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Supplement Review: Monster Energy takes on Supplement Giant VPX! Reign vs Bang Energy!

1st Showdown!

Carnival Candy vs Cotton Candy & Rainbow Unicorn!

I’ve had the bang and it is so sickening sweet it’s almost undrinkable! I don’t have high expectations for this one! I think the Reign will also suck as Cotton Candy in general is sickening sweet! Bangs Rainbow Unicorn is also sickening sweet and is close to this!

Wow! Reign tastes exactly like cotton candy, I rank it slightly better than bang! But for me it’s still too sweet. But that’s what cotton candy is! So I can’t fault it! It’s crazy to think there’s no sugar! Cotton candy is pure sugar! Winner Reign! But not by much! It’s just a cleaner taste!

2nd Showdown!

Sour Apple vs Sour Heads!

Hands down this one goes to Reign! This stuff is Fucking delicious and is totally sour apple without being overly sweet! It tastes amazingly like a sour green apple! Like a golden delicious!

Keep in mind these are also sugar free!

Sour heads is overly chemically sweet! It’s sour but it’s not a clean crisp taste like Reign! Reign wins this one hands down! In fact I want more Reign!!!

3rd Showdown!

Razzle Berry vs Blue Razz!

I’ll have to find a Bang Blue Razz for this challenge! I think Powerhouse Gym Mahwah might have one! We will find out next Monday 5/6 after Game of Thrones! Powerhouse did have the flavors!! We shall proceed as scheduled!

Ok so I had the Razzle Berry by Reign and I have to say it is terrible! It’s not delicious raspberries! It’s not even blue as none of the Reign drinks have added color! I actually can’t describe what it does taste like! Let’s just say chemicals lol! This is going in the sink! It’s undrinkable!

Wait and see if Bang wins or we have a double loser!

Bang’s Blue Razz wasn’t bad. It also wasn’t good! I don’t taste raspberry at all. There isn’t a Wicked chemical taste like Reign! So it is drinkable!

Draw – They both suck!

4th Showdown!

Lemon HDZ vs Lemon Drop!

Again I’m going to have to find a lemon drop! I’ve never had this one either.

**Update** May 4th 2019

Just tried the Reign Lemon HDZ. The Lemonheads is amazing!! It’s so delicious! It tastes lemony with carbonation. No aftertaste, a pleasant sweet taste, not overly done and not overly sour. I would have rathered a more sour patch kids flavor. First sour then sweet, but it does taste really good.

**Update** May 5th 2019

This is the closest test! They are really close and I would buy either one! But I have to give the win to: Winner: Reign!

It’s just a cleaner, crisper, more bold taste.

4 1/2 Showdown Side Challenge!

Reign LemonHeads vs Bang Sour Heads!

On a side challenge who gives the best head 🤣

**Update** May 4th 2019

So far, Reign Lemonheads is very Good! Bang Sour Heads was way too chemically artificially sweet!

However; Bang does have the Bang girls! I guess it depends on how you interpret this challenge!

Winner: is up to interpretation! I’ll say Bang 😉 and it’s not for the flavor!

The other Reigns: Melon and Peach don’t have a 1:1 comparison.

5th Showdown Side Challenge

Reign Peach Fizz vs Bang Peach Mango!

Bang has a peach mango flavor or a peach tea flavor.

Understand this isn’t a 1:1 challenge!

But what the heck!

**Update** May 5th 2019

Reign Peach Fizz is delicious! It’s definitely Peach Fizzy and it tastes like it really has Peach juice in it! How do you get that from no carbs and chemicals is crazy!!

Reign has 6 flavors, Bang on the other hand has many many flavors as they have been around since 2012.

VPX only had redline energy drink before then, which wasn’t very good. But they totally revamped the RTD gym energy drink (preworkout) business!

Star Blast & Champagne are 2 of my favorite Bang flavors! I hope Reign makes a Champagne flavor!

Although Bang calls it Champagne it doesn’t taste like real

Champagne. I does Taste really good though. It would be nice to actually taste Champagne and not have the alcohol in it lol!

I have found that flavors that aren’t supposed to be flavors are usually the best! Like what does a star blast taste like? What does in gatorades case what does Rain Berry actually taste like? Or Monster’s Ultra colors, what is an ultra black supposed to taste like?

Flavors of Bang Energy Drink

  1. Black Cherry Vanilla
  2. Blue Razz®
  3. Champagne
  4. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  5. Citrus Twist
  6. Cotton Candy
  7. Lemon Drop
  8. Bangster Berry
  9. Frose Rose
  10. . Rainbow Unicorn
  11. . Peach Mango
  12. . Pina Colada
  13. . Power Punch
  14. . Purple Guava Pear
  15. . Purple Haze
  16. . Root Beer
  17. . Sour Heads
  18. . Star Blast®
  19. . Bang Energy Shots: 300 mg of caffeine
  20. . Bang Keto Coffee: 300 mg of caffeine
  21. . Bang Sweet Tea: 300 mg of caffeine
  22. . Caffeine Free Cotton Candy
  23. . Caffeine Free Cherry Blade Lemonade
  24. . Caffeine Free Black Cherry Vanilla
  25. . Caffeine Free Purple Guava Pear
  26. . Caffeine Free Sour Heads

Drink Content Review:

Since the taste tests are out of the way let’s score the products themselves!

Both: BCAAs, 300mg caffeine, CoQ10, both contain B3, B6 & B12 which are both good for energy! Reign does have 2/3rds the amount of both at 100% of your daily serving per can as opposed to 25% by Bang. Reign has 5 times the BCAAs and CoQ10 as Bang. Bang has 2.5mg CoQ10.

Reign: electrolytes which isn’t bad if you are going to be doing sports. Electrolyte loading can help prolong your workout. It doesn’t have to be intra-workout, as most are used that way.

Bang: Major Flaw! Bang has creatine! Creatine can cause bloat! The inventor of creatine supplementation, the former mastermind at EAS now the owner of Vitargo – Anthony Almada told he that creatine causes bloat and they found the cure for the bloat is drinking it hot to warm! Definitely not in a cold energy drink! Bad move VPX! Always know your ingredients! If you are sensitive to bloat avoid Bang!

Bang does have 50% of your daily Vitamin C which isn’t a lot. It would be nice if it had 1000mg so you wouldn’t have to supplement it. I like high dosage vitamin c!

The fine print ingredients does say L-Glutamine but it’s far down the ingredient list so it probably doesn’t have enough for an impact.

Product Review: Slim-glow X2 BioBidet

Coming soon!

Product Review: Go2Sleep

Coming soon!

Supplement Review: Critical PCT

Critical PCT is a full spectrum PCT formula created to regulate hormonal levels and cleanse your Liver and Prostate following a Prohormone cycle. Critical PCT contains a 75mg. dose of the most potent anti-aromatase and cortisol inhibitor Arimistane (Androsta-3, 5-Dione-7-17-Dione). We also added NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and Stinging Nettle which will not only bring back healthy Liver and Prostate levels, but it will also cleanse your system. Use Critical PCT after any Prohormone cycle to bring back balance to your system and have the cleanest gains possible!

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size:2 capsules 
Serving Per Container: 30 
Amount Per Serving: 
Anti-Estrogen / Androsta-3,5-Diene-7-17-Dione 75mg. 
Liver Support / NAC (n-Acetyl Cysteine) 350mg. 
Prostate Support / Stinging Nettle 450mg.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules in the morning with your first meal. DUE TO EXTREME POTENCY, DO NOT USE LONGER THAN 8 WEEKS FOLLOWED BY A 4 WEEK BREAK. DO NOT EXCEED TWO CAPSULES A DAY..

WARNING: Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase the product. This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adult males of 21 years of age or older. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not for use in women. Before using the product, consult with your physician if you are using any prescription, over the counter and/or dietary product. Do not use the product if you have any pre-existing medical conditions cardiac, arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, psychiatric disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement. Discontinue use and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to the product. Do not exceed recommended serving. Store in cool, dry place with lid tightly closed.

CAUTION: If you are a professional or amateur athlete subject to enhancement testing, you may test positive on a urine or blood drug test. Check for clearance by your sanctioning body before use.

– gold star performance

This stuff really works! I had a blood test and the anti-estrogen really works! This product drastically lowered my estrogen level!

Make sure you follow the above directions and warnings!

Supplement Review: Heartsolve


The ultimate cholesterol and blood pressure support formula. 

It’s very simple – along with building a great physique, you need to equally concern yourself with building great internal health too.

I have been on a personal plight as of late to crack the code to the perfect combination of herbs , botanicals , anti-oxidants, phytonutrients , and vitamins to achieve the optimal health and wellness.

I created MPA HeartSolve™ due to my own personal dilemma I had faced since I discovered I was pre-dispositioned to hypertension . My Father was prescribed blood pressure medication at a young age so the seed was already planted. As many are familiar within the Bodybuilding community – competing at a high level requires some extreme measures.  

When I was competing, I was pushing the envelope with achieving body weight numbers that were well past my genetic limit. I was eating copious amounts of food to accrue muscle, and I would embark on stimulant use to get through workouts and competition prep. Doing all these things combined with a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure only amplified my health dilemma.

Doctors initially wouldn’t prescribe me medication to control the issue since I was in my 20’s and visually appeared “healthy. ” I knew I needed to find at the very least a natural way to improve overall heart health, which included blood pressure and cholesterol management. 


This herbal ingredient is used to mitigate sodium retention by acting as a natural diuretic. Its diuretic properties have been shown to have the most beneficial impact within the body, primarily with the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. Celery seeds contain a powerful compound by the name of 3-n-butylphthalide (3nB) which is responsible for celery’s outstanding healing properties.  

Celery 3nB may reduce fluid retention, which will help your circulatory system regulate blood pressure into a lower range – It helps rid the body of excess water, including the release of fluid surrounding the heart, reducing the heart’s workload. This equates to a healthier, less overtaxed heart muscle.

MPA HeartSolve™ won’t skimp on effective dosing – so you are getting 150 mg per serving, which is generous since it’s also combined with other stellar ingredients .


Benolea ® contains the active constituents Oleuropein , and polyphenols. Oleuropein is a chemical compound with proven blood pressure lowering effects as demonstrated in a handful of clinical trials.

This ingredient was demonstrated in a clinical trial involving 2 identical twins with pre-hypertension. The doses used in this trial was500 mg & 1000 mg of olive leaf extract.   During the course of the trial — blood pressure changed significantly within twin pairs: mean systolic difference reached up to 6mmHgbetween the control and the 500mg dose group and up to 13mmHg between the 500 mg and the 1000 mg dose group. Diastolic differences amount of 5 mmHg , respectively.

Even cooler — Another study compared Benolea® to the anti-hypertensive drug Captopril which is an ACE-inhibitor. Scientists compared 500mg and 1000mg of Benolea® compared to 12.5 mg and 25mg of Captopril . After a treatment period of eight weeks, blood pressure was reduced for both groups. The systolic readings decreased by a mean of 11.5and 13.7 mmHg for the olive leaf and captopril groups, respectively. Also, the diastolic readings decreased by a mean of 4.8and 6.4mmHg for the olive leaf and captoprilgroups, respectively. 

The difference in outcomes between the two groups was not considered significant, and the team concluded that the olive leaf extract “was similarly effective” as the drug option(Captopril) .

Also, the scientists noticed an average 7.8%reduction in triglyceride levels among the olive leaf extract group. The extract group also achieved mean decreases of 2.8% in total cholesterol, and 2.9% in low-density lipoprotein (LDL). There were no such reductions in the drug group .

Scientists speculated that olive leaf extract “might be associated with inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme,” an effect that helps relax artery walls.

In a nutshell – Olive Leaf Extract could be similar in effect to popular ACE-inhibitormedications that are often prescribed to hypertension patients.

Once again – MPA Supps is giving you a 500mg dose per serving of this awesome and promising ingredient.


Once again – another patented , and clinically studied  natural ingredient demonstrated to support the reduction of blood pressure  and increase endothelial function. One study showed individuals with pre-hypertension taking 300mg of MegaNatural®-BPexperienced a reduction in blood pressure.The participants took all 300mgs once a day for two months, and blood pressure monitoring averaged in systolic readings 8mmHg lower and diastolic pressure lower by 5mmHg . These studies indicated that MegaNatural®-BP may offer a significant benefit for people with technically healthy blood pressure that typically ranges on the upper end of normal, a condition known as “prehypertension. 

MegaNatural®-BP is multi-faceted, just like the other top notch ingredients in MPA 

HeartSolve™ Not only does it help support lowering blood pressure, but it can also aid in:

  • Nitric Oxide Production 
  • Mitigating Free Radicals 
  • Supporting Immune Function

MegaNatural®-BP is also covered and intellectually protected by 4 patents. This is why MegaNatural®-BP differentiates itself from other inferior grape seed extracts on the market. 

To coincide with the clinical trials-MegaNatural®-BP will be clinically dosed at 300mg per serving. 



Saving the best for last. 

Citrus Bergamot was turned on to me from my good friend Dante Trudel (owner of . Citrus Bergamot is a very diverse ingredient and has other beneficial properties besides doing amazing things for your cholesterol. BergaMonte ® is of course patented , standardized , and clinically tested 

The flavonoid constituents of BergaMonte® are clinically proven to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, namely and most importantly in my opinion — boost HDLcholesterol “good cholesterol.” BergaMonte® is also clinically proven to rectify healthy glucose levels for individuals who are resistant to insulin.

A published research article in the Journal of Natural Products 2009 showed that bergamot juice contained novel compounds with statin like principles, having the

3-hydroxy3-methylglutaric acid (HMG) found to the naringin (melitidine) and neohesperidin (brutieridine). These compounds disrupt the synthesis of the cholesterol pathway in our bodies. 

The HMG-CoA substrate interferes with the synthesis of the mevalonate acid, negating the production of cholesterol.  

One clinical trial showed the effects of both 500 mg and 1000 mg of BergaMonte ® on individuals with hypercholesterolemia– revealing the following outcomes: 

-BergaMonte ® reduced LDL cholesterol by 24% in the 500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced triglycerides by 30% in the 500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced total cholesterol by 21%in 500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced glucose level by 19% in 500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced LDL cholesterol by 36% in the 1000mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced triglycerides by 38% in the 1000mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced total cholesterol by 29%in 1000mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced glucose level by 22% in 1000mg group

BergaMonte ® will be generously dosed alongside the other powerhouse ingredients at 500 mg per serving. 

I have personally been using all of these ingredients for a few years now with improvedblood bio-markers across the board , but most importantly for me–better blood pressure management and cholesterol control . These ingredients are especially imperative for serious Bodybuilders pushing their physiques to the upper limit. Many bodybuilders experience extremely skewed lipid profiles with elevated blood pressure . So please make sure to address your internal health while maximizing your outer appearance.

MPA HeartSolve™ uses patented & brandedingredients, alongside a clinically dosed serving size. Make this part of your health & wellness supplement arsenal, and stop buying multiple single ingredients and spending more money when you have 4 ingredients in 1 product with MPA HeartSolve™ 

 – mpa supps

I have yet to know if this product really works! Next time I go to the dr I want to see if my blood pressure is lower! This is a cant hurt to add it to my daily regimen product like Curcumin! I have added this to my daily vitamin regimen! What about you? What do you think?

Current Daily Vitamin Regimen:

Curcumin BCM 95


Red yeast rice with coQ10

Vitamin D3

Vitamin C 1000-30000 mg daily

1000 in spring and summer and 3000 in fall and winter. If I don’t feel good I up it to 5k if I am sick I up it to 7k!

Supplement Review: All Day You May! BCAAS

Supplements are meant to do just that: supplement. ALLDAYUMAY was birthed from Rich Piana‘s philosophy that supplements should never take the place of your meals, but rather taken in addition to the food you eat. ALLDAYUMAY is one of the most dynamic products on the supplement market today, formulated to aid your muscle building efforts in numerous ways.
Who says you cannot feed your body what it needs throughout the day, ALLDAYUMAY!


Key Ingredients BREAKDOWN:
Out of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids this is the one that truly sparks muscle synthesis. Leucine turns the muscle building switch of your cells into the ON position. Do the research! You will find countless studies on how Leucine is the one of the best muscle building components available. With 5 grams per serving, Leucine will flow through your bloodstream ready for muscle building action. 

What amino do you take to help your muscles recovery faster? Glad you asked: L-Glutamine. Glutamine keeps your body in a positive nitrogen state so your body is in constant muscle building mode. It is also the primary energy source for the immune system- keep you healthy. During hardcore workouts a lot of Glutamine is lost, and it is important to replace for optimal muscle recovery. ALLDAYUMAY contains 2.5 grams of Glutamine per serving to saturate your muscles! Glutamine is very anti-catabolic and is very useful in maintaining muscle mass while dieting. 

Metabolites are small puzzle pieces that remain after something has been broken down. They each have their own job to do. Since they are already broken down your body can utilize them very quickly. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just get right to business and take the actual metabolite of Leucine that tells your cells to start building muscle. Well guess what?? You can- it’s called HICA!! 

NAC is one of the most powerful liver support ingredients available on the market. Bodybuilders take a lot stress against their liver. More than the average person. Think of all the protein they eat, all the supplements they take – all being strained and filtered by the liver. N-Acetyl Cysteine is used to quickly restore protective levels of glutathione levels, one of the body’s most powerful antioxidant defenses. NAC makes liver cells more able to protect themselves from ongoing damage. A healthy liver is critical for the longevity of your bodybuilding lifestyle. 

Now this is a cutting edge ingredient! When your muscles are being broken down by weight training, your body starts certain processes to shut down activity to that muscle to prevent further muscle damage when it senses a drop in pH and a rise in lactic acid. COP is a buffer that prevents a drop in pH sp you can keep pushing that muscle beyond the normal failure range. COP works great with Beta Alanine as you would imagine. Acts as an intracellular buffer to help clear lactic acid which can limit performance during training 

Alright let’s make this easy. Ready? When you work out, your muscles build up hydrogen ions. Hydrogen Ions create lactic acid. Lactic Acid lowers pH. Low pH causes your muscles to fail. Beta Alanine turns into carnosine. Carnosine is stored in cells. When pH drops- Carnosine is released. Carnosine is an acid buffer and buffers lactic acid preventing a drop in pH. Prevent pH from dropping by taking Beta Alanine allows you to train that muscle longer and past failure. DONE! 

If you are lifting weights like you should, your joints will take a beating. Shoulder, knee, and elbow joints in particular need to be healthy and able to keep up with your hardcore training. One of the key elements ofALLDAYUMAY is the joint support benefits. Recovery is a lot more than just muscular. D-Glucosamine Sulfate and MSM and two of the most heavy hitting joint support ingredients on the market. MSM is used to promote the rebuilding of muscles and joint tissue. MSM provides a rich source of bioavailable sulfur to support connective tissue repair and regeneration. D-Glucosamine Sulfate is used to increase the cartilage and fluid surrounding joints and to help prevent breakdown of cartilage. 

Having a super healthy immune system and fighting free radicals from exercise is a MAJOR part of your recovery. If free radicals (FR’s) are not neutralized by antioxidant body stores immediately, tissue damage occurs to absolutely every delicate cell membrane touched by these wrecking machines. If not combated against, free radicals lead to tissue damage, fatigue, swelling and pain. You don’t want that do you? Of course not! Microdried Blueberry Fruit Powder has one of the highest free radical absorbing capacities available for human consumption. 

Bodybuilders have been taking L-Carnitine for a very long time. There are so many benefits to bodybuilders that there was no way to not include it in ALLDAYUMAY. Let’s get to this really important benefits. It reduces exercise induced muscle tissue damage. It is a potent fat burner that increases energy levels. It spares glycogen, increases anabolic hormone response, and decreases lactic acid production. L-Carnitine in short will help you stay lean, workout harder, increase muscle building hormones, and improve performance. 

This vitamin is so underrated. Every bodybuilder everywhere should be loading up on Vitamin C on a daily basis. It does much more than fight a cold. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that help keep you in the gym and out of the sick bed, but is necessary for growth and development of tissues. Vitamin C is also essential for the repair of cartilage and bones. Here is something even more awesome; Vitamin C supports a lower ratio of cortisol to testosterone. That means more testosterone in your system! ALLDAYUMAY is not just another bottle of amino acids! 

B-12 is in ALLDAYUMAY for one major reason: to give you natural, stimulant free energy throughout the day. Workouts can leave you tired and diminished. Stimulants don’t last long, and the crash is hard to recover from. Bodybuilders become very dependent on stimulants; which is not a good thing. They will take stimulants just to recover from the crash they get. Nothing is better than having consistent natural energy through the course of the day. B-12 can give you that! Even doctors give their patients B-12 shots for energy. Fight fatigue, stay energized, and stay fresh with ALLDAYUMAY. 

Could you imagine eating all the protein that you do, and your body not digesting all of it. Imagine all that muscle growing protein gone to waste! Bromelain is incredible. It is a mixture of enzymes that digest protein found in pineapples. It is also used to treat swelling and inflammation from injuries which could be very useful to bodybuilders. Supplementing with Bromelain in ALLDAYUMAY gives you added insurance that you are taking the necessary measures to digest protein better. 

If you aren’t sweating as a bodybuilder, you are probably not working out hard enough or long enough. During sweating, your body loses electrolytes- particularly sodium and potassium. These need to be replaced. A loss of potassium can cause negative side effects including cramping in muscles. Cramps suck- BAD. Coconut Water Concentrate is like nature’s sports drink and is a great source of electrolytes. Coconut water contains a variety of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, growth factors and other phytonutrients. Real men eat whatever the F*** they want INCLUDING Coconut Water Concentrate. 

All Day Drink

5%er’s will do What Ever It Takes to ensure their bodies are being fed All Day, and know that to train day in- day out at a high level you need more than just amino acids; the whole body needs to be prepared and ready for the next onslaught in the gym! Stay healthy, stay anabolic, stay strong- 1DayUMay!

Allergy Warning: May contain traces of shellfish.

It comes 6 flavors. I saw Watermelon and it was all over! Mine! 

I’m glad I got it! It was really good tasting bcaas! The southern sweet is also a crowd favorite, I had it and it was good, but I am not a super fan of iced tea. The mango pineapple is appealing to me and might be my next flavor! I have a feeling the blue raspberry might be too sickening sweet for me. 

I didn’t see a faster recovery time as I recently restarted working out from a 6 month hiatus (out of my hands). 

It still took 4-5 days to stop being sore in my arms. Which leads me to believe that bcaas are bullshit! But I am a creature of habit and superstition lol so I will keep wasting my money! 

When I am broke and lying in the street, at least pick me up a container of bcaas so I can keep my habit going! Lol 

What do you think? Are bcaas a waste of money? Do they work? Do you see increased recovery as they all claim? 

Recipe: Tick and other bug repellant

Ladies and Gentleman! Hiking season is here once again! If you go hiking a lot or have a pet you know it’s also the season for those nasty little Ticks! 

This year is said to be tickmageddon! They are expecting a greater than Normal number of ticks this year! And to make things worse the size of the ticks are becoming much smaller! 

Lyme disease is no joke! You must be prepared! 

Here is a quick home remedy for tick repellant: 

All you need is tea tree essential oil and a spray bottle! It’s that easy! 

As you can see from the price above it is much cheaper than any commercial tick repellant! 

One bottle of essential oil will last years! 

Take a small spray bottle: 

(P.S.) that is Roger That Bianco in the photo. Check him out on Instagram! 

I do give him NExguard chewables as an extra precaution. 

Full with water and add 10 drops of tea tree oil! Shake and spray! 

Spray your legs and shoes. 

For dogs spray, their legs, back, and underbelly. You don’t have to go near their head and face if you do cover their eyes with your hand. 

The bonus is it also helps to make your dog smell better between monthly baths! 

Recipe: Kale Chips

Who likes Kale salad? Yuk! It’s very bitter and I can only handle it in small doses. 

Why should we eat kale? Beside all the vitamins and minerals… Well, 1 in 4 men over 30 are suffering from low testosterone and the number is skyrocketing compared to our father and grandfather’s generations! 

Big culprits are processed foods, daily (milk, cheese & yogurt) and foods that contain Soy. 

One way to combat low testosterone beside not eating the above mentioned foods is to eat green cruciferous vegetables: Broccoli, Kale, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage, Bok Choy etc. 

The cruciferous vegetables help to block estrogen and increase free testosterone. 

Here is a great recipe for Kale chips given by a friend and tweaked by me. 



Pink Himalayan sea salt

Olive Oil 

Fresh lemon juice 

And I add spices such as: cayenne pepper, chili pepper, chipotle pepper, black pepper, garlic or even Italian spices. 


Mix ingredients in a bowl 

Put in a pan and line the pan with aluminum foil. When you bake the chips you don’t want to burn the oil and spices on the pan it’s hard to scrub off. 

Bake in the oven on 350 for 15 mins. 

If you like them extra crispy like I do, broil on high for 1 1/2 mins 

And enjoy! 

Recipe: Crockpot – Asian Chicken 



2lbs of Chicken 

2 Bags of Broccoli 

1 cup Braggs liquid aminos

1/4 cup sesame oil 

2tbsp Honey (I used Goldenrod) 

10 baby bella mushrooms

2 Tbsp Garlic 

Himalayan salt 

Crushed Black Pepper 

1 cup water 

Optional: rice wine vinegar

Optional: Cayenne/Chili pepper


Add all ingredients and slow cook in crockpot for 45 mins. 

Recipe: Crockpot – Turkey Meatball Soup


1 box chicken broth 

3lb family pack ground turkey

Fresh garlic 2tbsp

1 bunch cilantro or parsley 

Carrots – diced 

Celery – diced 

Fresh mushrooms (any kind) – diced 

Olive oil to coat pan 

Optional: Crushed pepper/Cayenne Pepper 

Directions mix in a bowl: 

Turkey, garlic, and all spices 

Roll out into little meatballs. 

In a pan: 

coat it with olive oil and brown the meatballs. Put meatballs onto a plate lined with paper towels to catch grease and then take another sheet of paper towels and pat the top of the meatballs to remove excess fat and oil. 

Then put all the ingredients in the crockpot and fill the rest of the pot to the top with water. 

Close lid and cook on high for 45-50 minutes depending on the strength of your crockpot. 

I use the instant pot. In the top left hand corner there’s a soup button. Click that, then adjust time to 45 mins and then walk away! It’s that easy!