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Product Review: Gym Gear – Hoka One One running shoes


Since 2010, HOKA ONE ONE® has been on a quest to bring ground breaking and elevated benefits to all runners. HOKA ONE ONE engineers unique performance midsole geometries that feature higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes.

oversized midsole

Engineered midsole volume which is up to 2.5X the volume than standard running shoes, made with performance-specific cushioning material.

Excellent shock absorption and an inherently stable ride.
meta rocker

Meta-Rocker midsole geometry, specifically engineered with a low heel-toe differential and a sculpted outsole radius in the heel and toe, creates a unique fulcrum effect and encourages a guided foot gait cycle.

Supports a runners form, and encourages a continuous Positive Gait Speed roll from heel-strike to toe-off.
meta rocker

Uniquely engineered Active Foot Frame midsole geometry allows the foot to sink deeply into the shoe’s midsole.

Designed to provide integrated stability which is adaptable to a wide range of feet and running styles.
Ultra Size

Up to 35mm in the heel and 31mm in the forefoot.
Over Size

Up to 30mm in the heel and 24mm in the forefoot.
Early-Stage Meta-Rocker

Meta-Rocker midsole geometry-sculpting with the transition zone placed behind the metatarsal heads. Designed to encourage a smoother ride, and a faster transition to the forefoot.
Balanced Meta-Rocker

Meta-Rocker midsole geometry is designed to help increase the economy of running performance and an accurate foot roll through gate cycle. Late-Stage Meta-Rocker midsole geometry-sculpting with the transition zone placed in front of the metatarsal heads. Designed to create a more stable base of forefoot support.
Lite Ride

Proprietary EVA formulation that is 30% lighter than standard EVA–Lite Ride is the foundation for the signature HOKA cushioning experience.

A new material compound with rebound and durability. It offers phenomenal grip and exceptional rebound when used as an outsole.

Lightweight, 3-Layer welded support frame is designed to provide security between the foot and the upper on any terrain.
Water Drainage System

Unique midsole grooves shed water quickly to maintain a light and fast ride.
Race Lace System

Designed for fast, on-the-fly adjustment, the Race-Lace system provides a secure and lightweight alternative to regular laces, with the added benefit of decreased water retention.

These shoes are cool it’s really spongy like walking on air. They are helping to relieve my Plantar Faciitis along with the use of my orthotics. 

Ok so I have been wearing these for almost a month and I wish the news was good! My feet hurt so bad! The plantar is not better and my left foot is now hurting down the outer edge. I went to get a foot massage and the therapist told me that I had knots on the midsole portion of my foot on the top of my foot. He recommended for my size that I should get a flat shoe with a soft sole. So I purchased a pair of Nike! These are my first Nikes in quite a few years! My feet are feeling a little better already and I have only been wearing them for an hour. Stay tuned for the Nike Review! These Hoka’s are going in the garbage! 


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