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The 2nd Annual Supplement/Product Awards 2014

2nd Annual Sports Supplement Awards 

Preworkout of the Year 

Fat Burner of the Year 

Protein of the Year 

Best Grass Fed All Natural Whey Protein of the Year *New*

Best Alternative Protein of the Year *New*

Best Vegan Recipe of the Year *New*

Teatox Challenge Teatox of the Year

BCAA of the Year 

Stack of the Year 

Best Tasting Supplement of the Year 

Bonus Supplement of the Year 

Fitness Aparrel of the Year *New*

Grip Challenge Grip of the Year *New*

Best Mobility Product of the Year *New*

Most Innovative Supplement of the Year *New*

Product of the Year 

Supplement of the Year 

Disappointment of the Year

This year I have reviewed many incredible products! Some incredible products that didn’t win, but still need to be mentioned: The Shred Belt, Youfresh Naturals, The Powerball, The footballer, the beastie ball, SFH So3d3, Deer Antler Velvet and many many others! Check out all the reviews here on this site!  

And now on to the awards! 

 Bonus Supplement of the Year: What is the bonus of the year? Well; it’s the supplement that makes a world of difference that doesn’t quite fit in any of the categories! And the award goes to: Wheatgrass 

There’s too many great things to say about wheatgrass! You have to check out my post here on this site! 

Best Tasting Supplement of the Year: many can enter but only one can win! I truly enjoyed all the nut butters and coconut butter this year but one was slightly above all! And the award goes to: PB Crave

This stuff tastes amazing! Every flavor is rich and delectable! Try them all! Hey PB Crave how about a cinnamon raisin?  

Stack of the year: This years Stack of the Year challenge was a Fat Burner coupled with a Test Booster to try and stop muscle loss when going on an extreme low carb diet. The results were amazing! And the award goes to: Shredz Fat Burner and Testosterone formally: Shredz and Diezel 

BCAA of the Year: And the award goes to: BPI Sports Best BCAAs 

Protein of the Year: And the award goes to: Bio-gro although its not quite protein, its Colestrum it’s made from milk and therefore qualifies! Bio-gro has added value to my protein shakes! Try it! 

Best Grass Fed All Natural Whey Protein of the Year: and the award goes to: Body Logix Natural Isolate All Natural Whey

Best Alternative Protein of the Year: and the award goes to: Rice Protein by Growing Naturals I believe that adding multiple sources of protein equals greater uptake in the body. Rice Protein probably absorbs slower than Whey Isolate making my shake a time released protein shake! That’s awesome! 

Best Vegan Recipe of the Year: and the award goes to: Avocado Chocolate Pudding although this is a vegan recipe I love to add 2 scoops of protein to make it a healthy and enjoyable high protein snack! 

Fat Burner of the Year: And the award goes to: Shredz 

Teatox Challenge Teatox of the Year: and the award goes to: Mate Fit

Preworkout of the Year: That’s a hard one as I don’t often use it, so it will be broken down into 2 awards: Stimulant Preworkout of the Year and Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year

Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year And the award goes to: Hemanovol – HVOL by AllMax Nutrition

Stimulant Preworkout of the Year: 3 yrs ago would have been NO Shotgun, 2 yrs ago would have been NO Explode Last Year MR Hyde by ProSupps won who is this year’s winner? 

And the award goes to: BPI Sports 1.M.R. Vortex 

Fitness Aparrel of the Year: and the award goes to: Al1ve Magnetics 


Grip Challenge Grip of the Year: 

And the award goes to: Iron Bull Strength Tgrips (Tru Grip) 

Ion Bracelet Challenge Bracelet of the Year: and the award goes to: Dr Ion

Mobility Tool of the Year: This one is very difficult! I have different tools for different purposes! So let’s see the multiple winners: 

Best deep tissue massager: And the award goes to: the Beastie Bar

Best Deep Tissue Foam Roller: and the award goes to: The Rumble Roller

Best Foot Massager: and the award goes to: The Moji 360 foot massager 

Best Foam Roller: and the award goes to: The M80 Roller

Best and most Badass Roller: and the award goes to: The Cold Roller

Most Innovative Supplement of the Year: and the award goes to: Quest Protein Chips

Product of the Year: and the award goes to: DFX Split Core Dynamax Core Trainer 

Which brings us to The Supplement of the Year! 

Supplement of the Year: and the award goes to: Vitargo Post

What makes Vitargo Post the Supplement of the Year? Vitargo is the best post workout Carbohydrate on the market its absorption is second to none and Vitargo Post takes that one step further and adds 20g of high quality protein to the mix to give you the best complete postworkout supplement! 

Congratulations to Vitargo and Gener8 strength! 

Disappointment of the Year: There is only one hands down winner here! 

This one even beat last years loser: the fitbody wrap – the fitbody wrap didn’t hurt me! 

The loser is: SARMS! 

Do not take SARMS! Stay away! What is supposed to have no side effects poisoned me and 6 other people I know! All of us had the same side effects: high blood pressure and high cholesterol plus weight gain! I would like to sue the manufacturer so if there’s a health care attorney that’s reading this, I have a case for you! 

Remember for all your Supplement needs call: Nutrition Zone Rockaway NJ and ask for Pete or Pauly and tell em sent you! They can even ship you whatever you want! +1 (973) 664-9444 There’s a review for Nutrition Zone here also 😉 


 It’s a new year and there’s a lot in the works! Many new supplement reviews from new supplement companies! New product reviews! More tips and recipes! And much more! Teaser: Product Review: Monkii Bars 

Gym Gear – Products that should be in every Guy and Girls Gym Bag! *

When going to the gym there are tools you should always have in your bag. Don’t rely on the gym having them and sometimes it’s just plain nasty to share! Then there are also recommended items that are a luxury to have.

Guys Gym Bag:

Wrist wraps:


Wrist Straps:

Flexsolate straps:

You can leave the book and DVD at home. This are incredible for face pulls (high row) and for burning out a body part especially after your TGrips (below) burn out your grip!

Ironbull TGrips (optional, but highly beneficial):

Al1ve Magnetics (optional, but highly supportive):



Weight Belt (Optional, due to preference)

I personally am trying not to rely on a belt, but if you want a belt, but the best! Cardillo!

Protein Shaker with 2 scoops ETB:

Smart Shakers are ideal, because you can carry preworkout, protein & post workout like vitargo or vitamins/supplements

Water Bottle:
Smart Shaker can take the place of your water bottle also after you finish your preworkout refill with water. Water is essential to a good workout!

Gym Boss interval timer (Optional, but makes life easier):

Makes life easier to do intervals and preserves the battery life on your phone, by using a handy dandy little device to track and time your intervals and it uses one long lasting AAA battery.

I’m military, so I’m a prepper. No not like the crazy guys on tv, but it’s good to be prepared! Emergency items that should be in your gym bag:



Small First Aid kit – band aids, alcohol pad/antiseptic cream to clean cut , Advil/Aleve for pain and Benedryl in case you have an allergic reaction to something.


Emergency Can of Tuna and metal fork (I hate plastic!) you never know what might happen and you need the proper nutrition in a pinch!

Travel deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste

A little spare change

If you have a knee injury I suggest:

A McDavid knee strap, but remember to check with your doctor first!

I also recommend a gym bag in a gym bag! Use a mesh laundry bag to air out your products and don’t zip it all the way shut at home so your gear airs out!

For your Al1ve Magnetics, Under Armour etc..

If you are allowed carbs then a shaker with Vitargo the king of carbs!

Headphones: if you like to listen to outside music. I myself do not like anything in my ears when I am training.

Girls Gym Bag:
Gloves – you want to keep your sexy soft hands

Ankle straps:

Essential to do kickbacks to build tone and tighten your butt. You can also do inner and outer thighs on the cable cross.

These straps typically have fur inside to cut down on friction and cushion the straps. Who wants to use someone’s else’s sweat soaked straps yuk!

Al1ve Magnetics (optional, but highly supportive):
(See pics above)

Protein Shaker with ETB:
(See above)

Water Bottle:
(See above)

Gym Boss interval timer (Optional, but makes life easier):
(See above)

Small First Aid kit – band aids, alcohol pad/antiseptic cream to clean cut , Advil/Aleve for pain and Benedryl in case you have an allergic reaction to something.
(See above)

(See above)

Emergency Can of Tuna, can opener (that’s why you have the multitool) and metal fork (I hate plastic!) you never know what might happen and you need the proper nutrition in a pinch!

Travel deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste

In case you wear high heels and forget your socks, always have an extra pair of socks in your gym bag just in case!

Headphones: if you like to listen to outside music. I myself do not like anything in my ears when I am training.

A little spare change

Product Review: Kai Tak Earring – Appetite Suppression through the Ancient Art of Acupressure and Magnetism! *



A “tiny” Earring with “strong” effects!

Acupressure stimulation is a traditional Chinese technique on the same ideas as acupuncture. KAI TAK is Simple; yet most effective method ever devised to treat major Ear points without resorting to needle acupuncture or ear stapling.

It was Dr. Paul Nogier in 1950 who accurately mapped the location on the ear, which suppresses appetite. Still, it was not Until Swiss Dr. Emil Schaerer invented the KAI TAK A painless, safe and most effective appetite suppressor.

How does the KAI TAK work?

Designed to look like a fashionable earring with a forcible Adjusted Bio-magnet stimulating the “craving point” (as shown on diagram) suppressing the appetite by sending a message of Fullness to the brain. It’s recommended wearing the clip for a Minimum of 6 hours daily, especially 2 hours before mealtime. However, it also can be worn during the entire day (not while sleeping).

KAI TAK was introduced in Europe, hundreds of thousands of clips have been sold. Literally thousands of letters attesting to the effectiveness have been received. KAI TAK is the only product of its nature in the entire world.

Eat all you want – you’ll just want less.
100% natural without side effects.
Say Goodbye to unwanted pounds…
Over the past decade, acupressure and acupuncture has gained widespread Acceptance in the united states for the treatment of a variety of conditions. In fact, as reported on the CBS Television Show “60 Minutes”, acupuncture is being used in government funded programs for the treatment of drug addiction.

Acupressure, used in controlling appetite, works on precisely the same principle. Centuries ago, the Chinese Determined that acupressure points are located in concentrated areas on the ear. However, it was only in this Century that the work of Dr. Emil Schaerer of Switzerland lead to the breakthrough device which hamsters the Power of acupressure to suppress the appetite easily safely, and inexpensively. After years of testing and Refinement in Switzerland, KAI TAK is now available World Wide.

Eat ALL you Want, You’ll just want LESS

I Wore the Kai Tak for an hour and I bumped my ear slightly and it hurts where the earring is! At first I didn’t feel it until I bumped it, and it hurt bad so I had to remove it to find a dent where it was. I moved it a little lower.

I have to move this thing every hour! And it freaking hurts! And my pain tolerance is pretty high! I hope I eventually get used to the pressure or this test is going to be really fast!

What I put myself through for my readers!! Ugh! Lol

What if I use the Kai Tak (magnetic Earring) and Al1ve Magnetics arm & calf sleeves together! I feel sorry for electronics anywhere near my magnetic field lol!

I finally took it off at midnight! Time for bed! Thank God! It hurt lol


**Update** February 19th 2014
I had it on for 2 hours then took it off and now my ear is throbbing in that spot!!

**Update** February 20th 2014
I think this works my the Major Payne theory of getting your mind off the pain!


**Update** February 24th 2014
Low Carb day! Earring on! I’m hungry trying to hold out till 8:30-9pm

Will it work?

Lasted till 9 but then had urge to binge! Luckily; I saved the calories!

Now 2hrs till my final meal for the night!

Do I think it passed this test? No! Positive note: it’s not excruciating pain yet!

**Update** February 25th 2014
Well; I have this thing on my ear and it’s not working! I’m starving and I just ate! So it’s not even curbing my appetite let alone suppressing it!

Product Review: Gym Gear – Al1ve Magnetics – magnetic compression gear for the serious athlete! *
















I like black and that red is hot! My 2 favorite colors!

About the products:
Redefining the future of active wear, Al1ve Magnetics is at the forefront of a revolutionary technology that may maximize your athletic routine. Centered around the power of magnetic therapy, our patented product line of performance-ready apparel and accessories will transform your daily workout and your life.

Al1ve Magnetics’s innovative design features strategically placed magnets that support energy optimization and performance. All of Al1ve Magnetics active wear is engineered to precisely target pressure points within your muscles. The powerful force of neodymium magnets stimulates nerve cells by creating positively charged ions that allow cells to pick up more oxygen and promote blood flow. The output is a more efficient circulation of energy, reduction of muscle inflammation and activation of internal healing properties, making your body less prone to fatigue and injury.

This technology may promote strength, speed and stamina by actively engaging your body’s natural energy. Al1ve Magnetics gives you the ability to go farther, longer and takes your workout to the next level.

The power is in the magnets!

I can’t wait to get them tomorrow!!

I got the calves today!! And I wore them since I got them at 1pm and just took them off at 7pm at first they were really tight and then they got super comfortable.

**Update** January 12th 2014
I just completed and passed my military pt test. While doing the cardio portion of the test I typically suffer extreme shin splints maybe because of the 1hr a day 7 days a week elliptical sessions I am doing to shred up. Anyway; I wore the comfortable Al1ve Magnetics Calf sleeves and I didn’t get any shin splints at all! I’m not saying it made me go longer or faster, but I didn’t get shin splints which actually made me go faster. Instead of feeling the pain in the Shins causing me to slow; I felt my Quads tightening and getting sore and they are a much bigger muscle! So they last longer!

I would have to give the calf sleeves a giant 2 thumbs up!

Now to the arm sleeves, unfortunately the pair I have are too small for me, so I can’t test them, which is bad, because in the gym I see a bunch of people wearing elbow wraps and if I had a pair of black wraps that looked badass and felt much softer, and had a comfortable fit, plus offered magno-therapy, moisture wicking and a cooling sensation; I could definitely get them to switch, especially since they are affordable!

**Update** January 17th 2014
Just got my sleeves!

Had to try them on! Can’t Wait till tomorrow for a full review!

Me rocking the Al1ve Magnetics Arm Sleeves while curling a 75lb dumbbell with a pair of limited edition Black FatGripz!

How do I like the sleeves? Almost as much as the calves!! The arms are a little harder to put on due to the length, but once on they are comfortable! I have a torn tendon in my lt forearm and when I do a certain angle I can feel it popping around in there! I get an electric shock like twinge up my entire forearm from wrist to my elbow. Just like if u stretch out a rubber band and pull one side and sling someone with it. Like a little popping in there. Well; the sleeve cuts it in half. I think if I wore the Alive Magnetics wrist band under the sleeve the combination of the compression might stop it along with the magnets in the wrist cuffs.

I was having a hard time burning out my biceps today. Maybe the sleeves did allow me to go longer and harder?
No elbow pain! And they were super comfortable!

In fact a bunch of people kept walking over and asking what they were and said they looked badass!

Check them out! Al1ve Magnetics! And you too can look like a BadAss!!

Today is chest & triceps the most important day for the arm sleeves! Stay tuned for reviews! I often get elbow pain from heavy vbar push downs! Partly because, I am compensating for my rt shoulder.

(There is other cutting edge compression gear on the market such as Tommie Copper. They see copper threads in the material kind of like Phiten and their titanium. When asked to go head to head with Al1ve Magnetics Tommie Copper declined at this time!)

**Update** January 29th 2014
I found a Police officer using the sleeves at La Fitness and I decided to interview him.


When asked about the Al1ve Magnetics arm sleeves:
“I love the sleeves they have alleviated my elbow pain when lifting” “I feel like a million bucks when wearing them”
“I love the sleeves”

I told him that I love the sleeves too but most of all I love the calf sleeves! If I had the wrists I would wear them all over. In place of my power balance wrist band. The sleeves are cool, but I can’t wear them for extended periods as I would like to. I use the arm sleeves for upper body workouts. I could wear the wrists for upper body, lower body, cardio, and even out and about at night! As they are fashionable. I prefer the black as they can be worn with anything.

Stay tuned more pics to come!

**Update** January 29th 2014
I stopped using the calf sleeves for a week and I have been experiencing bad knee pain. The first time I used them I was experiencing the same pain and wearing them alleviated them, so I am trying that again today!
Stay tuned!

Believe it or not, they helped alleviate the knee pain enough so I could do my second half hour of cardio! Idk about tomorrow lol!

Al1ve Magnetics Wrist & Shin Sleeves