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Business: Investments – Silver Bullion 




Silver as a whole is currently down although yesterday as shown above has slightly risen by .026. It’s still majorly down making it a great investment! Silver bars are the best way to go as they are pure. If you are not lucky enough to have old coins that are pure silver, the bars are the way to go as they are compact and easily stacked stored in a safe. 


If you look at the price of silver over the past few years, in 2011 it was 35.12 an ounce and it is currently 16.55

That’s a profit of 18.57 an ounce that’s more than double your initial investment! Precious metals unlike stocks can only go up or down! There is no threat of them going out of business and losing your initial investment. The name of the game is buy low and sell high! Well; Silver is at a low! So it’s time to buy! 

Don’t forget to thank me when you double your money! Don’t let it just sit in the bank making .02 cents interest! While the bank uses the money for their own profit! 

Silver will always be Silver and Gold will always be Gold. However; Gold is a little high right now over $1,000 an ounce and if not purchased through a reputable source, may be counterfeit and filled with a tungsten core. Silver is currently the wiser choice. 

If the World as we know it was to end today, and we are left with a post apocalyptic mess! All stocks and bonds would be worthless! The banks would be empty and he who hoarded the Gold and Silver would rule the world! Provided you also have the guns and ammo to protect your hoard! 

Find a strong neighbor let him in on your plan and start prepping for the worst and as a team you should survive! Ps see my prepping posts on bugout bags and other survival tools here on this site! 

A couple new posts coming for you preppers: couponing and jarring food! 


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