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Restaurant Review: Gatyns 2 

A burger between 2 grilled cheese: Taylor ham and bacon sandwiches! 

That’s crazy and delicious! I just wish there was lettuce and tomato, so I put the coleslaw and pickles in it. 


My Dad got the Eggplant Parm sandwich. They thinly sliced the eggplant and put a few lawyers in it. It looked great! He enjoyed it!  


Look at the size of that salad bowl! That’s ridiculous! And it smelled delicious! I had to ask the neighbors for a picture! 

The place is cheap too! My sandwich was only $9.95 you can’t even go to the diner for that anymore! The eggplant was only $7.95! Same thing! Can’t get it that cheap at a diner! 

This place is amazing and worth the stop if you are in the area! It is a great whole in the wall! It is a bar and restaurant, the decoration style is cheap minimalistic! Not great ambience for a romantic date, but for any other dates it is great! And it is also great for a family although it is a bar! 



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