dose. Will it be too powerful? Will it be just right! Will I be able to sleep?

All those and more will be answered to come!

Stay tuned!

**Update** May 12th 2014
I took the second dose yesterday and no ill effects! It was great plenty of energy, no jitters.

**Update** May 15th 2014
Horrible day today, a lot of stress! And my blood pressure was still good, I’m feeling great! Lots of energy and no jitters! Will it last the month? Will I lose weight? Will I gain muscle or at least maintain muscle on a cut? Will Shredz rule them all?

Stay tuned!

**Update** May 19th 2014
Had to take a physical today and couldn’t take Shredz, didn’t want to spike EKG or Blood Pressure!

I started May 11th and it’s May 19th hasn’t been long at all! And I got the worst caffeine withdrawal headache in a long time!!!! It’s only been a few days! The headache was as bad as multiple months of Monster Energy Drink!

That’s crazy!

**Update** May 30th 2014
I really like what I am seeing! More definition and vascularity in my arms, not so much in my abs, still working on that. I have seen a reduction due to this and my Ab Carver Pro!

**Update** June 12th 2014
Coming to the end of my Shredz stack. I put on a considerable amount of muscle and lost some weight. I really enjoyed the stack! It gave me plenty of energy with no crash. Would I buy it again? Yes!

Supplement Review: Part Two – Stack Test Booster & Fat Burner – Royal Sport Ltd. Burn and Test


The Makers of Cellucor Launch “Royal Sport LTD” Exclusively at GNC Franchise Stores Nationwide

Makers of the award winning sports nutrition brand, Cellucor, and the electrifying supplement brand, Neon Sport, launch Royal Sport LTD, a premium line of products exclusive to GNC Franchises.

We consulted with storeowners heavily during the development of this line and are really proud to launch this special collaboration.
New York, N.Y. (PRWEB) October 31, 2013

The year 2013 continues to be a year of major releases for the team behind the ultra-popular, innovative supplement brand, Cellucor. Fresh off the highly anticipated launch of Neon Sport, an electrifying, in-your-face-energy brand of supplements, the team is at it again with Royal Sport LTD, a new, premium line of products launching exclusively at GNC Franchise locations this past month.
“We’re really excited about Royal Sport LTD,” stated Vice President Hagen Panton.“We [Cellucor] started on the shelves of GNC Franchise stores. We are forever grateful for the support of those storeowners who got behind us in the very beginning; their support is why Cellucor is a leading brand today. Royal Sport LTD is our way of giving back to the great GNC Franchise stores. We consulted with storeowners heavily during the development of this line and are really proud to launch this special collaboration.”
To drive home the top-shelf feel, Royal Sport LTD features premium purple soft touch canisters and a vintage, sport-inspired label that’s a first in the dietary supplement industry.

Royal Sport LTD debuted this past month with an outstanding, initial 4-product lineup:

Royal Sport Siege™ utilizes the “royal trifecta” of caffeine, synephrine and rauwolfia to deliver a high-energy pre-workout unlike anything else on the shelf. Siege is one of the only pre-workouts in the store to contain ZERO Creatine and ZERO Beta-Alanine making it an ultra-versatile product that delivers results without the tingles.*

Royal Sport Charge™ is a 3-tiered intra-workout/recovery sports drink. Charge combines BCAA’s, SAA’s, and an Electrolyte and Glutamine-based recovery complex with an unmatched flavor system to deliver an amino product fit for a king.*

Royal Test™ is a breakthrough, tribulus-free testosterone product that features a premier combination of Maca, Ursolic Acid, Horny Goat Weed and Androstenolone as well as DIM, Saw Palmetto and Pygeum to reduce estrogen and DHT.*

Royal Sport Burn™ is a yohimbe-free thermogenic that combines a potent energy & metabolism matrix with an effective toning blend to deliver high energy fat-burning ingredients. Burn also includes compounds that are proven to help boost a customer’s mood to take the edge off dieting.*

“We are most excited to deliver hot new product options to supplement fans everywhere, which we will continue to do in Cellucor, in Neon Sport, and now in Royal Sport,” stated Vice President of Marketing Daniel Lourenco. “We’ve taken the time to do this right, we’ve invested heavily in unique ingredients and formulas, we’ve taken the time to make this truly special. I think our fans will instantly be able to see and appreciate the differences between Cellucor C4 Extreme (innovative pre-workout with NO3), Neon Sport Volt (high stimulant, all out sensory assault), and Royal Sport Siege (creatine-free, beta-alanine free pre-workout).

There’s a unique customer and unique place in the market for each and we’re excited to be the guys that can begin to cater to everyone with a diverse portfolio of product options.”

Royal Sport LTD is a new, premium sports nutrition brand exclusively available at GNC Franchise store locations and

I do have to say the premium soft touch containers and labeling is incredible! And eye catching! I do love it!

However; upon opening both bottles I have found a fatal flaw! Cellucor pay attention!!! You didn’t differentiate between the pills! They are all white!

That’s Burn!

That’s Test! WTF! If they get mixed up your day is ruined! And in my case I have a pill case that I out 3 days of pills in, so 3 days are ruined! If I take a couple extra Test pills big deal! But if I take a Burn the last thing before bed that’s the worst imaginable nightmare possible! 3 days of no sleep or 3 days of pills in the garbage! You need to color the pills ASAP! Have Test be a Black capsule and Burn be a red or white capsule just like the labels! Test has a black label and Burn has a white label see pics above. When you add a new product to the line color it a different color!

I would expect this from a new company, just starting out; but not from a supplement giant as Cellucor!

You need to change this ASAP!!

Other than that everything looks really cool! Now; how do they work?

Stay tuned!!

2 days, plenty of energy, but twice I took the first dose on an empty stomach and I was nauseous. I have a cast iron stomach! I eat hot sauce you need a waiver for! Remember my Ghost pepper post and my hot sauce post? So; if it’s affecting me like that you better be careful and take on a full stomach.

**Update** March 19th 2014
I have been waiting 20-30min after eating and it has been working! No pain. Also; I like the 2xs a day dosing it gives me steady energy, but not as much as when I took B4 twice a day. That was perfect! I was ready to tear up the gym!

So far, I am liking it!

**Update** March 21st 2014
Just had my blood pressure checked after taking the burn and it was low at 110/74 so this stuff isn’t bad at all

**Update** March 31st 2014
I am seeing more muscle and more vascularity. I like their test booster! However; my stomach loss wasn’t as great as it was with the BPI Sports B4. I think, so far it doesn’t come close to Cellucor’s 2013 Stack of the Year winning stack of: T7, Super HD & CLK!

I would love to do: Super HD, CLK & P6 Extreme Black. I think that would win this Years Stack of the Year!

But, we still have Part 3: Shredz: Fat Burner and Test Booster (Formally Shredz & Diezel)

Stay tuned for the conclusion of Royal Sport LTD!

**Update** May 10th 2014
Conclusion: I did not like the stack! I saw little results, it did maintain, but no significant loss was seen. It did help with muscle loss on a low carb diet and helped maintain my weight when my diet wasn’t spot on. Overall it looks like Last years Winner Cellucor might win again this Year! As Part One’s BPI was good, but not Amazing. Their Test Booster however; out performed Royal Sport while B4 fell at Royal Burn’s feet! Now off to Part 3: Shredz!

If the Cellucor Stack added Royal Sport Test, then it may be the be all end all Stack of the Gods! However; Cellucor brought back P6 Black!

Will a stack of P6 Black, Super HD and CLK rule the Universe?

Stay Tuned! Look out for Part 3: Shredz and Part 4: 360 Cut!

The First Annual (if I remember next year 😝) 2013 Sports Supplement/Product Awards!

1st Annual Sports Supplement Awards

Supplement of the Year
Preworkout of the Year
Fat Burner of the Year
Protein of the Year
BCAA of the Year
Stack of the Year
Best Tasting Supplement of the Year
Bonus Supplement of the Year
**Newly Added** Product of the Year
**Newly Added** Disappointment of the Year!

Bonus Supplement of the Year:
What is the bonus of the year? Well; it’s the supplement that makes a world of difference that doesn’t quite fit in any of the categories! And the award goes to:
Curamed (Curcumin) by Terry naturally

I can’t go over the entire benefits of Curcumin, because there’s an entire book about it! But here are some benefits:
Fights cancer
Antibacterial/anti fungal
Stabilizes blood sugar
Aids digestion
Reduces plaque in arteries
Checkout the review here!
It’s the miracle of 2013!

Best Tasting Supplement of the Year:
And the award goes to:
Prosupps Liquid L-Carnitine 1500 Chocolate flavor!

Hands down the best tasting, you will have to fight yourself from drinking the whole bottle!
Check out the review here!

Stack of the year:
And the award goes to the Cellucor Fat Burning Stack


Super HD, CLK & T7 this stack rocks! I dropped 40lbs in 2-3 weeks with this stuff!

Check out the review here!

BCAA of the Year:
And the award goes to:
Cellucor BCAA’s

Tropical Punch was also the BCAA flavor of the Year! As it was so yummy! Like drinking V8 Splash without all the sugar!

Check out the review here!

Protein of the Year:
And the award goes to:
ETB – Eat the Bear! The cinnamon bun favor is the best! And the protein of choice for my homemade protein bars also! Cleanest most pure whey protein on the market!!

Check out the review here and don’t forget to check out: beware the protein bar and homemade quest bars for other uses of ETB

Fat Burner of the Year:
And the award goes to:
Super Slim 7 by VMI Sports

Over the year I have reviewed numerous fat burners and if you have to pick only one, pick Super Slim 7
Check out the review here

Preworkout of the Year:
That’s a hard one as I don’t often use it, so it will be broken down into 2 awards: Stimulant Preworkout of the year and Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year

Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year
And the award goes to:
Hemavol by IForce

You want a muscle splitting pump so big you feel you are going to explode! This vasodilator is the best on the market!

Check out the review here!

Stimulant Preworkout of the Year:
2yrs ago would have been NO Shotgun, Last year would have been NO Explode this year:
And the award goes to:
MR Hyde by ProSupps

40 Servings Orange Guava
Serving Size:1Scoop(6.6g)
Servings Per Container:40
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Strength Matrix 5000mg *
Beta Alanine 2500mg
Creatine Hydrochloride 1000mg
L-Leucine 500mg
Agmatine Sulfate 500mg
L-Citrulline Malate 500mg
Caffeine Matrix 419mg *
Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg
Infinergy™ (Dicaffeine Malate) 69mg
Caffeine Citrate 50mg
Intensity Matrix 154mg *
Pikatropin™ (Pikamilon) 50mg
N-Methyl Tyramine 50mg
Hordenine 50mg
Yohimbe Bark Extract 2mg
Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract (Std. Min. 90% Alpha-Yohimbine) 2mg
* Percent Daily Values not established

Agmatine Sulfate is technically the winner! It produces muscle splitting pumps! These are the 2 best formulas containing it!

Mr Hyde Not yet reviewed here! But coming!

Which brings us to The Supplement of the Year!

Supplement of the Year:

If you only can afford one supplement and it’s something you can’t live without! That would be protein! Especially at over 200-250 pounds!

In order to build muscle you need 1.5grams of protein per pound of body weight. For me at 260lbs that’s 390g of protein! Grilled Chicken thanks to our livestrong my plate app (reviewed here) is 22.4g of protein per cutlet we are going to round down to 22g that’s 17.7 rounded up: 18! I need to eat 18 chicken cutlets a day to build muscle!

1. I don’t want to eat 18 cutlets a day nor do I think I can!

2. I definitely can’t afford 18 cutlets a day! 12 cutlets at BJ’s is $20-24 and that’s only 12!

So you see protein supplementation is vital!

So the award goes to:
Muscle Egg!


1 cup is equal to a dozen egg whites and the best part is: for an active lifestyle you just pour and drink, rinse cup and run! That’s it!

Congratulations to Muscle Egg Supplement of the Year!
Check out the review here!

Muscle Egg is also honorable mention for best tasting supplement of the year!

**Update** February 2nd 2014

***Newly Added***
Product of the Year
This was hard! I regained an inch in height with the Teter Hangups gravity boots, yet I wear the Oakley Stretch fit hat 4 times a week!

And the winner is: Teter Hangups gravity boots!

After all, everyone always wants and extra inch 😉

***Newly Added***
Disappointment of the Year

There is only one hands down winner here! And it will probably win D. Of the decade too!
And the loser is: Fit Body Wrap!
I did the opposite of what it claimed! I gained weight! Check out my review here on this site!

Ps: don’t hold that crap against Beach Bum Tanning they still Rock!! Just don’t waste your money on the Fit Body Wrap!!

Remember for all your Supplement needs call: Nutrition Zone Rockaway NJ and ask for Pete or Pauly and tell em sent you!
They can even ship you whatever you want! +1 (973) 664-9444

There’s a review for Nutrition Zone here also 😉

**Update** January 3rd 2014
It’s a new year and there’s a lot in the works! Many new supplement reviews from new supplement companies! New product reviews! More tips and recipes! And much more!

Teaser: Product Review: Zemgear Ninja Toe Running Shoes

Supplement Review: Cellucor Stack – Super HD, CLK & T7- Fat Burning Stack of the Gods!



I have done this stack before, if you follow this blog, I lost 60lbs in 3 weeks off this stack!

Now that I am 84-85lbs down will this stack work again?

That’s what we are here to find out!

I have been feeling better, my shoulder is feeling better, so my weights have increased and I am building muscle back, so my weightloss is at a standstill, but I am continuing to lean out.

**Update** July 6th 2013
Beginning of diet, halfway and last week


25lbs more to go! I added 30sec Burpee intervals to my workout before cardio…

**Update** January 13th 2014
Yesterday I successfully passed my Air Force PT Test and returned to deployable status! I a know eligible to reenlist! I owe most of my success to this stack! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Cellucor and Hank Walshak for you caring and support! I owe you a lot!

And make sure you try this stack!! Check out the first annual 2013 Supplement Awards this stack won stack of the year!

Will they successfully defend their title in 2014?

There’s a lot of competition hot on their tail: Shredz, BPI Sports and Cellucor’s new Premium line – Royal Sport! Who will claim the prize? Will old faithful prevail? Stay tuned! Only time and inches will prevail!

Don’t forget to check out the 2nd Annual supplement awards coming in December 2014

P.S. I will have to shorten that title! How about: the 2nd Annual LJB Supplement Awards coming in December 2014?

Supplement Review: Synedrex weight loss solution



Doctors who study metabolism, have identified 4 critical problems areas which are affecting your metabolism.
The four problems are:
Problem #1 Deficient Calorie burning
Problem #2 Low energy and focus
Problem #3 Poor Carbohydrate assimilation
Problem #4 Out-of-Control Hunger

Like every person, you can relate to one…if not all of these areas. Not to mention that age, work and life stresses can make these problems even worse for you to maintain a well balanced fast metabolism…so that you can keep off those unwanted pounds!.

Our Physician Formulated weight loss solution is what you need to transform your slow functioning metabolism into a calorie burning furnace. Start now!

I will use this after I review the Cellucor Stack to loose any final weight I need to loose. I was told that this works better then Super HD… That’s hard to believe, but If it’s actually true then this stuff is worth its weight in gold!

I lost 17lbs in 2 weeks halfway through my diet with the Cellucor stack… I am honestly afraid to take this. What if it doesn’t work? I am going to finish out the bottle of Super HD and then try this. However, I can’t see it living up to the hype… time will tell!

Today is New Years Day: Happy New Year! Tomorrow is my last day of Super HD, so Thursday I will switch to Synedrex. Can a one a day pill be better than 3 a day? Highly doubt it! It does say however, with caution, you may increase up to 2 capsules in the AM.

OK Tomorrow morning will be my first day, this is a mega test! I just lost a total of 65lbs in almost 4 months (this Sunday will be 4 months)
This past week I hit my first plateau, I have been volleying back and forth from 277-275lbs. Will Synedrex break the plateau? Can it work after I lost so much weight so fast? Time will tell!

No rush, no acidy reflux feeling when I digest the pill (like I get on an empty stomach with Super HD), leads me to wonder if it is working.. If all is well I will take an afternoon dose at 2pm

I did have trouble falling asleep the first night, didn’t go to bed till after 3am…BUT, I didn’t have any trouble waking up and actually sprang out of bed with the alarm… If that happened everyday, I’d take them for the rest of my life lmao!

Jan 14th 2013 down another 8lbs down 74 total lbs 266lbs

Jan 21st 2013 hit a plateau still 266lbs today I am going to bump my cardio to 1.5hrs instead of 1.0hrs and I will reweigh tomorrow.

Supplement Review: Cellucor T7 Extreme weight loss


Cellucor Chrome T7 Extreme Stimulant Free Fat Burner dramatically increases caloric burn without increasing heart rate or blood pressure. Not all fat burners are created equal. Traditionally weight loss aids have very simple formulas-loads of caffeine to boost metabolism, and little else to truly promote weight loss. Cellucor changed the game with D4 Thermal Shock-a cutting-edge weight loss product that utilizes beta-2 signaling, not just caffeine, to skyrocket metabolism, energy and focus. Cellucor’s T7 Extreme is a 100% stimulant free, safe, natural weight loss aid. Because it’s caffeine free, T7 Extreme is the fat loss product for stimulant-sensitive individuals. The Power of 5-HTP The innovative formula utilizes 5-HTP to curb appetite and promote happiness and well-being-essential while dieting and trying to lose weight. When the level of the feel-good chemical serotonin in your brain falls, your body senses starvation, and to protect itself, starts craving carbs. 5-HTP combats this, allowing for consistent weight loss. A University of Rome Clinical Trial studied 28 women on identical diets over a 12 week period. The diets were normal, consisting of approximately 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein-hardly an extreme weight loss diet! In the 12 week time period, the group supplementing with 5-HTP lost an average of 12 pounds while the control group lost an average of 1.87 pounds. 90% of women taking 5-HTP reported feeling satisfied and positive while on the diet.


The 5-HTP is useless! I feel no Appetite Suppression what so ever! I am going to tweak the directions to test the product!

The directions say: take 2 tablets in the morning and one in the afternoon. I am not hungry in the morning, I am hungry after 10pm, so I am going to try:

2 tablets in the morning and one with dinner. If that doesn’t work I will switch to 3 tablets a day: 1 morning, noon and night

Since it contains no stimulants it shouldn’t matter when I take it.

If that doesn’t work, you will know 5-HTP is useless…

If you are looking to use this as an appetite suppressant look elsewhere… If you still want to take advantage of the other great ingredients such as:
White willow bark: Aspirin like herb
cayenne pepper
seaweed extract
and selenium

then go for it…

I think the mood enhancement part is definitely working!

I suggest Cellucor add Magnesium Aspartate to the ingredients because they already have the zinc…

possibly increase the 5-HTP dosage…

They seem to be working slightly better when used:
2 super HD, one T7, one, CLK upon rising

1 super HD, 1 T7, 1 CLK at 2pm

1 T7, 1 CLK after dinner

Supplement Review: Cellucor CLK weightloss miracle or mumbo jumbo…



I asked Cellucor if they had a Fat-loss Stack, because I noticed they had a bunch of products. I told them I use Super HD and I would like to know which other products can be used in unison with Super HD, so they sent me CLK and T7 Extreme, both are stimulant free fat burners, so they can be stacked. If you previously read my posts you have seen that BCAA Stacking also helps, so they sent me their BCAA’s also! Now; its time to see if their recipe for success will succeed!

Make sure if you didn’t already check out the Super HD review here…

1st thing I have to say about Cellucor is they take care of their customers! I constantly hear from people, such as GNC employees that Cellucor is always hooking them up. All summer at GNC I got free packets of Super HD with a purchase and I used them in times of emergency, like when I went to the Air Force for the weekend and forgot my bottle at home, they really came in handy.

I hope these other products kick ass just like Super HD!

2nd day on the stack, and I don’t know what it is , but something has me pissing like a racehorse!! I know it’s not the Super HD.

I am not sure if its the BCAA’s (highly unlikely),T7 or CLK…

But, I have gone about 6-7 times in 3 hours…

I’m not talking about a few squirts here and there, I’m talking about full fledged peeing!!

The excessive peeing stopped after 2 days. I still go a lot due to the fact I drink a gallon of water (131 oz), but not 6-7 times in 3 hours…

2 weeks on stack down 17lbs – 3mo into diet total loss 61lbs

30 more to go…

The fact that the stack is working sooo good mid diet, I give it 2 thumbs up!!!

In 2 months I lost 40lbs with just Super HD alone and I just lost an additional 17lbs in 2 weeks with the stack. I am eager to see what the next 2 weeks will bring!

After that I need to cycle off.

Stack total loss: I’m down to 275lbs, so 25lb loss after a 60count Super HD bottle.

Supplement Review: Cellucor BCAA Lemon Lime


Cellucor COR-Performance ß-BCAATM features clinically studied doses of BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Citrulline and HICA, which are suggested to help athletes build muscle, sustain maximum output, and recover from intense training and sports activities.* Beta Alanine is known for the ‘tingling’ sensation most users feel after consumption. Cellucor COR-Performance ß-BCAATM uses a clinically studied 3.2g dose of Beta Alanine to support maximum results and a great activation feeling that lets you know the product is ‘kicking in.’ The vast majority of Beta Alanine users report a slight tingling sensation after ingestion. If you don’t feel the ‘tingles’, don’t worry, the product is still hard at work to maximize your workout.*

I had the BCAA’s for the first time today and let me tell you!!! They were F’N amazing!!! They mixed easily in a glass of tap water with a spoon. They were also the best tasting BCAA supplement I have ever tasted! The lemon lime was awesome!

Now, do they work?

Stay Tuned for an update!

I seriously enjoy the taste!

Especially on a diet of:

upon waking take the stack – 2 Super HD, 2 T7, 1 CLK

then 30-45min later – 1-16oz glass of cold water with half a fresh lemon squeezed
8oz glass hot green tea (Yogi tea – blueberry slim life, cold season, Mayan coco spice (my favorite), Chai Redbush or any other flavor I have on hand see article here)
4 hard boiled eggs – one yolk per 4 eggs with hotsauce

3 hours later -1 serving emergency tuna (see article here)

before workout 1 – 8oz Isoflex shake always made with water, 1 scoop equate (Walmart) fiber powder supplement (sometimes I’ll add 1 tsp PB2 see article here) but I ran out…

during workout and cardio – 1.5 liter Naleczowianka Polish mineral water (see all men created equal, but what about water? post here)

after weights before cardio 1- 8oz 1 scoop serving Cellucor Bcaa’s
part 2 of the stack – 1 super HD, 1 T7, 1CLK

after workout – 1 – 8oz Isoflex shake

1-2 hours later – 1 serving emergency tuna
1 – 8oz glass of hot green tea as above
1 -16oz glass cold lemon water as above
1 -CLK

3 hours later – 1 – 8oz Isoflex shake

snack ate separately as needed – 2 gala small-medium apples

before bed – 3 hard boiled eggs 1-yolk per 3 eggs with hotsauce
1 equate (Walmart) complete multivitamin

Total: 300 grams of protein 307 if PB2 is used

1,596 calories consumed

+68 calories if PB2 used

1,664 Total

1,735 calories burned at gym daily

Calorie Deficit of: 139 calories
Calorie Deficit of: 71 calories with PB2

I started this diet on sept 8th and today is Dec 16th I dropped 55lbs so far…

Just picked up 2 more bottles today of Tropical Punch, so when lemon-lime is done check back here for another update as well as progress report…
I had the tropical fruit today, tastes a lot like the tropical v8 splash not super crazy about it. To me the lemon lime was more refreshing, but if you like the V8 splash close your eyes and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

To me these BCAA’s work!! My muscles feel pretty full even on a extreme low carb diet. Definitely 2 thumbs up! Try these!!
PS Dropped 65lbs now.

Down 74lbs total – last month I just maintained trying various fat burners, to no avail.

Starting tomorrow 13Feb2013 I am starting back on Super HD. Last night I started my first Rem PM. I slept soundly from 1:30am-6am my alarm rang at 6:20 so I didn’t make the entire time, but it was close. I had a big day today so I was anxious to get up. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Tomorrow starts my big push to drop another 30 more pounds!

Once I reach my goal: I will remove the tuna from my diet and replace it with fresh turkey breast and add mason jar oatmeal to my breakfast

There are many recipes check here for a couple and Pinterest for the rest of them.

Supplement Review: Cellucor – Super HD Fat Burner



First day down: didn’t feel anything! Wasn’t tired so maybe I got energy from it, but it wasn’t a surge, and didn’t drive me crazy like the Stackers of old.

Week one down and not too bad, no jitters, no trouble sleeping, not sure how effective they are, only time will tell!

I’ll wait to see if they really work…

Post surgery pic:

So far this stuff is amazing! There is about an inch left in the bottle. Already it cut my stomach in half!! Now the month is almost over.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into oxy-elite and just stop working! If the next month works as good as this month I will have my 6pack back in no time! And be fully recovered from my shoulder surgery.

Update: first month I dropped 30lbs. Waiting for 2nd month results.
1st recovery pic:


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Supplement Review: Cellucor – Super HD Fat Burner



First day down: didn’t feel anything! Wasn’t tired so maybe I got energy from it, but it wasn’t a surge, and didn’t drive me crazy like the Stackers of old.

Week one down and not too bad, no jitters, no trouble sleeping, not sure how effective they are, only time will tell!

I’ll wait to see if they really work…

Post surgery pic:

So far this stuff is amazing! There is about an inch left in the bottle. Already it cut my stomach in half!! Now the month is almost over.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into oxy-elite and just stop working! If the next month works as good as this month I will have my 6pack back in no time! And be fully recovered from my shoulder surgery.

Update: first month I dropped 30lbs. Waiting for 2nd month results.
1st recovery pic:


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