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Product Review: not all Pooper Scoopers are created equal! Get the facts! 

How many of you have a dog or new puppy? 

Having dogs you know eventually you have to pick up the poop or you will eventually step in it and curse and swear the rest of the day away! Are you tired of putting a bag over your hand and feeling the heat of the poop on your hand? What if there’s a hole in the bag! Yuk! What about bending down and getting a whiff in the face? Gag city!!! You don’t have to do that anymore! 

Enter the pooper scooper! 

If any of you know this dust pan like pooper scooper you know it’s ineffective! You can’t get deep into the grass and get all the poop! And if the poop is stuck to the grass you will never get it off! 

Enter the grabber like poop scooper! 

They sell this at most pet stores for $15-20, but don’t be fooled! This cheap  imposter is not worth your hard earned money! This cheap knockoff is missing the most important part of picking up poop in the grass! What is that? Teeth! 

Enter the best pooper scooper on the market! 

For around $27 (here it’s listed for $19.22, but they probably charge shipping) you can get the best pooper scooper that scrapes and rips the poop from the lawn without bending over and without getting your hands dirty! Just carry a garbage bag and wait a few days and do a full sweep of the yard and clean it all up in a snap! 


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