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Product Review: Brooks Glycerine Running Shoes

These shoes are really comfortable! They feel supportive and cushioned but still soft and relaxed.

The reason I purchased the Glycerine’s was because May 24th I purchased the
Pure Flow 3’s which I announced here! Well, the Pure Flow 3’s disintegrated in 2 months! Check this out!







I brought them back to where I purchased them; the Running Company of Morristown, NJ and they screwed me by only giving me half credit on a defective pair of shoes!! I got $50 credit for the old shoes and paid the $100 balance for the Glycerine’s $150. They didn’t even give me a military discount like they usually do!

I wrote Brooks about the situation and I am still waiting on an answer. The phone chat assistance said he could give me a 20% off coupon. I said that doesn’t really help as I have another pair of shoes and the coupon would probably expire before I used it and that doesn’t make up for the $50 I got ripped off by a defective pair of shoes! He gave me the link for the form to submit for a defective pair of shoes.
If you look at the image of the sole not only is it totally worn out on the edge, but the center of my right shoe has totally self destructed look at that wrinkled gash in the middle!

This was a poorly made shoe with cheap soft foam like rubber sole! I can’t believe the Running Company rep would recommend a 280lb guy to buy a pair of shoes like that! Neither could the manager when I told her until she looked at the salesman’s name on my receipt and said yeah that explains it! I don’t think he’s with the company anymore lol nor should he be! I am surprised Brooks put out a piece of shit like that to begin with! I think the Glycerine will last a long time! You can see a big difference between the shoes!

**Update** September 11th 2014
Ok so Brooks is sending me a brand new pair of Glycerine 11’s in replacement for the defective Pure Flow 3’s! That is awesome! It’s great to see a company standby their products! Not many companies do that anymore!

Defective shoe aside Brooks are still the best running shoe on the market!

Workout: Battle Ropes – wiggle your way to jacked!



The ropes are nice and fits perfect in my 2 car garage gym! The rope feels a little stiff and plasticky and might be brittle. I am curious to see how it’s going to hold up! The shrink wrapped handles are half the size of the pictured handles! That pissed me off! The DVD that was included was absolute shit like people said. It did show a couple of moves but most were similar for example the standard wiggle with a squat, the standard wiggle with a front lunge, the standard wiggle with a rear lunge… Really lol

I guess there’s only so much you can do with a rope, so he attempted to show different things, but I would rather hear commentary then the horrible music loops he used!

He didn’t even take the time to label the blank DVD-R!

Overall I am happy it’s perfect size and the shipping was fast! Stay tuned for the practical application!

My girlfriend likes to wiggle them while standing on an upside down Bosu ball. I like to be standing on the ground because I squat and jump with it. I may try it on my rebounder when it arrives!

**Update** October 13th 2014
I have been using the ropes on shoulder day to loosen my shoulders up after a weight session and it has been working! Less shoulder pain the next day! It also gives me extra interval training!

Sore sore sore – my knee has been bothering me and I can’t do cardio! Ugh what will I do!


My knee has been sore due to working in dress shoes and not having the right insoles. I purchased a rebounder and can’t do cardio until it arrives, but what shall I do in the meantime? I am going to try a 30 day challenge! Lets do this! My suits getting tight and I can’t afford to buy new ones while I am injured! Lets do this! 100 crunches today! I got this!

I picked a challenge I can do anywhere and anytime! No gym needed! Although; I will still be working out at the gym.

Stay tuned for results!
Yesterday I did 150 crunches
Today 100 pushups not bad!

**Update** October 13th 2014
Once I received my Rebounder i discontinued the challenge. I may start it back up in addition to the trampoline and use my perfect pushups for the pushup challenge portion.

I have been doing 300 crunches daily with my Rebounder and I am about to go to 500! So I guess I am kinda still doing the challenge…

Workout Review: Tabata? WTF is that?

There are many different forms of workouts out there and each workout will give you a different result. Some increase muscle mass, some increase strength, others help you lose weight and so forth.

Cardiovascular (cardio for short) exercises are a popular brand of exercise designed to improve endurance and stimulate fat loss. Cardio exercises can be anything from long distance running, skipping, biking or even power walking. All of these usually fall under the category of moderate intensity training because they tend to last anywhere from a half hour to more than an hour going at the same pace.

“Tabata” is the name of a particular type of workout program that provides similar health benefits to that of cardio workouts, but Tabata has a bit more spice. Instead of hours upon hours or exercise, Tabata can be completed in 4 minutes. Tabata falls under the category of high intensity training or high intensity interval training. Today I write to explain to you the history of Tabata and exactly what it is.

How did Tabata come about?
Tabata was founded by a Japanese scientist named Izumi Tabata and fellow colleagues at a department of physiology in Japan. Izumi and his fellow scientists decided to conduct a study to compare moderate intensity training with high intensity training.

He conducted the tests on 2 groups of athletes; 1 of the groups used the moderate intensity interval training and the other using high intensity interval training.

In group one; the athletes were training in moderate intensity workouts (70% intensity) for five days a week for a total of six weeks with each training session lasting an hour.

Group two trained in the high intensity workouts for 4 days a week for a total of 6 weeks with each session lasting 4 minutes, at 20 seconds of intense training (170% intensity) and 10 seconds of rest.

What were the results of the tests?

Group 1 had a significant increase in the aerobic system (cardiovascular system). However, the anaerobic system (muscles) gained little or no results at all.

Group 2 showed much improvement in all their athletes. Their aerobic systems increased much more than group ones, and their anaerobic systems increased by 28%.

Conclusion? Not only did high intensity interval training have more of an impact on the aerobic systems; it had an impact on the anaerobic systems as well.

So what does a basic Tabata training design look like?

Any exercise can be incorporated into the Tabata training. However the basic outline of the Tabata training method are as follows:
• 4 minutes long (whole Tabata Session)
• 20 seconds of intense training
• 10 seconds of rest
• Total of 8 sessions or rounds

To wrap it all up, Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training method that offers more health benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercise. It’s short, efficient and can fit in almost any fitness program.

Here’s the official iPhone tabata app:

As you can see below there are numerous free apps below:


That’s the inside of the first app👆




Now iPhone apps are fine and dandy, but when you start using apps on your phone such as: Facebook (fuck FB), Twitter, Instagram, key ring (for all those annoying key tags: gym tag, Gnc, supermarkets etc) now tabata timer; your battery will empty super super fast! Leaving you to go charge your phone or be without a phone.

There is an alternative! The Gym Boss!

It’s a handheld (old pager like) integral timer. See the review on this site!

**Coming Soon** an interview with a Tabata Practitioner!

**Update** February 24th 2014
I have an interview with Tabata Practitioner Jake Morris

Are you a trainer if so certified by who?
I’m not a certified trainer but I do work out 3-4 times per week.

Where do you practice Tabata? Is it something you do yourself, with a trainer or is it a class? Also How often do you do Tabata?
I have a home gym where I train and I do Tabata once a week usually.

What benefits do you see from Tabata?
The benefit for me is the efficiency of the routine as it only takes a few minutes but it gets you sweating.

Do you have a favorite workout set?
I tend to use Tabata mainly for bodyweight exercises to finish a weightlifting session, such as pushups on chest day. Calf raises are good to do with Tabata as I usually have a hard time hitting my calves but due to the intensity and short rest with Tabata, I can get in a good calf workout.

Are there any negatives?
The only negative I could see is training with too much weight. Tabata is a high intensity workout and using too much weight will usually compromise your form and can result in injury.

What advice can you give to new practitioners of Tabata?
Light or bodyweight is best for Tabata, in my opinion, especially for those just starting out.

Thank you Jake!

Controversy: Stairmaster – Enjoy workout!

Do you know what Pisses me off? Stairmaster, aka Stepmill, aka Stairmaster Gauntlet, aka Revolving stair machine.


After you pick your program and put in your info and are ready to begin the machine says: Enjoy workout!

Are you kidding me?? Show me one guy that actually wakes up and says:”Hey I can’t wait to run the stairmaster today, because I actually enjoy it!!”

Enjoy workout: 13 Characters

Here are more realistic and encouraging comments without lying or pissing people off!

There should be a mini Drill Sergeant inside the machine yelling at you and encouraging you…

Have a good workout: 19 Characters

Kick Butt: 9 characters

Work Hard: 9 characters

Get Stepping: 12 Characters

Is that all: 11 characters

Seriously, If you want to Incinerate fat, get on this and do intervals or fatburner for a few minutes.

For intervals look at H.I.I.T. Training here…

I started at 5min/day then went to 7,10,15,20,30 and now 45 minutes

Kick Butt!