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Product Review: Under Armour Infrared Technology 


ColdGear® Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain your own body heat

Does this technology really work? Yes; yes it does! The skullys are amazing! Super thin and warm! They keep the heat in and act as a thicker fabric! 

The gloves above however; are too thin! They work till about 30 degrees and then your hands are freezing! Freezing a lot less than if you had nothing on, but they do not keep enough warmth in. They do however; make a nice set of glove liners! Put a heavier set of gloves over this set to keep your hands warm at super low temperatures. 

Remember; if you layer you can always remove layers as you get warmer. Under Armour infrared is a great base layer! 


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