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Product Review: Nano X by Triggerpoint Performance 


I just received my Nano X Foot Roller! Stay tuned for my review!

It’s a little softer and more giving than I originally thought. But I really like it. The Mojo foot roller I previously reviewed is hard and unforgiving. It really hurts even if you do not have foot pain. This is comfortable, but still does the job. I have developed Plantar Fasciitis recently due to an Air Force pt test on their concrete running track (ridiculous to run on concrete! Banging the joints of their troops and shortening their careers, a clay track although more expensive would be beneficial and prolong careers) 

Anyway, I like the roller and have brought it to work to use under my desk while I work in hopes of allowing my foot to heal. Along with a pair of  


Check out the review of Sox coming soon!   


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