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Supplement Review: Prosupps – L-LEUCINE MATRIX 250




Coming soon!! 

Restaurant Review: Wok to Walk – NYC 


Choose your base

  1. Egg noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  2. Whole-wheat noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  3. Rice noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  4. Udon noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  5. White riceWith fresh vegetables & egg
  6. Whole grain riceWith fresh vegetables & egg
  7. Vegetable dishBroccoli, mushroom, carrot, chinese cabbage, soy bean-sprouts, onion, chive and cabbage (no egg)


    Choose your favorites

    1. Chicken 
    2. Steak 
    3. Pork 
    4. Shrimp 
    5. Tofu 
    6. Shiitake mushrooms 
    7. Button mushrooms 
    8. Bok choy 
    9. Broccoli 
    10. Pepper mix 
    11. Pineapple 
    12. Baby corn 
    13. Bamboo shoots 
    14. Cashews 
    15. Favorite of the month


    Choose your sauce

    1. ShanghaiBlack bean and soybean
    2. Hong KongSweet and sour sauce
    3. BangkokYellow curry and coconut
    4. TokyoTeriyaki, sweet soy sauce
    5. BeijingOyster sauce
    6. Hot AsiaHot sauce
    7. SaigonGarlic and black pepper
    8. BaliPeanut sauce


      1. Peanuts
      2. Fried garlic
      3. Fried onions
      4. Sesame seeds mix
      5. Fresh cilantro

      This place rocks! Check it out! I get the vegetable with steak or shrimp, cilantro and Bali (peanut butter) sauce. 

      It’s my favorite place to go! 


       I could have sworn I did a review of this company before! My personal pictures have been deleted. I will get more, but you will have to wait 10 weeks. I just started my cut. Time to get jacked! 

Controversy: Will we end up in a Waterworld like a bad Kevin Costner movie?

Hidden paths could be behind Antarctic glacier melt: study

Scientists have discovered two pathways that are likely channelling warm ocean water under a massive Antarctic glacier, which could contribute to rising global sea levels, a study revealed Tuesday.

The 120-kilometre (75 miles) long Totten Glacier, more than 30 kilometres wide, is the largest in East Antarctica and melting more quickly than others in the area.

Research published in the journal Nature Geoscience showed that a trough just under five kilometres wide has formed as a gateway deep underneath the glacier, along with another tunnel.

These could allow warmer sea water to penetrate the glacier base, the researchers said.

“The Totten Glacier is the most rapidly thinning glacier in East Antarctica and this melt has the potential to drive substantial regional ice loss,” Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist Jason Roberts said.

“The study identifies direct pathways for warm ocean water to reach under the glacier; a likely reason for the observed thinning.”

During a voyage to the frozen region during the past southern hemisphere summer, researchers found the waters around Totten Glacier were around 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer than other areas. 

Up until recently the East Antarctica ice sheet was thought to be surrounded by cold waters and therefore very stable and unlikely to change much.

The Australian Antarctic Division said there was enough ice in the Totten Glacier alone to raise global sea levels by at least 3.5 metres, roughly equivalent to the projected contribution of the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet, if it were to completely collapse.

“While the Totten melt may take many centuries, once change has begun our analysis reveals it would likely be irreversible,” said lead author of the study Jamin Greenbaum, a PhD student at the University of Texas.

The study, which included researchers from Australia, Britain and the United States, used aerial surveys from Australia’s Casey station to detect the deep trenches.

Aircraft equipped with radar, laser and other sensors for determining ice thickness and mapping the bedrock and seafloor bathymetry flew over the glacier over five summers from 2008 to 2013.

The findings from this study present a strong case for using aerial surveys in other parts of Antarctica, including the virtually unknown Antarctic inner continental shelf,” said Australian Antarctic Division programme leader Tas van Ommen.

Will we end up in a Waterworld like a bad Kevin Costner movie? (I actually enjoyed that movie until he was afraid of a weird Dennis Hopper). However; is that our future of the polar caps melt? 

I have a solution! Right now it’s isn’t feasible. However; Billionaires like Richard Branson may be laying the groundwork for our future salvation! Let’s face it, the polar caps melting will not affect us or our children or our children’s children but eventually our ancestors will be in trouble. The solution I foresee is to take the melted water from the caps into space and dump it into the atmosphere of Mars. Maybe that will make Mars inhabitable somehow. celebrates its 4th Anniversary 

Congratulations! Thank you all for reading and making this blog worthwhile! Please spread the word to all of your family and friends. Let’s blow up the number of hits we get this year!!  

Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years! I appreciate your continued support, your insightful questions and comments and I would love to hear more from all of you, whether it’s nice or bad! Just speak your mind and above all have fun! 

If you have a product or supplement you would like me to review, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Warm regards,

Louis J. Bianco 

The Village Restaurant – Pleasant Valley NY

Awesome awesome awesome! 

Apple cinnamon pancakes, corned beef hash, Belgian waffle with French vanilla ice cream and oatmeal with fresh bananas! Everything was amazing!! 

The prices are pretty cheap!

They even make homemade pies! 

At least for breakfast this place is the best place I have gone to in a long time! 

Gym Gear: Monkii Bars ultra-portable workout device



monkii bars are not a toy and are not suitable for children of any age. Improper use can result is serious injury and/or death.


Sharp corners and rough edges can damage the Line.  Never use a Support Structure that includes sharp corners and/or rough edges or allow the Line to come into contact with these features.


Friction and/or heat can cause the Line to become damaged and break.  Never allow the Line near open flame.  Never allow the Line to slide back-and-forth across a surface that generates friction.


monkii bars are designed to be used as a system (2 independent Bars) at all times.  Never support your entire bodyweight using only a single monkii bar.


Never become inverted (upside-down) while using monkii bars.  Always remain in a position while using monkii bars that would allow you to catch a fall with your hands and legs.

Additional Warnings:

Support Structure must be sturdy and support bodyweight.

Never suspend self higher than 3 feet above ground.

Always check Line and Adjuster for damage prior to every use.


The safety and integrity designed into monkii bars can only be maintained when monkii bars are regularly examined for damage and
repaired. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that regular maintenance is performed. Worn or damaged
components shall be replaced by the user immediately or the user must stop using monkii bars until the repair is made.

Safety Check Steps:

1. Examine the full length of each line searching for any fraying or tears.

2. Examine the adjuster for any damage. Ensure that the pin (“tooth”) has not become loose.  Ensure the knot and the permanent loop of Line connected to the adjuster is secure.

3. Examine the support structure that you have been using or are about to use and ensure that it is sturdy enough to support your bodyweight while performing exercises.

4. If you are using a monkii branch door attachment, examine the nylon webbing and stitches, to ensure there is no fraying or tearing.


If you have questions, concerns, or are unsure if your monkii bars are safe to use, please email


Not all exercise is suitable for everyone.  Before you begin this program you should have permission from your doctor to participate in vigorous exercise.  The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling.  If done improperly any exercise has some risk of injury.  If you feel discomfort or pain, do not continue.  The creators, participants and distributors disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercise or advice herein and make no warranty express or implied regarding your individual results.

How to setup.

Step 1

Remove Plugs and Line from inside of the monkii bars. Toss out the Line to extend it and ensure there are no tangles.

Step 2

Attach Plug to the Line by inserting Line into the slits in the Plug. Use Plug as a weight to toss the Line of the Support Structure.

Step 3

Remove Plug from Line. Thread Line through monkii bars and bring the Loose End of Line to the Adjuster.

Step 4

Insert Line into the Adjuster, and make 2 wraps. Start near the Eye of the Adjuster and wrap down and away from the Eye, with each wrap beneath the previous one. Adjust to desired length. Pull both ends of Line tight.

Using the monkii branch. (optional accessory)

Holding the Adjuster in one hand and a section of Line in the other, use full wingspans to loop Line back to Adjuster approximately 3 times until you have a several loops of Line organized at the Adjuster. Keep Line tight and neat as you do this.

In honor of your service we are offering $50 off of Tactical Black monkii bars.


That’s awesome!!

Step 2

Fold all loops of Line in half, keeping the Line tight.  Repeat this step one more time.

Step 3

Insert Plug into one end of monkii bars. Insert folded end of Line into monkii bars—it should slide in easily.

Step 4

Push Line all the way into the monkii bar with the Adjuster going in last. Insert remaining Plug. Repeat these steps for second monkii bar. Boom!

Supplement Review: New Monster Ultra Citron

Yet another new flavor from the creative geniuses at Monster Energy! This flavor, Ultra Citron is refreshing and tastes different from the rest of the ultra series. I wish monster would research a healthier version, while still keeping it low carb. 

Go monster!?

Restaurant Review: Tuk Tuk Long Island City, NY

The Pea soup was good, the steamed dumplings were good although they were only 2 pieces. The soup: Tom Ka Gai was amazing! It was perfect the way it should be! 

The Massaman Curry was the best I have ever tasted and I don’t take that lightly! Previously; Tommy Cheng’s in Wayne NJ was the best and Tuk Tuk was slightly better the way they layered the sweet and spicy taste with chili, curry and cilantro was amazing!

Check this place out! 

The 2nd Annual Supplement/Product Awards 2014

2nd Annual Sports Supplement Awards 

Preworkout of the Year 

Fat Burner of the Year 

Protein of the Year 

Best Grass Fed All Natural Whey Protein of the Year *New*

Best Alternative Protein of the Year *New*

Best Vegan Recipe of the Year *New*

Teatox Challenge Teatox of the Year

BCAA of the Year 

Stack of the Year 

Best Tasting Supplement of the Year 

Bonus Supplement of the Year 

Fitness Aparrel of the Year *New*

Grip Challenge Grip of the Year *New*

Best Mobility Product of the Year *New*

Most Innovative Supplement of the Year *New*

Product of the Year 

Supplement of the Year 

Disappointment of the Year

This year I have reviewed many incredible products! Some incredible products that didn’t win, but still need to be mentioned: The Shred Belt, Youfresh Naturals, The Powerball, The footballer, the beastie ball, SFH So3d3, Deer Antler Velvet and many many others! Check out all the reviews here on this site!  

And now on to the awards! 

 Bonus Supplement of the Year: What is the bonus of the year? Well; it’s the supplement that makes a world of difference that doesn’t quite fit in any of the categories! And the award goes to: Wheatgrass 

There’s too many great things to say about wheatgrass! You have to check out my post here on this site! 

Best Tasting Supplement of the Year: many can enter but only one can win! I truly enjoyed all the nut butters and coconut butter this year but one was slightly above all! And the award goes to: PB Crave

This stuff tastes amazing! Every flavor is rich and delectable! Try them all! Hey PB Crave how about a cinnamon raisin?  

Stack of the year: This years Stack of the Year challenge was a Fat Burner coupled with a Test Booster to try and stop muscle loss when going on an extreme low carb diet. The results were amazing! And the award goes to: Shredz Fat Burner and Testosterone formally: Shredz and Diezel 

BCAA of the Year: And the award goes to: BPI Sports Best BCAAs 

Protein of the Year: And the award goes to: Bio-gro although its not quite protein, its Colestrum it’s made from milk and therefore qualifies! Bio-gro has added value to my protein shakes! Try it! 

Best Grass Fed All Natural Whey Protein of the Year: and the award goes to: Body Logix Natural Isolate All Natural Whey

Best Alternative Protein of the Year: and the award goes to: Rice Protein by Growing Naturals I believe that adding multiple sources of protein equals greater uptake in the body. Rice Protein probably absorbs slower than Whey Isolate making my shake a time released protein shake! That’s awesome! 

Best Vegan Recipe of the Year: and the award goes to: Avocado Chocolate Pudding although this is a vegan recipe I love to add 2 scoops of protein to make it a healthy and enjoyable high protein snack! 

Fat Burner of the Year: And the award goes to: Shredz 

Teatox Challenge Teatox of the Year: and the award goes to: Mate Fit

Preworkout of the Year: That’s a hard one as I don’t often use it, so it will be broken down into 2 awards: Stimulant Preworkout of the Year and Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year

Non-stimulant Preworkout of the Year And the award goes to: Hemanovol – HVOL by AllMax Nutrition

Stimulant Preworkout of the Year: 3 yrs ago would have been NO Shotgun, 2 yrs ago would have been NO Explode Last Year MR Hyde by ProSupps won who is this year’s winner? 

And the award goes to: BPI Sports 1.M.R. Vortex 

Fitness Aparrel of the Year: and the award goes to: Al1ve Magnetics 


Grip Challenge Grip of the Year: 

And the award goes to: Iron Bull Strength Tgrips (Tru Grip) 

Ion Bracelet Challenge Bracelet of the Year: and the award goes to: Dr Ion

Mobility Tool of the Year: This one is very difficult! I have different tools for different purposes! So let’s see the multiple winners: 

Best deep tissue massager: And the award goes to: the Beastie Bar

Best Deep Tissue Foam Roller: and the award goes to: The Rumble Roller

Best Foot Massager: and the award goes to: The Moji 360 foot massager 

Best Foam Roller: and the award goes to: The M80 Roller

Best and most Badass Roller: and the award goes to: The Cold Roller

Most Innovative Supplement of the Year: and the award goes to: Quest Protein Chips

Product of the Year: and the award goes to: DFX Split Core Dynamax Core Trainer 

Which brings us to The Supplement of the Year! 

Supplement of the Year: and the award goes to: Vitargo Post

What makes Vitargo Post the Supplement of the Year? Vitargo is the best post workout Carbohydrate on the market its absorption is second to none and Vitargo Post takes that one step further and adds 20g of high quality protein to the mix to give you the best complete postworkout supplement! 

Congratulations to Vitargo and Gener8 strength! 

Disappointment of the Year: There is only one hands down winner here! 

This one even beat last years loser: the fitbody wrap – the fitbody wrap didn’t hurt me! 

The loser is: SARMS! 

Do not take SARMS! Stay away! What is supposed to have no side effects poisoned me and 6 other people I know! All of us had the same side effects: high blood pressure and high cholesterol plus weight gain! I would like to sue the manufacturer so if there’s a health care attorney that’s reading this, I have a case for you! 

Remember for all your Supplement needs call: Nutrition Zone Rockaway NJ and ask for Pete or Pauly and tell em sent you! They can even ship you whatever you want! +1 (973) 664-9444 There’s a review for Nutrition Zone here also 😉 


 It’s a new year and there’s a lot in the works! Many new supplement reviews from new supplement companies! New product reviews! More tips and recipes! And much more! Teaser: Product Review: Monkii Bars 

Supplement Review: 2 new Redbull Flavors: Wild Cherry & Orange

Coming Soon! 


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