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Product Review: Qalo silicone wedding bands for an active lifestyle


The ring is pretty cool! It’s for an active lifestyle. For example: lifting weights will scratch a metal band and do you really want to wear your gold/silver/platinum/titanium ring to a mudrun? 

Furthermore; metal rings are hazardous to work with they can snag on things and potentially rip your finger off, or can cause serious burns if working with electricity. 

The silicone ring is made to break away and if you get hit with wires on the rings which is a small change since it is so tiny, but if you did silicone is an insulator not a conductor. 

I am not used to rings, so it is a little annoying to me, but I can wear it for a few hours before I have to take it off. 

The cool part is it comes with a tiny, zippered mesh bag with a plastic clip that you can clip on a backpack or if you are a women you can clip it to your purse. If your name is Julian (hehe) you can also clip it to your murse! 


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