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Supplement Review: Monster Energy takes on Supplement Giant VPX! Reign vs Bang Energy!

1st Showdown!

Carnival Candy vs Cotton Candy & Rainbow Unicorn!

I’ve had the bang and it is so sickening sweet it’s almost undrinkable! I don’t have high expectations for this one! I think the Reign will also suck as Cotton Candy in general is sickening sweet! Bangs Rainbow Unicorn is also sickening sweet and is close to this!

Wow! Reign tastes exactly like cotton candy, I rank it slightly better than bang! But for me it’s still too sweet. But that’s what cotton candy is! So I can’t fault it! It’s crazy to think there’s no sugar! Cotton candy is pure sugar! Winner Reign! But not by much! It’s just a cleaner taste!

2nd Showdown!

Sour Apple vs Sour Heads!

Hands down this one goes to Reign! This stuff is Fucking delicious and is totally sour apple without being overly sweet! It tastes amazingly like a sour green apple! Like a golden delicious!

Keep in mind these are also sugar free!

Sour heads is overly chemically sweet! It’s sour but it’s not a clean crisp taste like Reign! Reign wins this one hands down! In fact I want more Reign!!!

3rd Showdown!

Razzle Berry vs Blue Razz!

I’ll have to find a Bang Blue Razz for this challenge! I think Powerhouse Gym Mahwah might have one! We will find out next Monday 5/6 after Game of Thrones! Powerhouse did have the flavors!! We shall proceed as scheduled!

Ok so I had the Razzle Berry by Reign and I have to say it is terrible! It’s not delicious raspberries! It’s not even blue as none of the Reign drinks have added color! I actually can’t describe what it does taste like! Let’s just say chemicals lol! This is going in the sink! It’s undrinkable!

Wait and see if Bang wins or we have a double loser!

Bang’s Blue Razz wasn’t bad. It also wasn’t good! I don’t taste raspberry at all. There isn’t a Wicked chemical taste like Reign! So it is drinkable!

Draw – They both suck!

4th Showdown!

Lemon HDZ vs Lemon Drop!

Again I’m going to have to find a lemon drop! I’ve never had this one either.

**Update** May 4th 2019

Just tried the Reign Lemon HDZ. The Lemonheads is amazing!! It’s so delicious! It tastes lemony with carbonation. No aftertaste, a pleasant sweet taste, not overly done and not overly sour. I would have rathered a more sour patch kids flavor. First sour then sweet, but it does taste really good.

**Update** May 5th 2019

This is the closest test! They are really close and I would buy either one! But I have to give the win to: Winner: Reign!

It’s just a cleaner, crisper, more bold taste.

4 1/2 Showdown Side Challenge!

Reign LemonHeads vs Bang Sour Heads!

On a side challenge who gives the best head 🤣

**Update** May 4th 2019

So far, Reign Lemonheads is very Good! Bang Sour Heads was way too chemically artificially sweet!

However; Bang does have the Bang girls! I guess it depends on how you interpret this challenge!

Winner: is up to interpretation! I’ll say Bang 😉 and it’s not for the flavor!

The other Reigns: Melon and Peach don’t have a 1:1 comparison.

5th Showdown Side Challenge

Reign Peach Fizz vs Bang Peach Mango!

Bang has a peach mango flavor or a peach tea flavor.

Understand this isn’t a 1:1 challenge!

But what the heck!

**Update** May 5th 2019

Reign Peach Fizz is delicious! It’s definitely Peach Fizzy and it tastes like it really has Peach juice in it! How do you get that from no carbs and chemicals is crazy!!

Reign has 6 flavors, Bang on the other hand has many many flavors as they have been around since 2012.

VPX only had redline energy drink before then, which wasn’t very good. But they totally revamped the RTD gym energy drink (preworkout) business!

Star Blast & Champagne are 2 of my favorite Bang flavors! I hope Reign makes a Champagne flavor!

Although Bang calls it Champagne it doesn’t taste like real

Champagne. I does Taste really good though. It would be nice to actually taste Champagne and not have the alcohol in it lol!

I have found that flavors that aren’t supposed to be flavors are usually the best! Like what does a star blast taste like? What does in gatorades case what does Rain Berry actually taste like? Or Monster’s Ultra colors, what is an ultra black supposed to taste like?

Flavors of Bang Energy Drink

  1. Black Cherry Vanilla
  2. Blue Razz®
  3. Champagne
  4. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  5. Citrus Twist
  6. Cotton Candy
  7. Lemon Drop
  8. Bangster Berry
  9. Frose Rose
  10. . Rainbow Unicorn
  11. . Peach Mango
  12. . Pina Colada
  13. . Power Punch
  14. . Purple Guava Pear
  15. . Purple Haze
  16. . Root Beer
  17. . Sour Heads
  18. . Star Blast®
  19. . Bang Energy Shots: 300 mg of caffeine
  20. . Bang Keto Coffee: 300 mg of caffeine
  21. . Bang Sweet Tea: 300 mg of caffeine
  22. . Caffeine Free Cotton Candy
  23. . Caffeine Free Cherry Blade Lemonade
  24. . Caffeine Free Black Cherry Vanilla
  25. . Caffeine Free Purple Guava Pear
  26. . Caffeine Free Sour Heads

Drink Content Review:

Since the taste tests are out of the way let’s score the products themselves!

Both: BCAAs, 300mg caffeine, CoQ10, both contain B3, B6 & B12 which are both good for energy! Reign does have 2/3rds the amount of both at 100% of your daily serving per can as opposed to 25% by Bang. Reign has 5 times the BCAAs and CoQ10 as Bang. Bang has 2.5mg CoQ10.

Reign: electrolytes which isn’t bad if you are going to be doing sports. Electrolyte loading can help prolong your workout. It doesn’t have to be intra-workout, as most are used that way.

Bang: Major Flaw! Bang has creatine! Creatine can cause bloat! The inventor of creatine supplementation, the former mastermind at EAS now the owner of Vitargo – Anthony Almada told he that creatine causes bloat and they found the cure for the bloat is drinking it hot to warm! Definitely not in a cold energy drink! Bad move VPX! Always know your ingredients! If you are sensitive to bloat avoid Bang!

Bang does have 50% of your daily Vitamin C which isn’t a lot. It would be nice if it had 1000mg so you wouldn’t have to supplement it. I like high dosage vitamin c!

The fine print ingredients does say L-Glutamine but it’s far down the ingredient list so it probably doesn’t have enough for an impact.

**Update** February 15, 2020

New strawberry sublime

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