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 Brian E. March 4, 2015 Brain Supplement Reviews, Pre-Workout Reviews 1 Comment







Good Flavor

Energy Boost


Proprietary blend, may be underdosed

Slightly expensive



ONWARD is an energy supplement by Rob and Dana Linn Bailey, the fitness duo that have become increasingly more popular due to their combined successes in the fitness community through their workout videos, clothing, music, and especially Dana’s big 2013 Ms. Physique Olympia win.
ONWARD is designed to support the immune system, enhance energy, optimize focus, and improve mood.
However, ONWARD isn’t just for those looking to rev up their gym and workout intensity, it is advertised to the average, everyday person that wants to get more out of their life but often find themselves drained and exhausted from life’s errands.
I was able to get my hands on a bottle of ONWARD. This is what I thought about it.
Ingredient Analysis
ONWARD comes stacked with several vitamins ranging from vitamin A to vitamin H, providing 50% of daily values for most. This is nice for those who tend to not meet their daily vitamin requirements.
However, I was most concerned with the ONWARD Proprietary Blend and whether it was formulated with effective ingredients. Here’s a closer look at some of the ingredients in this blend.
Amino acid l-taurine is used to attenuate cramping during exercise and exercise-induced damage. Some supplement with this amino acid to expand muscle cells by aiding water retention.
L-Glutamine is an amino acid that improves gut function and the immune system. Many bodybuilders supplement with L-glutamine to improve their well-being while they undergo extensive physical exercise day in and day out.
Noopept has been shown to improve memory and cognition due to its ability to increase NGF (nerve growth factor) and BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) mRNA concentrations. [1]
Like a tamer version of caffeine, l-tyrosine is used to bolster mental alertness.
The key energy-boosting ingredient in ONWARD is caffeine anhydrous, which is a ubiquitous ingredient in pre-workout and energy supplements. It is also used to help improve focus.
Able to improve circulation problems in the brain and support brain health, CDP choline has been researched for its effects on memory and behavior. [2]
Overall, ONWARD’s formula includes several effective ingredients. It is, however, impossible to know if each ingredient is formulated effectively because they are listed in a proprietary blend.
Flavor, Mixability, Experience
ONWARD comes in a 30-serving container that retails for $40. I was able to get my hands on a bottle to try it out.
Flavor availability is limited to Berriade. I mixed one scoop with about 16 oz. of water and mixed it in a shaker bottle I use for pre-workout supplements, per the directions on the label.
The flavor was subtle, which is nice because I am not a huge fan of strong tasting supplements. If you want a strong flavor, I suppose you can just add less water. I thought it tasted like a nice refreshing berry flavor.
Mixability was average of a powdered supplement. I couldn’t get all of it to stay mixed. I noticed some settling at the bottom of my shaker.
Other than being slightly gritty towards the end, I didn’t experience any bitter aftertaste.
As far as a boost in mood, I didn’t notice too much. The main thing I noticed right a way was a boost in energy and focus. L-glutamine, among other ingredients, works in the background. I’m sure I would have noticed some improvements in immune function had I supplemented with ONWARD for an extended period of time.
ONWARD is a decent energy supplement. It contains several mood, stomach, and immune system support ingredients, but I am not sure if they are underdosed, which is a bummer.
If you are looking for a workout supplement to give you additional bodybuilding benefits other than just an energy boost, ONWARD isn’t for you.
But, if you are looking for a supplement to give you a little “pick-me up” throughout the day with some possible boosts in mood and well-being, you may want to give ONWARD a shot.
[1] Ostrovskaya RU, et al. Noopept stimulates the expression of NGF and BDNF in rat hippocampus. Bull Exp Biol Med. (2008)

[2] Citicoline. WebMD

What can I say about onward? 

Taste-8 mixability -8 benefits- 4

It boils down to: is this a needed supplement? 

The answer is no! It’s nice to have these healthy ingredients, but do you see a benefit to taking them? No! 

I have been adding a scoop to my protein shakes as an additive like glutamine or creatine. 

If the price is right (I got mine on clearance) then by all means add a scoop! It won’t hurt! But don’t go out of your way to get it! 

It’s a shame, because I expected more. 

As for DLB herself, I think she knows she can’t beat Juliana Malacarne and unfortunately she has given up! 

Last year she miserably failed at American Ninja Warrior and it looks like (from her Instagram) she’s going to make a run at the Crossfit Games!  

I think she has a better chance there and she will crush it! She has a great teacher!  


Miranda Oldroyd 




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