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Product Review: CrossKix – Badass Crocs reinvented! *

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CROSSKIX – A Superior Alternative in Foam Composite Footwear. Not just another EVA shoe to slip on and casually wear, Crosskix is pioneering functional footwear in mold injected shoes with striking, aggressive, sexy, and sporty designs for multi-purpose uses. Durable enough for rigorous work-outs including Crossfit and Tuff Mudder but oh so comfortable for marathon runs and everyday casual wear. And if you don’t do any of the above, join the growing trend of Crosskix lifestyle and culture.

Made of the highest grade of EVA content for a lightweight, soft and extremely comfortable for men, women, and children. Fully adjustable velcro attachable instep strap. Sleek and sexy body lines with strategically placed air/water vents allow your feet to breathe freely keeping your feet cool and anti-microbial. Use for wet or dry applications. Completely submerable in water with rear water drains to keep your shoes from becoming water logged. An excellent multi-purpose shoe!

Crosskix is an Oregon Footwear company with a primary focus on developing athletically functional shoes in the EVA (mold injected) category. Launched in just May 2013, Crosskix has made an immediate impact with its signature shoe (Crosskix 1.0) selling in several countries including Mexico, UK, Thailand, India, Dubai, Canada, and more! Poised to become a major company in mold injected shoes, stay tuned for the most technologically advanced EVA shoes from Crosskix!

Technical Specs:
Features & Benefits

CROSSKIX was designed and engineered to function to absorb impact, ventilation, and water use.


*LITEKIX high grade EVA to absorb high impact activities. Offers increased flexibility to contour your foots every move.

AIR Vent | WATER Drainage

Rear vents allow AIR to flow through keeping your feet dry. These same vents allow WATER to flow through the shoe. Excellent for using IN or OUT of the water. You never have to remove your shoes!


Every person is different in how they like to wear their shoes – some like it loose, while others like it tight. The instep strap allows you to adjust how you like to wear your CROSSKIX.


*LITEKIX EVA outsole grips concrete, hardwood, rubber, fiberglass, grass, and turf for any activity. Additional rubber inserts at the front and rear add additional grip. Non-marking outsole.


*LITEKIX EVA upper (7.5oz @ size 9). Anti-Microbial (prevents bacteria) and Odor-Resistant.

I backed this company on kickstarter because I believe this is a good idea for lounging around the house! Wearing outside on the deck and just relaxing! Will I wear them out? No. Will I wear them to the gym? No. Do they make awesome slippers? Yes! I can’t wait to get them! It’s been about a year in the making! They experienced numerous problems in the design. One thing I didn’t like is they farmed it out to China I believe! They had problems with the mold and design tearing in the back and they redesigned and totally fixed different issues! It pushed the launch date back, but created a better product! I can’t wait it’s already shipped and on its way! They even included a free cinch bag as a thank you! They rock!

**Update** April 29th 2014
I received my CrossKix finally and they are much harder than and I thought. Not nearly as comfortable as crocs! Crocs are like walking on air! However; they are hard enough to wear out and to the gym. Will I do that? Probably not as I wear orthotics in my sneakers.

The sizing is true to size!

Stay tuned for practical review.