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TV Show Barter Kings ruins the entire Barter Industry

There’s a thriving subculture of entrepreneurs who know how to get what they want without spending a dime. No cash, no problem. These larger than life characters prefer the art of trade, and we’ve found the best in the business — Steve McHugh and Antonio Palazzola.
In each half hour we’lll follow two “trading strings,” the dramatic chain of events as items of little value are traded up for items worth thousands. At the heart of every trade is the art of the deal. It takes a ton of strategy, charisma, and all out manipulation to close them. It’s a world filled with amazing characters, fascinating items, and most of all, surprising, unpredictable journeys. When it comes to Barter Kings, anything can happen.

This show is absolutely fake! Anyone can barter any item for any item when there’s a tv crew in their face! Promising them they will be on tv.

Hey I want to trade you an iPad for a muscle car, I promise you will be on our new show on cable tv. C’mon seriously!

What has this done to the world? It has made people delusional! Go to Craig’s list’s barter section right now! I posted a few items and responded to a few items.

Here are a couple items:

A galaxy tablet for a truck or motorcycle seriously?

A laptop for a scooter or jet ski? C’mon wake up out of your dream world!

iPad for an atv, boat, jetski etc.. Wow

Not only does this guy want all of the above but he wants a jeep too!

C’mon people wake the FUCK up! That’s a TV show!! An iPad 3 64gb is going for $800 which you can find cheaper.

The ones above aren’t even iPad 3! They are 2nd generation! At first glance it’s $490 who the fuck in real life will give a multi thousand dollar item for $500! Wake up!! Smell the coffee!

This show sucks! It’s ruining people’s lives giving them delusions of grandeur!

They added a girl to season 2 – it looks like they stole the girl from American Pickers, but only hotter! Copy Cats!!
Why is she so hot? She’s a model! Yes, even she is fake, just like the show!!