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Attractions: Fun Creation Studio Wayne, NJ

Welcome to Fun Creation Studio, a paint your own ceramic studio where creativity is king! We specialize in children’s birthday parties, handprints and keepsakes, and Ladies Night Out events!


About Us

Here at Fun Creation Studios, we are a team of fun individuals who want to make sure you have the most fun while painting your pottery. Our customers have found that painting can be very thereaputic! That’s why we love to say, it’s “Cheaper Than Therapy, and WAY More Fun!” We welcome all ages to come to our studio and paint! Our process is simple, you come in, unwind, select your pottery, select your colors, and paint away! Our team members will be there to help you, and bring you your colors. We have many different selections here at Fun Creation Studio. Some of our pieces include: dinnerware, mugs, and fun stuff for the kids like; piggy banks, various boxes, dragons, and so much more. 

We can’t wait to have YOU come and visit us!! 

Studio Mission:

Our studio’s mission to enrich the lives of the member of our community through art and the therapeutic use of art in promoting a sense of calm and well being. We also believe that art is a useful tool in teaching children life skills such as listening, problem solving, and out of the box thinking, while also helping them to learn it is ok to make mistakes, and that sometimes those mistakes can flower into something unique and beautiful. With that goal in mind, we offer a growing selection of classes and programs designed to encourage young artists to realize their potential both inside and outside the studio!

About the Owner:

Dana Monello took over ownership of Fun Creation Studio on November 1, 2015. Dana has always loved arts and crafts, and began her love of pottery thirty years ago when she took pottery lessons for ten years. Her daughter Ella loves to create art and inspired her to take the leap of faith and fufil her life long dream of owning her own business. When the oppertunity to own Fun Creation Studio came into her life she knew her dream had become a reality. Now Dana can enjoy sharing her appretiation of art with others that share the same love. Making memories is one of the best parts of life, and what a better place to do that than at Fun Creation Studio.

I had a lot of fun here! They have a bunch of things to paint and a few cool unique items! 

The best thing about this place is, you can go alone or enjoy the company you are with. 

I am upset about ladies night out however! That sounds fun! Drinking wine and painting! I want in! 

Well, here is my first attempt! 

Cookie Monster… Cookie and milk dipping mug! 

And the final product!   

Complete with Calandra’s rainbow cookie! 

Restaurant Review: Sabrosura 2 Westchester Ave 


Fried Yuca side order
Chicken fried rice above  

Fried shrimp above   
Steak and grilled shrimp   

Chicken and fried plantains 


My favorite Dominican lo mein! 

As you can see this place is huge!    

Sabrosura 2 is a nice place! Not as good as 1 but only because the place is large and the service sucks! It took forever at lunch time to get a waiter! There was only 2 for the huge place! 

Just look at the food above it was amazing and cheap! As long as you aren’t in a hurry go enjoy it! 

Product Review: Dragonfly Effect Naturals – Detox Toothpaste 

This has got to be the nastiest shit I have ever put in my mouth! 

It has diatomaceous earth in it! That’s the white shit you put in your pool filter! Crazy!! 

It also has bentonite clay! 

It was disgusting tasting! I taste no cinnamon! All I taste is sea salt! And it has a horrible texture. 

Ok all that being said. How does it work? 

FUCKING AMAZING!  Yes; I am cursing a lot this post, but it is purely for effect! This stuff is amazing! Once you get past the gross factor; it actually makes your teeth and mouth feel cleaner than it’s ever been! 

Furthermore; I have problems with keeping my teeth white as I brush too hard and always make my gums bleed and that stains my teeth yellow. 3-4 times brushing with this and my teeth are several shades whiter! 

I can’t believe it! This stuff is amazing on so many levels! Next time I will definitely get the spearmint or wintergreen flavor!

Each ingredient has a specific purpose for


Xylitol not a sugar at all although it tastes and behaves like one. It is a wood alcohol that is low in glycemic index. It also has incredible antibacterial, antivral, and antifungal properties. Xylitol is a great sugar alternative because it only feeds probiotics and not candida.

Essential Oils are extracts from fruit, leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and bark. Each essential oils serves a unique purpose, from antibacterial to antiviral, or to energize, calm, detoxify, or aid in body processes. They also smell and taste great!

Sea Salt adds grit to an otherwise smooth consistency and contributes a fair amount of trace minerals.

Baking soda is a perfect ingredient for mouth cleaning. It alkalinizes mouth acidity and combats fungal growth. It removes plaque and has anti-cavity properties.

Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells, otherwise called silica. Silica helps with calcium absorbtion, cleansing parasites and heavy metals, and more.

Bentonite Clay is usually derived from volcanic ash that has fallen into prehistoric bodies of water that eventually dried up, leaving behind mineral rich deposits. Bentonite is extremely efficient at removing toxins, heavy metals, and radiation from the body.

Restaurant Review: Sabrosura – Castle Hill road Bronx, NY


Fried pork above      

Pork chop above 
All of the food here is absolutely amazing!! A mix of Spanish (Dominican/Puerto Rican) and Chinese. 

The menu is just as huge as the portion size!  Pictured above is the Dominican Lo Mein! With huge chunks of chicken! It was absolutely delicious! And the price is right at this place! Go go go! 

Restaurant Review: Crazy Crepe Cafe – Manorville, NY


Last time I came out here at the beginning of last month. I forgot to post my review of Crazy Crepe Cafe! 

That was a savory buffalo chicken wrap with ranch! It was totally delicious. It could have been filled a little more for the price, but it was good! 

That is my custom Elvis wrap! Honey, Peanut Butter, Sliced Banana and I substituted the granola for Nutella! 

It was Amazing! You have to stop and get one! 

To top it all off a big Pina Colada Smoothie! They even have a whey protein add on for $1.00! 

With 5 locations in Long Island NY they must be doing great! 




Mount Sinai 


This place rocks! Bring your family here for a great treat! 

Restaurant Review: Sweet and Savory – a crepe and rice pudding bar – Port Jefferson Long Island NY

This place is awesome! I am only reviewing the rice pudding bar. 

As you can see they have many different flavors! I got the Holy Cannoli and it was just as good as Miami Rice’s Cannoli rice pudding. However; Miami Rice in Denville, NJ closed a couple years ago and I have been missing flavored rice pudding ever since. 

It tastes great! If you are in the area it is definitely worth going! 

Restaurant Review: Food Truck – Cool Haus (ice cream cookie sandwich) 

Just when I sad that Nestle killed Chipwich; and a reader said try Trader Joe’s knockoff and was disappointed; along comes Cool Haus! The custom  ice cream cookie truck where you first pick your cookie and then pick your ice cream!  

  Bam! Look at the size of that! 
I do have one grip however! I ordered the peanut butter ice cream and chocolate chocolate chip cookie. It was delicious! However; the peanut butter ice cream in no way shape or form tasted like peanut butter! It was good thought! But; expecting peanut butter it left me disappointed! 

However; the spirit of Chipwich has returned and you can customize it! 


Product Review: not all Pooper Scoopers are created equal! Get the facts! 

How many of you have a dog or new puppy? 

Having dogs you know eventually you have to pick up the poop or you will eventually step in it and curse and swear the rest of the day away! Are you tired of putting a bag over your hand and feeling the heat of the poop on your hand? What if there’s a hole in the bag! Yuk! What about bending down and getting a whiff in the face? Gag city!!! You don’t have to do that anymore! 

Enter the pooper scooper! 

If any of you know this dust pan like pooper scooper you know it’s ineffective! You can’t get deep into the grass and get all the poop! And if the poop is stuck to the grass you will never get it off! 

Enter the grabber like poop scooper! 

They sell this at most pet stores for $15-20, but don’t be fooled! This cheap  imposter is not worth your hard earned money! This cheap knockoff is missing the most important part of picking up poop in the grass! What is that? Teeth! 

Enter the best pooper scooper on the market! 

For around $27 (here it’s listed for $19.22, but they probably charge shipping) you can get the best pooper scooper that scrapes and rips the poop from the lawn without bending over and without getting your hands dirty! Just carry a garbage bag and wait a few days and do a full sweep of the yard and clean it all up in a snap! 

Preppers: Gardening for Success

Ok so you want a garden for free vegetables. Vegetables that you make and know there are no chemicals or pesticides in them. Well; how can we set ourselves up for success? 

I purchased a book by Robyn Jasko entitled home sweet home grown 

Her book is amazing! She teaches you everything you need to know! How far to space the plants, what to plant next to what and what to avoid, what to feed the plants, how to take care of them, and many many other tips! 

She is at the Union Square farmers market every Friday! She is super sweet and is always ready to help and answer any questions you have and she also sells her homemade hot sauces! She is getting me a Trinidad Scorpion Pepper & Ghost Pepper plant (hottest pepper in the world and second hottest pepper)

My garden is 20′ x 11′ This is the first time I am making a garden of this magnitude, but I have had small gardens before. So, I first planned out my garden and put up a really fine chicken wire fence to keep mostly my dog out and possibly a few rabbits out.  


Then I planted the plants approx every 8-12′ apart. Except the tomato plants I put them 24″ apart. I left room for me to walk through the garden and I sporadically planted marigolds to keep pests away (they don’t like the smell of them) and the marigolds also benefit the gardens balance. 

So I planted $63 of plants and the first day it was 83 degrees outside and I came home from work and the plants were all wilted! I thought I killed them all the first day! Luckily; I immediately watered them so much there were small puddles in the garden and this morning they were all sprung back up! The ground sucked in the water. I then woke up and when I saw them sprung up the ground was a little wet so, I watered them again with another impending 83 degree day today looking over my head. Luckily tomorrow is a 63 degree day. 

So here I was planning to make 2 concoctions to help my garden and the heat almost killed it before I could start. 

So; what was I going to make? Natural Rabbit/ Animal Repellant and weed killer. What’s the sense of growing vegetables of you aren’t the one eating them? 

How to Make Rabbit Repellent

Items needed:

  • empty milk jug, water
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 1 teaspoon crushed red peppers
  • 1 gallon water
  • 1 tablespoon dish soap


To make the repellent fill an old milk jug with water, add 5 crushed garlic cloves, a teaspoon of crushed red peppers (you can save a packet from the pizza delivery for this) and 1 Tablespoon of dish soap. Shake well; then let it sit in the sun for a day or two to make sure the water is saturated with the flavors and smells. Shake well, then spray or pour on the plants that you don’t want the rabbits to eat.

I had to reapply once a week for a couple of weeks to convince the rabbits that my tulips were never going to taste good again. With my other bulbs I sprayed them as soon as they started to poke through the ground and then reapplied the repellent once a week and after it rains

I think I would substitute cayenne pepper as it is hotter and a finer powder and will coat the flowers better. 

Secondly: All Natural Weed Killer. Whatever you do, don’t mix these two bottles up!!!! 

How to make Natural Weed Killer: 

Get a spray bottle and combine one gallon white vinegar with one cup of salt and a few squirts of dish detergent.

It’s that easy! Preferably spray this on at 10am on a hot day and the sun will do the rest of the work and bake your weeds away! 

I will report in once I douse my garden and my fire pit! This evening! 

Between the 2 mixes and just plain water my garden should thrive! Oh and as long as you have a garden 

Never throw out: 

1. Egg shells

2. Banana Peels

3. Used coffee grounds

You can sprinkle them around the garden for natural fertilizer. 

Luckily; my wife is baking up a storm today so, I will have a bunch of egg shells to mash up and sprinkle throughout the garden. However; my garden is much too big. So I may have to buy cheap coffee from Costco and sprinkle it around. 

**Update** May 19th 2015

This past weekend I weeded the hell out of the garden for a good 1- 1 1/2 hours.

Then I sprinkled fertilizer around the garden. 



I watered the garden daily while it was hot and dry. The past couple days it has been raining and misting so God has helped me water it for free. I bought 2 bags of fertilizer, so the next hot day I will fertilize it again and water it again. Most of the plants are starting to shoot up! 

Ready for phase 2 the herb spiral.   Followed by phase 3 tomato cages and staking the plants that need it. My plan is to install hooks for the cucumbers to grow along the fence. I may install a lattice wall with hooks on it. Not sure yet. That’s part of phase 3 lol. 

**Tip** my wife is a hair dresser. She cut her families hair this weekend and I sprinkled the human hair clippings around the entry ways of the garden to help ward off animals. 

**Update** May 22nd 2015 

I started the bottom tier of my herb spiral and tomorrow I will complete it! 

Here is my basic layout!  

I got this off of Pinterest! Next to the dill I will add mint for my wife. She has been begging me for mint. Against my better judgement; (mint is an invasive pest just like bamboo) I am planting mint.  I am going to try and find watercress or water chestnuts for the pond. 

After I build the herb spiral I will re-fertilize everything and water it again. 

P.s. so far it hasn’t been hot enough (since I found the weed killer recipe) to use it. 

The herb spiral is complete! It contains: stevia, rosemary, thyme, hot and spicy oregano and Italian oregano, flat and curly parsley, sweet basil and Thai basil, lavender, cilantro, dill, mint and chocolate mint. 

**Update** May 24rd 2015

The garden is now completed with a trellis for the cucumber plants 

Then I put in labels for the herbs, because my wife thought they were cute. 


**Update** May 29th 2015

Hopefully I will be meeting up with Robyn Jasko at the Union Square Farmers Market to pick up a Scorpion Pepper and Ghost Pepper Plant today to super charge my Garden! 

Wednesday I was out in the garden in my underwear, a shirt and sandals during a thunderstorm with a handrake and I was raking all around the plants churning up the dirt so the water gets better penetration and pulling out the weeds. I left the weeds in the ground and just churned the dirt around. Hopefully the weeds will die and help fertilize the soil. 

We will see! The garden looks a million times better and the plants look huge since the storm! 

It’s going to be an adventure today transporting my plants back on the bus lol 

Today I have to change the water in the pond again, it must be done every 2-3 days so the water doesn’t get stagnant. The good part is; you can water your plants with the pond water!  So there is no wasting water. 

**Update** June 1st 2015

Ok so I have a bunch of ants in my garden and so far they haven’t done anything, but I am not taking a chance! I am whipping up a batch of organic any killer to exterminate the 20 or so any hills in my garden! 

Baking soda and powdered sugar! 

1/4 cup powdered sugar to 3/4 cup baking soda and sprinkle it around the ant hills they will eat it and bring it back and feed their queen and they will create carbon dioxide inside their bodies and the gas will kill them all! 

Boom! Bye bye ants! 

Preppers: Jarring Food for Success and Survival

Let’s face it; nowadays everything is expensive! Especially health food! How can we make the food we eat last longer and how can we store food longer in case of an emergency or civil unrest (for you preppers)? Jarring is the answer! 

What can we jar? Just about anything. I did read an article that you don’t want to jar stuff that has a low acid content such as asparagus. However you can up the acidity by adding vinegar “pickling” the ingredient. A popular ingredient to pickle is Eggs. If you have a couple chickens it’s a no-brainer! Get your daily eggs throw them in a jar and add vinegar and some hot peppers! I will be doing this later this summer and I will add the recipe and pictures here! 

One secret to pickling eggs is to take a clean sterile sewing needle and after you hard boil and peel your eggs poke the hell out of it with the needle. It will give it and easier path for the vinegar to soak in and penetrate the yolk and you won’t have dry yolks in the center. Which by the way is disgusting! If you are like me and you just pop the whole egg in your mouth if the yolk is dry it’s like taking a scoop of protein powder (for you people that don’t eat protein it’s like talking a scoop of nestle quick powder) and putting that dry powder in your mouth. You will gag! By piercing it with a needle you eliminate that problem and have perfect pickled eggs every time! You also eliminate the need to heat up your eggs! 

Ok; so what is the process to jarring food? How can I sanitize my equipment and ensure the safety of my long term food storage? 

I decided to make bread and butter pickles! 

Bread and Butter Pickles

 This summer was supposed to be the year that I start to can. I bought a book, read it, and had a list of recipes I wanted to try. Then I blinked, and summer is suddenly almost over. Big oops. Time definitely got away from me these last few months, and my canning project never quite came to fruition. That being said, I am looking forward to hitting the orchards for their fall bounties and finally getting my feet wet with some canning projects. When I saw this recipe for bread and butter pickles, I was immediately drawn to it because you don’t need canning equipment – you could make these pickles (in just about no time) and refrigerate them for two weeks. Score!
Bread and butter pickles have always been my absolute favorite sandwich pickle. Yeah, dill is great, but give me some bread and butter pickles. A little sweet, a little zesty and with a kick. Love them! And now I can make them at home, which I love even more.

You start out with some pickling cucumbers… I have asked around and if you happen to get vegetables from a CSA and have some especially small cucumbers, you could use those for pickling as well. (I love fresh produce, how pretty!)

You’ll slice up the cucumbers into pretty little pieces, about ¼-inch thick (you don’t want them to be super thin). I found this little wavy slicer thing (a very technical term) at the checkout in Bed Bath & Beyond about 5 years ago. I’m sure you could find something similar there or at a kitchen store, if you want the cute fancypants crinkle cut (which I happen to love).

Once the cucumbers are all sliced up, you sprinkle them with salt, toss, cover and pop in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half.
After that hour, you rinse the cucumbers with cold water, drain, and then toss together with the thinly sliced onion.

Set those aside and get your pickling concoction together. You’ll combine white vinegar, cider vinegar, white sugar, brown sugar, mustard seed, celery seed and ground turmeric in a saucepan and get it to a simmer, making sure the sugar dissolves.

Once you reach that point, pour the liquid over the cucumbers and onions and let it sit at room temperature for about an hour.

That’s it! You’re done! Transfer the pickle and onion mixture (including the liquid) into the container you wish to store them in and pop them in the refrigerator. After about 24 hours you will have absolutely delicious pickles!

  I chopped up the cucumbers and tossed with sea salt 
I heated up the white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, mustard seed, celery seed, sugar, brown sugar and tumeric 

I chopped up onion, and 2 peppers I grew in my garden (some red pepper and fresh jalapeño) I will also be adding one habanero per jar 


I baked the empty jars and lids at 225 degrees for 15 minutes. 


I added a habanero pepper to the jar and filled it up