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Product Review: Ab Carver Pro *



Just got it and immediately banged out 10reps I really like it!! It’s sturdy and the angle and width of the handles elevates a lot of tension in your hands and wrists. Truly an ergonomic design!

The kneepads are cheap and crappy, but if they break or aren’t sufficient enough padding just fold a bath or beach towel and place under your knees.

I just used both the pads and the beach towel. I like the beach towel much better!

It’s new unofficial nickname is the roid wheel, because it’s an ab wheel on roids lol


I used it again today this time on a hardwood floor as opposed to carpet. I did 3 sets of 15 with random rolls to the sides and I truly love this wheel above all others I’ve used before it! The transitions were smooth and flawless!

I have still yet to feel it in my abs, I feel it in my shoulder and low back. I’m guessing once they build more strength I will feel it more in the abs. That’s not going to stop me from using it!

Let’s see if I am sore tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

**Update** April 26th 2014
I did 3 more sets today and my low abs were sooo sore!! Nice!!

**Update** May 1st 2014
A couple people have been asking what’s the difference between the Ab Carver sold at Walmart ($10 cheaper) and the Ab Carver Pro. I contacted my contact at the company and this is the response:

“The Ab Carver Pro has a softer, more comfortable grip and includes knee pads. The basic Ab Carver is more of a special purchase for Wal Mart and we really don’t promote this on our website since Wal Mart has exclusivity.”

My response to that is this:

Remember when I said the older models had straight handles and put extreme pressure on your hands which translates up your arms. The Ab Carver Pro feels great it elevates the pressure! If you are over 180lbs you should probably use the Pro! If you are over 220lbs you should definitely use the pro! If you are a female you may be able to get away with using the Walmart Version, but I am sure you would probably want the knee pads, so in that case get the Pro lol!

So, to sum it up, comfort rules! The more comfortable you are the more you are inclined to use it! The more you use it, the better results you will see!

**Update** May 6th 2014
My low abs continue to be sore!! I love this roller! I can also feel my shoulders tiring and they I blast my shoulders with the Dynamax after I roll and I have seen a huge difference in strength and stability of my rt shoulder. Last weekend I threw a football with my nephew over an hour and it didn’t hurt at all! That combination is excellent post surgery therapy! When you are almost back to form, but struggling to get where you were or beyond!